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This is the best video sniping site, you don't have to buy the app, just use it and let it use Java.

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This is the best absolute stealth mode Linux out there, (Kills ubuntu dead) but you need an older PC for it (4 or more years)

Knoppix 5.1

When it downloads, double click it with a burnable CD in your drive, NOT a dvd, and it will take care of the rest. Re-boot via CD and enjoy. You don't have to install it, and it leaves your computer untouched.

Since Vialls work was so similar to mine, it will be archived here.

Like Fukushima, Indonesia was swamped by a nuclear tsunami.

I suspected Vialls would not live to post the second part of this report. He did not

May 31, 2012

A good reason for the mail to be censored

It started with mails from Japan, those were the first ones blocked. After over 200,000 page views from Japan not a single new mail has come through. There were plenty in the first 1,000 or so page views, and you can read them on the thread "Mails from Japan, the real perspective". In addition to Japan now, it is ones like what will follow which rarely get through, and when they do there is seldom any follow up. They already know I am a "problem" and that the last thing they need is fuel for the fire. Well, during the brief let up I got a little. They probably let this one through because the girl was so scatter brained from the antidepressant damage and her mail had to be deciphered. I posted a cleaned up spell corrected edit. Please post mails like this one to the Whistleblower room in the forum, that is what it is there for and it will help ensure I actually get it.


Here is the very damning e-mail, and my response. Hi there, I came across your article about antidepressant use. I would just like to share with you a little about my experience. I am, at present scared and in a very unsure situation. I never was depressed, I was a young christian very happy bubbly smiling all the time girl. My name is Jessica, and before this terrible experience, probably one of the happiest girls you would ever meet. It was natural, I loved to giggle a lot when I talked. I would go to the gym and was very active.

I got a digestion problem and my stomach began to swell a little and was given an acid blocker which did not solve the problem - it was Omerapozle and it was pretty strong, it made me feel weird. Around this time a young man I was interested in returned after being away for a while and when I saw him at the gym while on Omerapozle I got really heightened feelings and lost my breath, I had difficulty breathing.

I felt comfortable around him before, and I knew it was just the Omerapozle and was sure it would just go away because I did not have anxiety. When I visited my family doctor for an ultrasound for my stomach problem, I called it anxiety when it was just a strange feeling from the Omerapozle. My mom had an anxiety attack when she was younger and she said there were these things you could take as a security blanket until it passes, and the doctor gave me Celexa and DID NOT tell me what it was!

When I received the prescription, I saw it read "Anti Depressant" and my gut said NO! I read all the side effects and said to myself this is not for me. I trusted my doctor, and took it anyway, with doubts about taking anything that would mess up my brain chemistry.

A nightmare ensued after. I had a severe reaction, which involved emergency room visits, I could barely walk, talk, and had trouble doing anything. I forgot how to do my front desk job, forgot how to answer the phone, my whole mouth was numb so I could not feel myself talk. My coordination was way off. I experienced all of these terrible brain sensations, pricking, numbing, haze, pulsing, sparks, you name it. Pins and needles. I felt like I was doing hard drugs every day I woke up, and felt outside myself.

I have been off it two months now, and I still cannot have a decent conversation with someone. I cry about it, and I am not depressed. I want my head to be non fuzzy and functional and would like my sweet personality back. I honestly cannot hang out with anyone and have a conversation anymore, I can have small sentences but my head is just a solid haze and I cannot think. I walk around now in a dream feeling, which is of course a nightmare.

I have an appointment for an MRI next week and I cannot believe this is happening to me. I still try to go to the gym but after my normal workouts it intensifies these head feelings and the next day I am wiped out. I am really scared and also wonder how people are going to react when I am not talking and laughing like I used to. I missed out on that guy because I did not want to go around him after Celexa made me such a mess.

My response:

This sounds like a case of malpractice, and also a case of the doctor being motivated by a financial incentive.

Let me tell you a little story about this -

Up until a year ago I had a vending company which I got from a good friend in exchange for setting up 450 vending accounts for him. This was something I did because once set up with a vending route, I could service for one week and write and study for three weeks which is how the Fukushima report got done. While expanding my friend's route and subsequently setting up mine, I had to go door to door to the various businesses and show them what we had. In the past, doctors offices were prime candidates because they almost always accepted the service. Not anymore, you see,

Drug reps visit the doctors offices daily and it does not matter if it's just a small doctor's office, they will still show up, often several times a day. In fact, nowadays the most common scenario when pitching a doctor's office is the doctor is talking to, going to talk to, or just finished talking to a drug rep. And the drug reps always bring nice fancy cakes, donuts, pop, you name it, the lunch room is always loaded with really fine and fancy stuff the drug reps leave behind. This was universal. SO, you could never get snicker bars, lays potato chips or gobstoppers into a place that always had way too much food around to begin with, especially when they would have to PAY for that snicker bar. The turkey, cake, or whatever the drug reps brought was FREE.

But there is more to it than that - the vehemence with which doctors prescribe meds, often layered one on top of the other (you take drug B to alleviate the side effects of drug A, and drug C to alleviate the side effects of drug B, all the way out to drug Y in many cases, this indicates a motivation to behave as such because NO THINKING PROFESSIONAL WOULD EVER DO THAT TO SOMEONE WITHOUT AN EXTERNAL MOTIVE, and I believe that the doctors get a kick back from the drug companies for every prescription they write. This motivates them to just whip out prescription after prescription when the only thing their client REALLY needed was Vitamin C. In fact, most depression and brain fog issues are really rooted in a lack of salt and calcium. And the doctors KNOW IT. Far from being over-salted, America is UNDER salted. This was something I was told in no uncertain terms when I was inside the Jewish community, if you want to LIVE life, salt everything. You ought to have read in the bible about people who have "lost their salt". Lost their zest for life. There is meaning in that statement, and the elite SALT EVERYTHING while telling us not to. The lie about high blood pressure - it's PURE B.S. and they know it. If you are ready to pop from high blood pressure, cut back on the salt for a TEMPORARY drop, to save your life, but your blood pressure will soon return to the same high state, salted or not.

I tried to e-mail you for the doctor's name, place of practice, a copy of the prescription, the dosage level, how long you were on it, and pictures of you before and after. I got no response, which is typical of the censorship I endure - They cut me off all the time, and I did try to respond to your mail. Please go to the forum and sign up, it is super easy with no ID required and drop your response into the whistleblower room. That's what it's there for, to circumvent censorship and provide a safe place for people to blow the lid off scams. You are not the first, I also got cut off from a Microsoft programmer who was in the process of telling me about intentional back doors written into Microsoft operating systems and virus scanners like Norton and Mccaffe, I got cut off from the Queensland police officer and never heard from him again, even after I told him I was going to give him free ad space (which he was excited about), I get cut off all the time and believe me I did not ignore you. So after a few days of suspicious silence, I am putting my response to you on the front page.

Antidepressants are specifically designed to push your emotional centers to the max until they die from overexertion. That is how they "cure" depression - by blowing out the part of your brain that allowed you to feel it to begin with. Once blown, many people can no longer feel love, bond with people, they just go through their lives in logic mode, never really connecting with anything but work, food, and sleep. Most people, depressed or not, ruined from antidepressants or not, are programmed by our culture to not be connected with themselves. They are instead taught to ignore their feelings, to set themselves aside and live for something other than what is in their hearts. So when an antidepressant blows their existence away, often people in American society are not even aware of what they lost.

If you laughed and giggled all the time, you were living your life in an emotional mode, and everything you did and thought was wired through your emotions. You were "in touch with yourself". Therfore, when Celexa attacked your emotional centers it knocked you off your feet because damage to that part of you - which had everything you did wired through it, would not go un noticed. Due to differences in preferences and life experiences, people's brains get wired differently, so a highly logical engineer or programmer would probably not have their work be affected if random antidepressant C. blew away their ability to love and laugh. Obviously you won't find this written anywhere, but it is simple common sense.

What to do about it -

I cannot tell you how likely you are to recover from this without knowing the dosage and how long you were on Cymbalta. I will say that Cymbalta is one of the nasty ones, one step short of Wellbutrin, which is the worst. As the "antidepressants" progressed in development, they became faster at blowing out emotional centers, the old ones like Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft typically took 9 months to destroy someone (and often failed to entirely), but the newer ones are faster and far more likely to be "effective". Your world was shattered because you lived it inside what the "antidepressant" was designed to destroy, and yet the positive side to this is that you can actually feel the damage, and if you were totally wiped out from it there would only be deadness and silence. SO, chances are you were not on it for very long and that you will be able to get over it. If you have a chance, this is how to make it happen:

1. SALT EVERYTHING. Not with fancy stuff, I mean your basic IODIZED Morton salt. Salt it as much as it tastes good, if the salt tastes icky it is too much. If it tastes good, you need it. Regulating your salt intake is as simple as that.

2. Get calcium. Lots of it. Cymbalta is nasty with this - when your brain is being overworked, which antidepressants are designed to do until parts of the brain die from overexertion, your brain DEMANDS calcium and will rob it from everywhere in your body in it's fight for survival. This is why antidepressants cause osteo porosis. Your brain knows it is more important than your bones, so it uses your bones to get what it needs to survive. Calcium builds up in the brain when people are on antidepressants, often so much that it leaves stony lesions scattered throughout the brain and predominantly in the frontal lobes. So there is no doubt you are calcium depleted, and if you do not take direct steps to address this you will remain foggy. A glass of milk will not cut it, you need calcium supplements. Coral calcium is the best.

3. Get vitamin C, which will help with absorption of calcium, and your brain needs it anyway.

You will notice a big change from the first 3 within a week.

Long term healing -

Get lots of omega 3 oils. Eat lots of walnuts, eggs, and almonds. Avoid margarine and eat butter instead. Nice salty buttery eggs. YUM, and a prescription for recovery. Eat lots of CHICKEN. If you like spicy hot, eat it because capscasin makes the blood flow better. While eating a diet of primarily meats, nuts, eggs and fish, with veggies thrown in (especially IDAHO POTATOES, which have tons of trace minerals because of the soil they are grown in) and carbohydrates a distant second (Idaho potatoes will fill that void),


NEVER eat artificial sweeteners, gum, Cambpells soup, Lean Cuisine or any other crap. The elite have intentionally sabotaged our foods and the best way to know if something is safe is to look for a circled U on the package. This is their most common symbol for safe food, food that has not been poisoned. This is not a joke. Always look for the circled U and if it is not there, DO NOT EAT IT. SO, this knocks out -

All Campbells soups, and most other canned soup. It knocks out Ramen noodles, Michelenas, and Chef Boyardee. Forget about McDonalds, Wendy's and Jack in the box. This is not a complete list - I can't name all the intentionally poisoned foods, just look for the circled U. Also a triangle around a K, but in America the circled U is most common. You can take two products, one with the circled U, and one without it, and even though the ingredients listed are exactly the same, the one without the U will send you into a fog. It's not a joke.

Burger King, Del Taco, and Carl's Junior tend to be safe. I am not just an idiot spewing, this really is fact. I get banned anywhere I post the info about the circled U, it's a really sensitive topic for the "elite".

Avoid all Fluoride, go to Wal Mart and get Tom's toothpaste with no fluoride. You will see the circled U on that toothpaste, but you won't see it on Crest. Fluoride is a mind control drug that does nothing for your teeth. Forget about what the dentist says, he is as brainwashed as the doctor who wrote a prescription that wrecked you. Drink pure water, I recommend Crystal Geyser because it always has the U and it is cheap. You won't believe how much just cutting out the fluoride will help. Most city water is fluoridated.

If you start to feel normal again, after a while try returning to your previous diet. If you start slipping into a black hole again, well, you are now going to need to be careful with what you eat.

It also (may) help, depending entirely on your situation, to take the battery out of your cell phone, or keep it away from you. But you have to be targeted for this to make a difference so it really is just a spurious after thought, probably nothing.

Don't for a minute think I just spewed a bunch of B.S. here, even if your doctor says so. I did not just rattle this off the cuff - I spent years studying this stuff out and testing it on myself as well. There are very good reasons to avoid artificial sweeteners and fluoride, and as far as the salt goes, the elite told me directly.

My instruction to get calcium into your diet is based specifically upon intensive study into antidepressants and the damage they do, and the demands they place on the body, and has been recognized and supported by medical professionals I have discussed this with. They are blown away by the quality of my research and believe me what I am telling you here is not fluff. I have the advantage of a decent education and intelligence that has not been blinded and biased by an intentional effort to sabotage the medical community, and when I go over this with medical professionals, with my discoveries and logic, they see the light.

I really want to get in touch with you for more details. I did the best I could here with the information in your mail, but really want more complete info so an anchor can be placed for action to spring from. Hopefully those censoring my mail will have the decency to let yours through, and if all else fails there is always the whistleblower room in the forum. I hope you have not given up on me because you never got the responses I sent.

A note to people who are still ON antidepressants, even if tapering down DO NOT follow my diet recommendations until you are FULLY tapered off antidepressants and have fully half lifed out, if you eat the diet I recommended while taking antidepressants it will give your brain all it needs to kill itself faster and more effectively than it would be able to with a poor diet. Good nutrition and exercise are a mortal enemy while on antidepressants and will only serve to destroy you even worse. This is precisely why you are told to exercise and get out more while on antidepressants, the studies I hacked off the Glaxo Smith Kline corporate server showed that it will destroy you faster, and that's the real goal the "elite" have with antidepressants - to waste your inner being so you become a better slave. Included in those records is proof that the FDA knows about it, and does not care because USUALLY you will work as well if not better afterwards, and that increases tax revenue. If you want to live for more than work, avoid antidepressants at all cost.

_____________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

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