Rachel Corrie



I have set up this page to show Israeli agression against christians.

This is the Aboud Church, before Israel destroyed it for no reason.

Before, a priest is gesturing "we mean no harm"  Remember, this is a 1,800 year old Christian church.


This event proves beyond a doubt that Israeli aggression in Palestine is not about getting rid of suicide bombers.  Shocking, but true.

The  priest almost loses his balance walking among the ruins.  Notice cross on one of the rocks? The kid in the background gives a pretty good perspective on the size of the destroyed chuch.

  It is interesting that the supposed Muslim agressors in posession of the land around this church for the last 1,600 years did nothing to harm it, it was in fact destroyed by Israeli tanks and bulldozers in June of 2002.  This type of Israeli agression is so common that it did not make news.