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Sep 24 2014

Site Intel Group releases ANOTHER BEHEADING VIDEO


CONFIRMED. THERE IS NO VIDEO OF THE ACTUAL BEHEADING, EVEN ACCORDING TO SITE INTELLIGENCE GROUP. It follows exactly the same format of the previous fakes, fade to black, etc and no beheading actually shown.


NO BLOOD? Worst fake yet.

Site Intel Group is an Israeli outfit that miraculously gets ALL the news tips and miraculously gets all the beheading videos because they are super good at finding them, BETTER THAN THE NSA, FBI, CIA, and all other intelligence agencies in all other countries combined. One little company, SITE INC, miraculously has the entire world tied down and has the beheadings NAILED, whether they happen in Iraq, Syria, Algeria, you name it, they have it pegged because THEY ARE GREAT!.

And they are influential too, because no thinking nation will question them, and all the good countries like the U.S., France and Israel will line up and eat whatever they say without question, and then go into foreign nations and just start killing people, whoever SITE points the finger at. That is POWER let me tell you, and power comes from credibility and the ability to point the finger at EXACTLY WHO DESERVES TO BE DESTROYED and be completely right about it EVERY TIME, no questions asked.

One has to question exactly who is running Site Intel Group, because with an ability to have people follow their scams that is unprecedented in world history, even when they are pathetically and obviously fake, SITE HAS TO either be run by the Knesset, the Rothchilds, or the CIA.

One way or another, whoever runs that outfit is calling the shots at what will happen as a result of the scams it fronts and they have the ability to usurp all dissent, legitimate and powerful dissent which has the complete ability to know the beheadings are pathetically fake. No one could tell me the CIA is stupid enough to believe these beheadings are real, yet they are going along with it. How high up the chain would and outfit like SITE have to be to accomplish that?

Below is a screen capture from Site Intel Group's web site. Terrorists do beheadings when another intelligence asset needs to be "dead" so he can start over with a new identity. Getting "beheaded" off camera helps to accomplish that.

AAH, INTERESTING POINT! Take a look at the source for the link "Jihadist News" on Site Intel group's web site: which proves they are generating it, that does not link out to anywhere external.

Additionally, you now have to log in to see Site Intel Group's latest beheading fake, at first they left that open to the public. But since they got so solidly busted on the previous scams, only those who are privileged and pass the litmus test can now see these videos. GREAT when it is just a myth anyway!


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