I have decided to set up a page with some of my comments regarding Israeli claims.

After looking into Jenin very closely, some of the things Israel says to make themselves look good really irritate me.  For example:

 They say that their attempts to limit civilian casualties included the IDF's decision not to use air power and artillery in the operation's early stages -- even at the risk of increased Israeli casualties.

I say this is bogus, because their real goal was to completely destroy Jenin, which is something that would cost billions of dollars with bombs, and would never be as thorough with bombs.  Bulldozers, when compared to aircraft, are very cheap to operate.  And the destruction while operating them costs nothing at all.  I have read many accounts of people recieving warning that their home would be destroyed, not by a knock on the door, but by a knock on the wall, which was preceded by the rumble of a large machine . . . . .

They say that only 50 or so lives were lost, and they killed only militants.

I say, why then are there pictures of old ladies with their brains on the floor, and babies burned completely black?  I did not post those.

The reason why Israel did not let ANYONE go outside, or ANYONE to enter the city for six days is because it took them that long to unearth all the bodies they could get, and bury them in the desert somewhere, and grind the rest into hamburger by driving 100 ton bulldozers back and forth over the rubble.  That long delay without any witnesses is EXACTLY the reason why I have put the death toll so high, (2000 to 5000), and since there was such a complete military lockdown, with anyone who even opened a door or peeked through a window being shot, even the people who lived in Jenin do not know what really happened.  It is a case in which even the witnesses are dead.

Yet the smell of death remains, and so I say, why then are there so few bodies with such a smell of death still in the air?  I have thought at length about this, and after studying many photos at length as well, have reached a conclusion:  Many of the buildings have not been reduced to rubble, they have been reduced even further, to sand.  This can only be accomplished by plowing back and forth, over and over again with a bulldozer like a farmer tilling a field. With each pass, any bodies in the rubble will be ground up into hamburger, more and more, until the bodies become one with the sand that was once the rubble. They will never be found, even though they are being touched by the feet that walk the earth looking for them.  There is a way, however, to still account for them, which I believe that Israel probably never considered.  Look for the teeth.  Tooth enamel would hold up in the rubble like diamonds, it is very hard, so all the teeth should be there if looked for carefully.