EMERGENCY MESSAGE (practically) a reader in Australia said the Australian news reported the Mexican subway train crash (which coincided with the Amtrak crash) happened for ONE REASON - A STUCK MALFUNCTIONING AUTO PILOT. Hmmmm . . . . . what virus out there does that? Amtrak coincidence? NOT HARDLY!

Hi Jim, I am flabbergasted after reading some of Wayne's "It's not the law". Do you know if any of it applies to Australian law as we are still just a British colony here? Keep up the good work! ItsnotthelawM

Hi Jim, I am flabbergasted after reading some of Wayne's "It's not the law". Do you know if any of it applies to Australian law as we are still just a British colony here? Keep up the good work!

My response All I know is that Wayne did a good job with that book, it sure opened my eyes to a few things!

Idaho just says NO! (this is good)

Hi Jim, a little tid bit for you.

I live in Idaho County, Idaho, the third biggest county in the USA with the smallest population.

Where I live there are no building codes except sewage and electrical. No permits required to build a shed on your property.

However the State every year sends highly paid facilitators to convince the people they need codes dictated by who ever in charge in order to get government grants for a new fire truck and many more benefits going to local government. It's like fishing, and who will take the bait. So far no-one has taken the bait yet in this county, but man they do push it!

So far the people of Idaho County have rejected many things government is pushing. A big one is the Forest Service closing very old roads, paths, or trails. No that didn't go over very well with the public at all. Forest Service wrote people tickets for being in the forest more than 2 weeks along with a whole lot of other stuff.

Idaho County Commissioners sued the Forest Service and the Idaho Supreme Court ruled that the Forest Service has no, and I mean no power of police anywhere within the the USA!

So now you won't see a Forest Ranger armed with a patrol car in this County. Thank GOD! Any tickets that are rare can be signed off by the Sheriff's office.

A ticket is simply a contract to pay or appear nothing more and one needs not sign. It's volintary and only stupid people go for it. Don't sign it they got nothing.

As far as I know this County is the only County to make that so in the US of A, and Im glad to be here. Anywhere eles is far worse as far as America goes.

My comment: A salient read that proves that at least somewhere people are not stupid enough to bite the poison cookie. Glad to hear it!

I am not into sports but I remember this even though I don't watch football (this is actually a good one) 911 deception test run during NFL NFC championship:

9/11 test run happened in 1999 during the NFL NFC Championship Game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the St.Louis Rams. T.B was driving for what could have been the game winner. Guy makes Obvious Catch deep in the Rams territory.

All of a sudden, game stops for review (1st time I had seen that) John Madden even said on air he didn't know what was going on as the "Whole World" saw it was an obvious catch. As John Madden put it after t.v replays... I don't know what they could be looking at. Anyway, the on field call as a catch was over-turned from the booth. No newspaper in America questioned that call, and good luck finding a replay. No really, find a replay. They wiped it. I bought it up on ESPN blog. Later they mentioned it but....Good luck getting their archive to play. When they found they could bully a whole nation with in your face deceipt....you lose. Shaun King was the QB for Tampa Bay. Whatever deal Dungy made got him his makeup Superbowl Ring with Payton Manning's Colts.

Tampa got it's ring later also with "Chuck" as coach. Dungy is now retired and Chuck is in the booth for Monday night football. These things has been in-your-face for years. They have used peoples own izims against them. So...you love winning at all cost ala the Patriot organization, know that life has consequences that No Government can control.

I said all that to say more.

I don't care who tried to bribe whom, not in the short run.

What I have done is question the ass-holes amongst us that took the Damn Bribes to sell us out!!

Find a home made copy of the game mentioned, go ahead... It has been wiped. There is your f-ing lie-op.

My comment: America takes football very seriously. Tampering with a game in this way would indeed be a great way to test just how much crap Americans have been dumbed down to eat hook line and sinker.

Psych drugs

A new study shows that psychiatric drugs lead to the deaths of 500,000 people over the age of 65 per year in the West. [This does not include those under 65, which is a lot. A Danish researcher says that most antidepressants and dementia drugs could be stopped without harming patients, because there is little benefit and high risk. He explains how pharmaceutical companies rig drug trials and says that suicides during clinical trials are significantly under-reported.

My response: That fits perfectl

The following represents all the good publishable messages that arrived in a single 24 hour period absent censorship. See a difference?

Strong evidence Mexican subway was stuxnetted at the same time Amtrak was:

G'day Jim.

The crash of subway train was covered in Australia, but instead of technical glitches and wet track, we were told the driver didn't have time to disengage auto pilot (for want of a better term). Isn't the auto pilot Connected to the computer system so things like this can't ever happen? Surely the computer auto system picked up that there was a stationary train ahead and would have braked. But according to our MSM auto drive must be for straight line driving only and humans must turn it off so that 'they' can stop the trains from crashing. Hope this makes sense. And like before James, thank you for what you and others do for humanity. I just hope my balls can grow so that I to can fight back. Take care mate. Craig.

My response: What we have here is a case where someone with the intellect of a four year old told a lie. Now we have: Mexico City WAS AN AUTO PILOT ACCIDENT THE DRIVER COULD NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT, "did not have time to disengage it? WHY? Because it did not release when wanted? Had to hit the button 500 times and that is why it did not disengage "on time"? translation: Stuxnet, period. I pointed this out immediately - that both happening at so close to the same time probably meant someone had a timeline for making threats.

The crash in Mexico City was AWFUL, they claim 33 km/h and I call B.S. on that, the train came into the station full bore and literally exploded when it hit the one parked half way out of the station. Huge pieces of electrified shrapnel throwing giant sparks flew onto the platform and badly hurt bystanders, the video made it obvious and the driver was dead, his entire cab section was totally shredded and ripped all the way into the passenger section.

------ Amtrak:

Jim, the section of track on Philadelphia WAS NOT able to receive signals to stop the train - as reported on all the media channels. Please explain clearly how this accident could have happened. I am not understanding this at all.

My response: Here is all you need to know: The engineer was totally awake right up until the crash and said the speedometers said 50 mph right up until the end. This means STUXNET and no matter what, he already said this, they cannot rip that out of the ether and bury this under a mountain of BS. It is OVER.

Pro Russian web sites:

Just a note on something that has bothered me about pro-Russian websites like Paul Craig Roberts. A video from about a decade ago (you can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9cRoXgawVA&spfreload=10) clearly revealed that the FSB was involved in terrorism, blaming it on Chechnya. There was a bombing that failed, the perps were caught, but the story was changed the moment the government found out who they were. The story was changed to "Oh it was just a drill."

We know Russia is doing this garbage. My mind always recalls all of this (Litvinenko assassination, false-flags in Russia, Putin involvement with FSB, on and on) when I hear people like Roberts and so many others saying that Russia is the good guys, the white knights. What are they smoking?

My theory is that there are two camps, and they are equally naive: those who think that everything is alright. And those who think that the US is evil but the Russians are going to save them.

Also, in regards to VT, you may already know this, but they are associated with Peopolz media. You will see some shady names there, really garbage stuff. Behind that media group.

My response: I may occasionally say positive things about Russia, but here is the bottom line: All are a cesspool of filth, some deeper than others, some cherry flavored, some lemon . . . . . .

The demon incident Hello Jim,

I thank God for you - a very intelligent man who actually THINKS and sees through the deceptions - and I am another one who regularly prays for your protection.

I normally wouldn't write, but your mention of demon attacks on your wife threw up a red flag in my mind, and I remembered the many-year-long attack of demons on the wife of Rev. Ted Pike, which led to her suicide in 2011 or 2012. Ted Pike also just happens to expose the "tribe" and their Talmudic religion. I found it interesting that his wife starting getting attacks from the "demons" after a brain operation, and at the time that Ted was making headway against the push for a hate crimes law. Just coincidence? I doubt it. But how anyone who speaks out against the "tribe" would ever go to a doctor is beyond me. Talk about asking for punishment!

Anyway, have you considered that these are not demons but top secret technology? It looks to me like the women of the men they are after are the weak spots, and they like to go after them. Or maybe this technology works better on women (who I believe have more magnetic than electric energy, whereas men have more electric). Have you looked at what Tom Bearden has to say about electrical engineering, magnetic weapons, anti-gravity, HAARP-type weapons, quantum weapons, and more? His site:


This is fascinating stuff, and if he is right, we are woefully uninformed about the dangers around us. It also is a good explanation of why the "tribe" always gets what they want. If they have their hands on this type of technology, then it's "game over" for everybody else.

My response: They have that technology, I saw it used myself, when a Rothchild vanished into nowhere after showing me the back of his watch in a synagogue. Perhhaps I dreamed that? Doubt it. However

She described a ceremony they did and the way they chanted, and it was Hebrew. After pointing out this on the forum, it all stopped point blank.

Hey jim Dick d in tx a lot of people are talking about the military vehicles that were spotted here in east tx I saw daboo 7 on youtube showed google earth pictures and stated they were not on a military base I drove and took a look myself they are right off us hwy 67 in redwater tx and yes looks like some kind of rocket launchers But to clarify they are on a military installation caledd red river army depot way way back away from prying eyes i have associates who work on the base and have asked them to keep an eye out and let us know of anything relevant Most people who work there are compartmentalized and only know of what is going on in a particular biilding They do work on military vehicles at that location I think they are stockpilling these for a sinister purpose and thus put them way in the back It was interesting that the day someone from redwater posted on facebook about the vehicles the base was locked down! The local media reported that the base "has heightened security due to a isis threat" All entrances have been blocked from normal traffic for this fake threat and workers have only the main gate to enter and exit So they can move equiptment thru the back side gate unnoticed to the workers at the complete opposite side of the base The locals on yhe back side is who alerted in yhe first place but most think that they are there to be repaired I drove to the location and you can see them right off the hwy and they look like they are fresh of the assembly line If they were to be repaired yhey would be staged by the building the work would be done Mostly they repair humvees and m raps My contact said he has never seen these type vehicles there It has concerned a lot of us around that are awake They dont need rocket launchers for a drill like jade helm For anyone wanting to look up the base it is red river army depot located in hooks tx off of interstate 30 They have A lot of land but yhe main gate is there there is also lone star ammunition plant like two exits away from the main gate You Just trying to inform those who want the info keep up the good work Dick

Fukushima Stuxnet

Keep up the good work. You are way better than snowden...Also, I merely wished to say you are 100% correct regarding Fukushima, this latest stux crime with the trains derailing, all the air disasters, also all stuxed, the war crime; all of it right on target. In addition, I know you are right regarding the internet censorship, as multiple entities have tried to wreck my online business, too; trying to force me off alternative media and on to their spy platforms. I don't know if any of you are 100% real, but I think you are more real than the vast majority.

Thanks for your exhaustive research, it is important that people know these issues and the TRUTH so they can survive the psychopathic monsters....

peace and be careful... they shut you down if you are TRUTHFUL...they are mass murdering scum.

I will tell you how I survived.

At the time I did the Fuku report, Jimstonefreelance was a photography web site that had photos used by over 8,000 other web sites and these photos were issued by my server. I knew I would not survive releasing that report if many many people did not hit it in the first day. So I replaced the most popular photos with a message about Fukushima and BAM, an emergency message instructing people to read the Fukushima report suddenly appeared on 8,000 different web sites instead of the pictures they embedded, all at the same time. This totally launched the Fuku report and prevented kikedom from shutting it down. It was a FIVE STAR AMBUSH.

Message window, first reported blockage:

FYI These windows (were working, but now) appear to point to the jimstonefreelance.com domain and are being blocked by trend micro worry free business security as spam. Thanks for all you do!

My comment Spam filters will destroy the truth movement among other things, and you can bet most of the spam is issued by those who want spam filters to be essential, so those same filters can kill anyone off on the web.

More devil stuff

A comment on spiritual warfare and the physical connection:

To be safe from Satan's attacks, spiritually and physically, one must stay off of his stomping grounds. To be in the middle of God's will for one's life is the safest place to be of course. Concrete examples of Satan's ground would be bars where alcohol is served (there is a reason the stuff is called "spirits"), Hollywood and most other movies, most of the entertainment industry including music and TV, pornography, speaking the names of false gods, all forms of spiritualism and its attending trinkets, such as jewelry and artifacts/objects which are dedicated to spirit principalities, and of course drugs, legal and illegal. By now, most people know that the word "pharmacy" comes from the Greek word for witch craft, pharmakeia in transliteration.

David Gates, mission pilot, has a good testimony on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Tu7kMW6-NI about a conversation he had with a warlock who explained to him how access is gained into people's lives by evil entities.

Keep up the good reporting work and be blessed.


Attack on alternative media

Luckily I'm not from the USA so have seen your updates everyday. Could change though as the politicians in the UK are pushing for new laws regarding terrorism, which includes alternative news sites ........ we are getting closer and closer to Orwell and i don't suit white romper suits

Good luck James, keep up the good work

Paul (UK reader)

My response: Protesting, crying, whining, won't stop tyrants, the only thing that ever worked to stop tyranny was bloodshed. Never happened any other way.


Perhaps it is of interest for you. they are planning in the near future for all of europe to make new license plates for cars with rfid-chips. they call it the third license and it is secured on the inside of the windshield. here is a picture of the new digital license plate http://www.gutschild.de/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/drittes-kennzeichen.jpg


My response:Mexico already has this on all new cars.


What is the preferred donation method these days? The entertainment value alone of watching you kick zio-clan ass by getting around their censor time and again is at least worth $20 not to mention the great news reporting you do. -Anon.

My response: Paypal and the james@jimstone.is mail box

Kill switch

The easiest way to kill a vehicle is to install a toggle switch on the power line to the electric fuel pump. VERY EASY TO DO. On Wednesday, I too experienced for the first time delays in getting into my yahoo mail after clicking on an email. eventually it worked. -Paul

More Amtrak

Jim, they are now saying that the conductor slammed on the brakes and slowed the train to 102mph after speeding up from 70mph 65 seconds before the crash. Why does it take a week to interview the conductor?

MY RESPONSE: TOO LATE, EVERYONE ALREADY TALKED AND THIS DID NOT HAPPEN, it was all just fine and dandy and then . . . . . blackout.

NASA now says that one day we COULD go to the moon, IF they can manage to get through the Van Allan Belts? If that's an obstacle now, then how did they get there in the 60s? Please look past the lampoonery of the ISS in the beginning -- the statements I just mentioned are in the latter half of the clip. Also, if they are unsure of getting electronics safely through the VAB, how the hell did they get rovers to Mars? Lots of people with cog diss over this. Can you explain?

My response: Cheaper programs with different parameters. Apollo astronauts rode high performance rockets through the van allen belts in less than an hour. Modern POS spacecraft have to orbit their way out, and stay in the van allen belts for days. Different times now, we are so sapped of our wealth we can't build anything good anymore.

with effort

? Jim, long time no contact. Glad you have finally arranged a reliable method of contact. Regards, Manitoba Moe

My response: Only with effort and constant mods, they already wiped the first permutation. It won't last, this is a real fix and all victories by them will be temporary, I have the holy grail of this and did not need to consult anyone for the answer. I learned a few things recently . . . . .


Hi Jim, Long time follower ,your fuku report started my interest. Now that Mike H is no longer with Rense it would be nice if you had that famous interview you were denied. Keep up the real reporting. Henry


You cannot block onstar by putting something over the antenna! If it works in the pit of the deepest parking garage, you can completely forget it!


hey how come nobody thought canadas finance minister jim flahertys death was suspicious days after resigning?



Regarding "hacks on the public" msg someone sent you:

I use Jonos Pulse Secure for my work VPN, have it installed on my IMac. This is Juniper VPN software. Anyway, recently I noticed I could no longer reach PressTv.ir and it really puzzled me. Finally, it clicked. I shut down the VPN and boom, PressTv.ir comes right up. This totally proves that there are gatekeepers everywhere




Hey Jim,

Just wanted you to know both my parents & grandparents were subjected to the German invasion of Poland in the 1930's & 40's. Thru the Polish community I have met and heard many stories of atrocities. The point I am making is that; Yes the Germans invaded Poland, but I never heard one survivor bad mouth the Germans.

100% of the survivors hated the jews. Polish underground helped hide the jews, but upon capture the jews turned in all the people who helped them, happen every time.

Your website is my goto place for sanity, thank you.

My response: If you read down the page a ways (outside this window) you will find my crack head intellect rant, where I speak about Jewish behavior. They turned those who helped them in because it got the smallest favor put on them, and they cashed in people's lives for practically nothing. These are the stories of the war you will never hear, we are dealing with filthy people here. Think that shot is safe? HA, what a joke, you are an animal they will eat after you deliver them to safety!

Hacks on the public My phone has one of those cut off switches when I access Zero Hedge etc. I live in Paris...these cats are brain dead dude.

My phone is new. "Kazaam" I thought buying my first smartphone from Paris, France would allow me some privacy....but the French are some leaching ass follow/leaders. I lived here for years and I know them better than they can describe themselves.

My mail/telephone etc. was compromised a while back, just as you described it on your site this week. I told my neighbors, but people are brain dead dude.

My response: In the situation you are describing, your smart phone is not something you bought for yourself, it is a weapon you bought for the elite to destroy you with. Not surprised at all, after my brush with the Jewish community is when I had my communications permanently whacked, with no cell phone actually working in a useful way. This has been quite a few years now, nothing useful has ever come across a cell phone and if I get in a sling and need to call someone no cell phone I have ever had since has ever worked even once. So I don't carry one anymore, all it provides is tracking info with no useful benefit whatsoever. I am probably one of the hardest hit. And all they have done by being so blatant about it is well . . . . denied themselves minute by minute tracking info.

Shots other than vaccines What about when you get a novocaine shot at the dentist? Are these shots tainted as well? How about tetanus?

My response:

Tetanus was the first common shot they tainted. Those are OUT. And I strongly suspect every single shot there is has a good chance of being dangerous, the "elite" have chosen injection as the method of squelching their opposition (which means everyone now) simply because a shot is not random, it is direct, and can't jump out of the environment to nail them with their own weapon. Forget chem trails, which are nondescriminate, when it comes to nailing us it is going to be the shots, which can be perfectly controlled.

Just love to see your efforts to overcome illegal government oposition. This thing - the Cabal - is not going to last for a long time, Jim.

Take care.

My response: It appears that at 4:20 PM they successfully stopped this arrangement. However, such victories will only be temporary, I will fix it after I get done going through 100 plus additional messages I have yet to view. UPDATE: Done.


Barbara wrote:

Hi, Jim!

No response necessary. Just FYI I tried to copy and paste what you said about the train crash being stuxnet and all, with which I totally agree, to my son and not only would "they" not allow it (it came up all black like a censored FOIA etc), but "they" would not allow my email to be sent to him at all. All to say, yup, I guess "they" are having fun with us all. I have sent several short emails to you over the last 2 weeks, no responses necessary, but I doubt you ever got them?!



My response: This type of attack is one of "their" holy grails. Such action is to be expected, and only proves I TOTALLY NAILED IT.


Here is a long passage from the first of those 3 black assassin articles I forwarded -- the author was responding to what he found Clappers' disturbing use of the word "trolling" (by the NSA for info) -- even though very yucky, I couldn't stop reading the 350 pages when it kept coming up with such thought provoking info and takes:

In Nazi Germany, Heinrich Himmler and the SS represented the proverbial EVIL TROLLS UNDER THE BRIDGE-constantly TROLLING to devour millions on their path across the bridge to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

RSHA’s stated duty was to fight all “enemies of the Reich” inside and outside the borders of Nazi Germany. According to British author, Gerald Reitlinger, the RSHA “became a typical overblown bureaucracy… The complexity of RSHA was unequalled… with at least a hundred sub-sub sections”.[39]

RSHA’s data mining technology and facility was provided by IBM. In Nazi Germany, Willy Heidinger was the manager of the IBM subsidiary, Dehomag. During a tour of his facilities by Nazi Party leaders, Heidinger substantially exposed RSHA’s data mining ultimate objective,

“The physician examines the human body and determines whether …all organs are working to the benefit of the entire organism. We [Dehomag] are very much like the physician, in that we dissect, cell by cell, the German cultural body. We report every individual characteristic …on a little card. These are not dead cards, quite the contrary; they prove later on that they come to life when the cards are sorted at a rate of 25,000 per hour according to certain characteristics.

These characteristics are grouped like the organs of our cultural body and they will be calculated and determined with the help of our tabulating machine. … We are proud that we may assist in such a task, a task that provides our nation’s Physician [Adolf Hitler] with the material he needs for his examination. Our Physician can then determine whether the calculated values are in harmony with the health of the people. It also means that if such is not the case, our Physician can take corrective procedures to correct the sick circumstances. … Our characteristics are deeply rooted in race.

Therefore, we must cherish them like a holy shrine which we will – and must – keep pure. We have the deepest trust in our Physician and will follow his instructions in blind faith, because we know that he will lead our people to a great future. Hail to our German people and der Führer!”[40]

A sub-subsection of RSHA even took over German population censuses tabulated by Hollerith (IBM) machines. The census was one of several population identification systems used to track targeted groups in the Nazi state. Taken together, these systems resulted in distribution of uniform photo identity cards to all inhabitants of the Reich, mandatory under the law of September 10, 1939.[41]

The significance of IBM’s German subsidiary Dehomag, IBM machines and card systems in the Nazi persecution and extermination of the pseudo Untermensch (German forunder man, sub-man, sub-human; plural: Untermenschen);[42] and its social, political and religious enemies was revolutionary satanic-demonic principled technology; and that connotation cannot be underestimated.

With IBM’s Hollerith machines and their punch cards, Himmler and the SS could TROLL people’s family and racial lineage, political and religious affiliations and track their movements by the millions. The SS-RSHA was able to trace and update its targeted enemies’ addresses, locations, occupations, wealth and associations. SS-RSHA’s IBM mass population data mining led ultimately to global racial and political persecution and mass murder unparalleled in human history.

The “ENEMIES OF THE REICH” that Himmler and the RSHA targeted for persecution, isolation and termination wasn’t just communist terrorists. It was the TROLL that blocked the path to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of the people of Germany whether Jews, disabled, non Aryans, Soviets, Poles, Gypsies, Christians, freemasons, homosexuals, intellectuals and the political dissent, etc., etc., and etc. by the millions -- here's the passage:

The TROLLS, Himmler and SS RSHA, UNDER THE BRIDGE in Nazi Germany devoured at least 16.5 Million souls, likely over 17 Million people in the concentration

My comment: Hitler's method of vaccinating the public before the technology existed to accomplish the same thing with a blanket shot given to everyone.

Web site access preventing


I believe you are right. I have noticed some web pages not updating. One in particular, I added the Twitter feed and found the most recent Tweet and Voila, I found the updated page. A work around?

My response: There is no doubt this web site is blocked for all but about 50,000 people in the U.S., my report below on this topic is NOT B.S. in any way shape matter or form and it had better be accepted by the alternative media or they will die, and there is no other possible outcome.

In this case ignorance is not bliss.

Vaccines Hi Jim, recently in Croatia parents have started asking about vaccine safety and other things. And since in my country vaccines are mandatory, this concern parents were raising was very badly accept by goverment and a lot of doctors. So now they are preparing new law that would allow them to take your kid out of lets say kindergarten and vaccinate without you even knowing!! There is also pressure from our representatives in eu parlament to put similar shit in all eu!!

This lady is asking for more repression against those who do not vaccinate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hh6LBHAToEc.

What you think? What can we expect? Thank you, keep up good work.


My response:

They intend to completely change the characteristics of mankind via weaponized vaccines that destroy intelligence and the natural will to resist tyranny. They are well advanced in this. They are growing the vaccines in brain tissue cultures from aborted babies, and if they want your intelligence wiped out they use one type of neuron, if they want you to be compliant they will use frontal lobe neurons and cause your own immune system to attack them for life. When things go a little bit wrong, it is shown as autism, and as the vaccines are getting more and more potent against the brain, autism levels are increasing. It is intentional, no ifs or buts.

In a real vaccine that is truthfully as stated, a pathogen is introduced as an enemy of the body, and the immune system attacks it. Future immunity against that pathogen is then gained. In a rigged vaccine, brain tissue is injected and introduced as an enemy, and the body is then tricked into attacking anything similar, which is the brain. There is nothing more to it, it is well worth shooting to protect your children, NO IFS OR BUTS because nowadays vaccines are nothing but weapons and can be assumed to be an attempt to destroy either your life or the lives of others. We are cattle. Zion is better than us, PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION, and the "elite" will proceed to prove it by destroying us with mandatory shots.

Ever wonder how mankind could fall in intelligence so quickly? They are telling us it is happening, and make no mistakes, weaponized vaccines are the ONLY REASON, extreme dumbing down can't happen via natural progression in a SINGLE generation.

If we fail to wake up the zombies out there and FIGHT, we are totally finished and the only ones who will carry on mankind as we knew it will be those who successfully bugged out and survived. What good is an armed citizenry when death to their future will be administered via the red cross van?

Folks, if we are going to make it, you HAVE TO treat an attempt at forced vaccination as an open annihilation of your society by an invading enemy using firebombs and heavy artillery, the devastation they will bring with the vaccines is equally bad, and will happen in complete silence. It won't matter if they kill your children with a bullet or wreck them forever with a shot, trust me, your kids really are not being born 15 IQ points dumber than the parents! And unlike heavy artillery and bullets, which leave what remains as it was, vaccines are now programmed to change future generations and have the damage be exhibited even a thousand years from now. They are THE END, if we don't win this one mankind will be doomed to monkey status for time immortal.

Snowden legitimacy and Amtrak Cynthia wrote:

The victims of the disasters point right at the persons responsible for their demise. They are stuxing public transport for insurance payouts and to knock off banksters/scientists/tech experts/and everyone who knows they are covered in an ocean of blood. They are filthy, family annihilating war criminals. Keep up the good work. It takes guts to tell the truth about these dogs who kill to STEAL..

Be careful. The info you are putting out there is light years beyond Snowden. Good job.

My comment: It is true that Snowden has said nowhere near enough, it is far worse and I really think he may simply be some sort of front. If he is not, he was a dim bulb You have to be smart to get the big picture, even when inside the beast. One or the other.

As far as the Stuxnet crashes and disasters, one key element that allows you to identify when communists are in control or do something is their complete lack of respect for loss of life, they really do not care if they have to kill hundreds or even thousands to get ONE. But what they DO care about is getting caught. Public image is everything, if they cannot off someone without complete absense of accountability they won't do it.

Car Hack bypass

There is a very easy way to bypass any controls on a vehicle and get you car to stop safely, although it might be a bit tough on cars with coils for each cylinder. The solution came about completely by accident back in 1995. Back then I had a Volkswagen Jetta (from the late 80s) which had a dodgy steering wheel key lock (where the key to turn on the engine went), which I didn't know at the time. On the way to Albania in this car we were traveling in France and stopped for gas in a small village. Having turned the engine off I couldn't start the engine again after refueling even though the engine turned over, fuel was getting to the engine, etc. So in the end we had the local VW dealership come and get the car and we told them we needed it fixed today as we were traveling through.

Well, after some testing by a chap with a meter he found out that the engine key lock on the steering column had broken a wire which took the power to the solenoid (which was responsible for providing the sparks for the spark plugs), and it would take a few days for a new lock mechanism to arrive. We told them we couldn't wait so what they did in about 15 mins is they rigged a brand new rocker switch (which was put into a blank switch socket in the dashboard) directly to the battery and had this switch then directly control the solenoid that took the main pulse to the distributor cap. The switch was rigged in such a way that you had to have this switch turned on before turning the engine over with the key. If the switch was in the off position the engine would never fire despite turning over until the battery died. So what they had effectively done was bypass the steering column lock and the on/off mechanism within it and allowed a separate switch to turn the engine on or off. A very cool and simple theft deterrent too!

With the way a lot of the new engines are built, especially BMWs where they have 1 coil per cylinder), this would have to be rigged so that either one or both of the battery wires could be isolated and disconnected with one or two switches in the dashboard. I hope I have been able to explain this properly so that it would be easy for anyone to do this. But I would still recommend a third party mechanic for the job.

My response:

There is no mechanical connection in modern cars anymore, they all have secondary circuits like this Jetta you are talking about. Except, in most cases, the ignition switch now talks to a CPU which then turns on a relay, and then you can fire the spark plugs. One step more removed, and yes, I think a mechanic could easily rig your car with a kill switch just by having it shut off that relay.

Selective Ebay punishment (heads up, this is actually important because it ties right into FCC messing with web sites)

Fleebay farts around and moves my items into oblique categories at random, not all of identical items even go to the same alternate category - this is happening after the advert is already completed and correct category is chosen by the seller. Multiple attempts to revise the listing fails to make a permanent change, ending the listing early and making a new (similar, not just a relist) listing may act the same. Over 10% of my listings are moved and resist repositioning - trying multiple times and finally giving up, no explanation forthcoming from them after months and multiple calls to report this tech glitch.

One gopher at Ebay even tried to move one to the correct and desired category, and was surprised to see it moved back before his eyes - real shock to him, I'm sure. Some brand new listings move, a few do not.

Another problem has been (attempting) buyers sending messages that they can't complete a sale, they get a message screen after buy-it-now that says seller is unable to receive funds at this time.

No problems on my end, and they say no strikes on their end, but a blockage to reduce sales of my items amounts to random attacking. If there was a paypal issue for the buyers, I would think that the screen would tell them that they need to update etc., not lay the blame on me. How can so many not bother to contact me over this issue and instead move to a "favorized" seller?

My response: Ebay is in its death throes and will become an outlet where only "good people" can make sales. I am certain you are being jacked with, they just found the filthiest greasiest "probable denyability" method they could think of - it is all just "glitches". YEAH RIGHT. They know what news you read and how you comment - INTO THE GUTTER YOU GO.


If anyone accuses you of just going after jews, remind them that in the Cleveland Heights days Rockefeller was deacon in a Baptist Church and called his Cleveland Heights estate Forest Hills.

Poeple involved the the NW Ohio gas/oil boom including my great great Grandfather of Findlay Gas Illuminating Co. considered him all in all a stabilizing influence. He just wanted to make more money than Abraham Monette :-) This stuff is disappearing from the web.

He was severely snubbed by the old Cleveland money and decamped to NY, embittered.

GE's Nela Park was built in Cleveland Heights near Garfield's tomb at the top of Mayfield hill, ties in with J.P.Morgan's 1907 takedown of Geo. Westinghouse in Pittsburgh etc. etc. etc. Lots of history to dig through if you're interested.

Hoping to live long enough to see the 'end game'.

Chinese search engine

James Chines search engine BAIDU works for your site Best E

My response: HIGHLY RECOMMEND BAIDU AND YUKOU. but they are Chinese and that can be problematic for English speakers.

Helping us survive

A few of us know that we are up against the powers of darkness leading an army of humans who receive preternatural aid. That's why they are successful. But only for a time. Time as well as eternity is on our side. Day by day the diabolical powers fade. Soon, we will deal with mere men. We must survive until then. You, Jim are helping us survive. " My people perish for lack of knowledge" You provide a great deal of knowledge. We, out here must pray for you and those like you on the front lines. I'll pray for you. Mankind will be rid of some major weeds in this beautiful garden when this all over. Tony, Ontario.

My response: It is a fact that I am running this web site with the hopes of stalling evil people long enough to buy that little bit of extra time . . . . . .


The zios want WWIII and they intend to take out all the anglo saxon nations for the 4th reich. Its called the "times of the gentiles".

My response: Probably.

VT melt down

Jim, can you comment on what's going on with the meltdown at Veterans Today? Was it a limited hangout? You offered to join up with Jim Fetzer and team, Ho seems to be a solid dude, but Stew Webb badmouths Ted Gundersen, who appears to be an American hero. What's going on? And why does Gordon Duff refuse to see any danger in Jade Helm?

My response: I am tentatively siding with Fetzer and others, because I have seen Duff just not cut it. However, Duff is still on the team even though I do not like him much. So I am not making a huge issue of this.

As for Jade Helm, my take? Not an imminent threat, only preparations for screwing us all, which will DEFINITELY happen, perhaps in September? Gotta train them first . . . .

Jade helm is a slow developing nightmare that will stick with us all the way past the morning commute and well into daylight. At the end of the nightmare, we won't all be here. Jade Helm is training for the "operation", BET ON IT.

Clearly visible web spoofing

Sam wrote:

I'm having trouble even getting into my yahoo email. It times out after 20 seconds or less, after I click on an email to view. Never happened before. Facebook is a nightmare anymore. Loading, viewing posts. I see different things on the computer as opposed to my cell phone. Oh, Sheriff department in N. Texas has a tank, with a gun turret. This is in a town of about 100,000 people. I spotted it on the east side of our town as we were past the city limit sign. It was sitting in an auto shop yard...I just felt the need to add that because I don't know why, but I found it odd. Of course I took a picture. I am glad to see this way of communicating with you! Take care.

My response: Different device, Different IP, different identity, DIFFERENT CONTENT. Welcome to the new world of "perception management!"

tanks are COOL!

Attacks on Iranian nuclear scientists

Do you have any info on Indian nuclear scientists and engineers mysterious deaths in the last 5 to 10 years?

My response: I just have general information with limited details. Israel is attacking and killing as many Iranian nuclear scientists as possible, and their preferred method is to use two Mossad agents on the SAME motorcycle, pull up along side the car the scientist is in and the passenger on the motorcycle attaches a magnetic shape charge bomb to one of the doors of the car. These explosives cut right through the sheet metal and totally flame and shrapnel the car's interior, which kills the scientist. Other times one guy drives the motorcycle while the other guy shoots until the job is definitely accomplished. Motorcycle vs car in this way is absolutely devastating, the job gets completed every time.

Demon attacks

RE: Attacks on wife

James If all else fails, here is the website for a highly respected demonologist. http://www.johnzaffis.com/ Sorry for the intrusion,many RB members have you and yours in our thoughts and prayers.

Steve aka Kriket1968
My response: Posting to the forum was the thing to do. Someone took care of it, whoever did I thank them very much. For those who do not know about this, the manifestations were real and culminated into one attacking her and scratching perfectly symmetrical art work into half of her body while she was in the shower. Demon attack scratches don't last long, they were sore at first but they vanished in a couple hours. There is no possible way she hoaxed this. The "art work" simulated all appendages being cut off and slashes down the body. This attack followed 3 days of her refusing approaches from them, where they offered her great wealth in exchange for destroying me.

Mike Rivero whatreallyhappened

Hi Jim,

Why do you think Mike Rivero from what really happened radio never mentions you or your new articles? Are you too "fringe" or "extreme" or something for him? its always bugged me.


My response: Fear not. My style does not match what he wants. Despite this, he in fact links me surprisingly frequently, he just did last week. He is one of the good guys, BET ON IT.


(Hi Jim, I want to add to your conclusion about the Amtrak train crash...there was an ex-Scotia banker from Calgary, Canada, who then moved to Chicago (rahm emanuel), some time ago and became a banker for Wells Fargo, well, I don't know if you were aware that LESS THAN A WEEK AGO, they had reported on KTLA News in LA California a very, very brief spew about how there was now a class action law suit by THE PEOPLE - their customers - because Wells Fargo was stealing their money and NOTHING has been reported since, not a peep and it was only a 30 second spew and nothing else and now we have another obvious train crash that was obviously controlled by the khazar jews stuxnet, and once again, like the plane crash in France, it was blamed on human error, which is even more obvious, because they tend to stick to the same tactics and lies. Have you noticed all of the record number train derailments in both Canada and the US in the last 2 years, this is not a coincidence, it is simply another method in which they can murder people and poison towns like they did in Lac-Magantic- QUEBEC, which is like mini-Georgia, EU, in that it is the khazar jews stomping ground and safety place, that's how they got into Canada, Quebec's separation from Canada that is also how the CIA (CSIS in Canada), got into Canada with their Khazar creators. You also clearly see the disrespect they have for human life, to murder one banker, they risked the lives of 200+ people, like they were cattle, another mark from this beast! Keep up the good work and expose them! I often wonder if you know about Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan, all seemingly south of the ancient Khazar Empire, which was extended to those countries and just recently in Azerbaijan, they opened a New University called the Khazar University, no kidding, here is the link:http://www.khazar.org/ Also, these khazar's now have control of Saudi Arabia yes, I guarantee you, they are now behind Saudi's govn't too! Stay Safe and keep shouting the TRUTH!!)

Jade Helm He jim love your work A little theory on jade helm That tx ranger that released info about the trains with the shackles in them kept stressing an "isis" threat He seemed untrusting of homeland security but kept stressing a treat from "isis" Apparently they homeland security has sold this bs to law enforcement we know it is a construct of the powers that be so I beleive they will be picking off dissidents and especially preppers and sell this to the public as "isis" supporters and display all the stockpiled weapons and ammo as "proof" the sheeple would probably buy this bs as they do all the other fairy tales that the mainstream feeds them. There is no threat from a foreign terrorist group unless they are allowed to be a threat and we know our biggest threat is our own government. Everyone keeps saying they will wait to see and then react but that may be a huge mistake. They are amassing a huge force here in tx and its not for isis its for us, thanks for being a voice for truth Keep up the good work Put this up if you agree or have comments Also the shut down of alternantive media would stop the news of the tru roundups from getting out to warn yhe rest of us Thanks again dick d

My response:

BINGO! YOU NAILED IT: What better way would there possibly be than to shut down all the HARD LEGITIMATE TRUTH SITES and make them completely unaware of this by spoofing hits, as has already happened to this site? YOU NAILED IT, RED ALERT PEOPLE, ARCHIVE AND POST, CALL, SOUND THE ALARM!

Hi Jim, I laughed out loud at this solution of yours. Just a heads up, Start Page is our search engine and we have always seen your site. We are in the USA, and there are thousands of us. Thanks for everything you do, stay safe. Also, the Light shall prevail.

My response: I will try startpage. A friend of mine in the U.S. has confirmed this site is down for most people. This is likely to be published in print.

Car hacks

Hey Jim. One thing you can do to stop the anti-lock vehicle assassination attempt is to jam the stick (auto or stick) into neutral while hitting the brakes (after unplugging the main cylinder). That can't be computer overridden, could it? You'll blow the engine but that's better than getting dislodged from your battle position in this satanic war. Best to stick around to see our soon victory through Jesus Christ our Lord.

My response: This is not true anymore. Virtually all cars now have fully electronic transmissions and standards have electronic clutches. The driver has no physical link to anything whatsoever. The only hope is to disconnect the master cylinder from the antilock brakes, jam the brakes really hard and hope for the best. Modern cars get amazing torque in first, chances are with an automatic or even a standard now they could drop it into first and the engine would win against the brakes. If it wins for more than 30 seconds or so you lose, full brakes for more than 30 seconds without stopping will fry them quick. Then they can just mash it to the top of 5th and keep it floored until the inevitable . . . . .

Solution: String TIED TO ECM FUSE OR HARD OFF SWITCH. Since no one will have that, they will get bumped right on schedule . . . . .

Hi Jim!

I think you are amazing and read your page every night. Thank you for being so smart and diligent. I ask that I be included in your updates when the SHTF and am providing m email address here.

I don't know what lies ahead.. But I am a single person..and thinking about my future and how to survive. I try to study to figure things out..but often feel overwhelmed. And scared.

I wish you the very best ..

with love and light.


My response: I have no mailing lists. The nanosecond I posted the Fukushima report (actually within the first two hours) I was blocked from sending mails. Now I can still get occasional responses through, but a list? NOT POSSIBLE, even with this new toy of mine. The above window is one way, it guarantees I at least get the message. It is very basic coding now, but it is already giving them a heartache and will soon become amazingly complex and distributed. I am not claiming victory until it randomly bounces off numerous web servers running different versions of the code with totally different parameters and routing. Believe me with this one - I FIXED THE PROBLEM THIS TIME, I will NEVER go blank with communications again. They may beat this form as is, but if they do victory will be FUTILE. All I have to do is make it more complex and change parameters and it will be as if they never did anything at all. Thanks for writing!

from judgedredd:

This is a pretty cool feature. I was wondering when you would use your own 'paste bin' (www.pastebin.com). Had this in mind as a way of bypassing your censorship but the question was how to coordinate viewing and pasting/responding to the messages.

My response: OMG THIS IS AMAZINGLY EASY! IT WORKS GREAT and is very efficient on my end. Jim, thanks! - American1973

I'm very proud of you. Please keep up the good work. I depend on you several times a day. .

Jim ...You are amazing! I am so thankful that you continue to create ways to fight this madness. Stay strong Dear One, and know there are people out here that appreciate ALL you do FOR US. I am compelled to let you know I will fight to DEATH for TRUTH. - Sande