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How to deal with Tyranny

Non violence will get you killed

I am sick of the pacifist line - the one which claims there is a peaceful solution to every conflict. When dealing with mass murderers, that is a logical fantasy somewhere out there with the Unicorns and My Little Pony. One such idealist posted such a logical fantasy to the forum, and you would be surprised where it went:

Anonymous 33 posted:

"I have a vision of the big boys with riot control halloween costumes coming to a park where the little league baseball teams ignore them altogether.

In the current version of reality I am sure loud noises and loudspeakers would cause disruption to the masses.

But how can we increase the amount of people who don't fear things. The scene in the movie that starts with the first letter in victory comes to mind.

After Bos, we know whats coming. What is the effective solution to martial law being declared?

Seriously, Why is there no thread concerning the counter of marital law ? Peaceful solutions to what we know is coming would seem to be the most important issue this site could tackle.

Idea #1.. Posters with what if Marital law was declared but nobody cared..... (with pictures of the big boys being ignored by parents enjoying kids in athletic competition) My vision anyway...

Idea #2.. ( be the hero)"

--admin comment -

There is no peaceful solution when dealing with tyranny. If you are seeking a peaceful solution when dealing with brute force, you are asking to get your ass kicked like a sheep down the slaughter shoot. If a bear is going to eat you, you don't sit down and negotiate with the bear, you KILL IT, and that is where we are at now, 911, Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC, Boston, Aurora, Sandy Hook, WTC bombing #1, all make it obvious - brute force response is what we need, NOT a peaceful solution.

Why does no one seem to care about the first WTC bombing just because the place did not fall? OUR OWN FBI and CIA DID THAT, COME ON NOW, WAKE UP! You don't respond to an attempt to destroy a city by talking nice and handing them a pop tart!

anonymous101 posted:

Wow yup I can see how you will let your family get slaughtered or beat to inch of life etc just to try and peacefully resist...

There is no such thing as peacefully resisting a tyrant! Even Ghandi preached to use force to protect your family when the need arises, yet you come here talking of ignoring storm troopers ready to bash in everyone head to make a point, not only are you willingly putting your family in harms way, you are aggravating the situation, since these storm troopers will only get angry when you ignore their orders.

Protest and peaceful opposition does not work, they reason TPTB want people to think it is a viable option, is simply to give them cattle for the slaughter, up until recently they pretended to hear protestors and pretended to take action etc, these day you see them bashing the heads of protestors and not giving two craps.

kb7dqh posted:

Try Russia after 1917... Here a quote from Alexander Solzhenitsyn:

And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security Operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? After all, you knew ahead of time those bluecaps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure a head of time that you'd be cracking the skull of a cutthroat. Or what about the Black Maria sitting out there on the street with one lonely chauffeur-- what if it had been driven off or its tires spiked? The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!

My further comment:

It is now obvious that they do not care if we are onto the whole false flag issue, and that they do not care if we write our senators, protest, or do whatever else they say we should to work within this system which is rigged like a pirate ship. Absent FORCING the issue, and FORCING them to behave under direct threat this country is going one place - into the history books and by all but a few accounts it could already be there.


Have an emergency plan in place where you pay attention to who is at the door, and if it is not someone you know, don't answer. If they then kick it in, just start shooting. Keep the gun UP ON THE WALL by your bed with the bolt open, safety on, and fully loaded at night so if the door gets kicked in you have it there for an easy grab - you won't make it to the gun safe or have time to load it, and having the bolt open and safety on will prevent a small child from operating it. They will come between 2AM and 5AM, with peak activity at 3AM, this is standard military procedure because those hours are when people are least able to cope with a home invasion. Make sure ALL non shooters are instructed to NOT go to the door and to stay in their rooms or in bed to keep them out of the line of fire.

The best guns will be a 12 gauge slug (for high impact) or a metal jacketed .270 (for great penetration of body armor) or if you must stoop so low, a standard 30.06. Trust me, I played with that and I know what works, a .270 will penetrate like nothing else short of a .50 cal but a 30.06 is nothing to cry over either and a 12 gauge slug has so much punch it will really put a damper on play time. Forget the advice to use buck shot and bird shot, the thugs will have body armor against which you do not want bb's and if you think ANY handgun is useful for anything other than an ambush when the body armor is off, you are either fooled by an idiot or saboteur or kidding yourself. A light loaded 30/30 will blow away the strongest handgun many times over and that is widely regarded as a child's deer rifle.

I know there are many other suitable calibers, but when dealing with body armor the key is a heavy round, a small cross section and a lot of powder in a long barrel, and MOST OF ALL - Don't cower in fear like a Russian while the world goes to hell around you.


Japan earthquake both man made AND faked to a higher magnitude to justify nuclear tsunami

Permalink This is the first portion of the Fukushima report, which speaks about the physical aspects of the disaster, which was in fact an act of war. There is a lot more to it than that, including the fact that the zionists want all cultures destroyed and smashed into a global monoculture and Japan was having none of it, as well as Japan refusing to do an enormous banker bailout they never owed, and therefore from a globalist perspective Japan had to be destroyed. Read the full report HERE


Permalink What if the entire nuclear waste problem was intentionally created? What if our own government got infiltrated and wanted over 100 nation destroying weapons placed in key locations around the country, all disguised as infrastructure? America's nuclear policy has done exactly that, and this report covers how it happened.This is a must read on this site

Mails from Japan, the real perspective

Permalink There was a brief gap in the censorship on my mail box, and for a week I got e-mails from Japan. They flooded in. You would be surprised by what the people said in these mails. Now, after over 150,000 more visits to the site from Japan, not a single new e-mail from Japan has come in. Why would the elite want these e-mails censored? Read this, and you will know why

The WSA passport has been proven legitimate

PERMALINK When the U.S. government detained me without a reason shortly after I published the Fukushima report, I knew my days in America were numbered. After being refused a passport from the FED, I chose an alternate - the WSA passport, with doubts. Those doubts are gone. The WSA passport is indeed 100 percent legitimate, and I believe it saved my life. Read more HERE

Joe did not "Stack" up.

Permalink Many of you may remember the story of Joe Stack, who flew his plane into the IRS building. This report proves even THAT to have been a false flag PERMALINK This groundbreaking whistleblower testimony proves that vaccines are the cause of SIDS and the "shaken baby syndrome". This officer provides testimony that parents are prosecuted for damage proven to be from vaccines. Read more here

Digital stepping in the Aurora Borealis

Permalink This report is a technical stab at how haarp works to modify weather, and has supporting evidence in an article published by Nasa.

Many people do not realize the fact that Nasa published a report which spoke about Hurricane Katrina, and two other hurricanes that did not have normal electrical readings. In fact, the readings were so far out of character for hurricanes that they broke world records for all previous storms of any type in history, including tornado spawning super cells which are normally very electrically charged. Nasa does not specifically state that Haarp did it, to do so would be suicide for them. This report is linked to in my Haarp report, which can be read HERE


USGS and MSM Busted over phony quake!

Permalink I was in Mexico city, and there was an earthquake drill. Because they triggered a real quake in Chiapas during a drill there, which I did feel, I recorded a video of this drill just in case they triggered an earthquake for it as well. They did not, but the next day I found out they called the drill a real quake. See the video and read about it HERE


7.9 in Chiapas Mexico on March 20 2012 proven man made

Permalink I was at a Starbucks in the Santa Fe district of Mexico city when an earthquake happened. It swayed the buildings, disoriented drivers and caused everyone to evacuate. I reported it within minutes on my site, and then found out the next day that there was an earthquake drill in Chiapas Mexico, the epicenter, covering the exact same magnitude of quake at the exact same time on the exact same day. Since defense secretary William Cohen has verified the earthquake machine to be a reality in a press briefing in 1997, it's pretty obvious how such a coincidence could have happened.

Read the full report HERE

Prescribed deletion

Permalink I got my hands on 230 megs of classified documents related to antidepressants from GSK. It was a tedious read, but after diving fairly deep into the tens of thousands of pages of studies, results, etc, it was obvious that antidepressants were horrible, the manufacturers knew it, and they false advertised and put knowingly damaging products on the market. A This report will have six segments when complete, "Testimonies of the destroyed" is the first. If you have been ruined or damaged by antidepressants, you are not alone, read what others have been through Here

A tale of two protests


I was in Washington DC, so I figured I would go pay a visit to an anti war protest against war with Iran. After that protest ended another started, begging Obama to go to war with Syria. It was obviously phony and I documented that as well. If you want to see what a psy op looks like, just take a look at this report Here

The Evils of Compartmentalization

Permalink In this somewhat open letter to my former peers in the NSA, and also, by default, other top secret agencies, I speak about how they really are unaware of what their work is being used for, and how their compartmentalized security clearances prevent them from really knowing how their efforts will manifest themselves in the real world. Read it Here

Shedding a little light on the darkest of dark

Permalink This report about Luciferianism is only about a third of the way finished, but it is massive nonetheless. Take the time to look at what's here, several of the linked items are banned on the web and can only be found internally on this site (as far as I know) and of the greatest interest is the child slave trade. The article which quotes the prices state agencies are awarded for snatching children may have a bit of a sappy start, but it's a simple fact it's probably the most banned report on the web. Definitely worth a look. You can read the Luciferian report Here

My experience with the Jewish Community

Permalink This report sparked a lot of interest, and it outlines the basics of what happened when I was with the Jewish community, without going into too much detail. It covers their attempts on my life in some detail. I must say, they treat each other well, and treated me VERY well, until I decided to leave. The full report is Here

I would much rather live in a civilized society

Permalink This report, which I pulled off an old Geocities site I once had, was good enough to re-post here. If you want a look at who I am, you will find a pretty good insight Here

Deep Water Horizon likely destroyed by space based laser

Permalink Many people were suspicious about the real reason for the disaster in the gulf, and I myself found it to be a highly implausible scenario. So I looked into it, and discovered that the main electrical center, which was well away from anything that burned, had an extremely neat hole burned right through the helipad above it. Was the helipad used for targeting setup of a space based laser? Read the report and decide for yourself HERE

The Post Office has automated mail intercept

Permalink Many people think snail mail is more secure than e-mail. Think again! Read why you should be VERY careful with the mail, HERE

Power Grid Tampering to end an Era

Permalink The power grid has now been dismantled. The national grid is now running in isolated segments. Though it is true that DC power lines have mitigated the need for full national synchronization in the grid, they did not eliminate it. As a result, clocks such as the one in your microwave or stove, which use the power grid as a time keeping reference now run at different speeds at different places in the nation and they prove that the system is disconnected and America's power is now far more vulnerable to attack during a war. Read the report HERE

Surprisingly reputable Gordon Duff posts ridiculous article on Micro Nukes

Permalink A reader sent me a link in an e-mail that went to "an amazing article about micro nukes". Since I know a thing or two about nuclear topics, I gave it a look, gasped, and then shredded it. It's a great rip, and recycle bin treasure. Read it HERE

Warning, 2012!

Permalink I think I will put this in the 2012 scam section as well, but it's so bad it really belongs in the recycle bin. If you want to see something SILLY, click HERE

U.S. Senator visits Fukushima and says it's worse than stated, DUH??

Permalink Senator Wyden ought to be applauded for having the guts to actually go out to Fukushima, and the Duh really does not apply to him, it applies to the media which has done nothing but scam and lie about this. Even still, for lack of a better place, this report goes in the recycle bin. Read it HERE

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Mexico quake proven man made

I would much rather live in a civilized society

The WSA Passport has been proven legitimate

PRESCRIBED DELETION - the truth about antidepressants

My experience with the Jewish community

A tale of two protests

"Joe" did not Stack up.


Nasa noticed Haarp anomalies in Hurricane Katrina

Face it, the Election was STOLEN

Jim Stone visits Occupy Los Angeles

Power Grid Tampering to End an Era

An open letter to the Israeli Mossad


Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Mails from Japan, the true perspective

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