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A great way to separate truth sites from disinfo sites

Jim Stone, 7/15/2013, Updated 11/11 2014


There are three great nuclear related topics which can be used as a litmus test to know when a web site is real or run by a member of the opposition. Fortunately many of the big ones, such as Icke, Alex Jones, Natural News, WRH, and many of the smaller ones are true opposition, though a few may argue that Alex Jones is not. But he does pass this particular nuclear litmus test. Anyone who fails this test, which is an easy one, can only be the opposition because the truth is simply too self evident for anyone to miss, especially considering the high profile publications that at least told the truth (albeit often fleetingly).

Undeniable and obvious truth #1 - The Japan earthquake was not as presented.

The 9.0 earthquake never happened. All you need to know this fact is to look at the pictures of the perfectly undamaged cities as the nuclear tsunami rolls in, the Sendai damage reports, which reported zero collapsed structures, and the seismic records, which show the peak magnitude was 6.67 and 100 KM inland. This fact was perfectly corroborated by multiple Youtube videos which show no quake damage as the tsunami rolls in, and the fact that China and Korea had absolutely no damage, when Shanghai and Seoul should have been severely damaged, if not leveled if Japan really did have a 9.0+.

Undeniable and obvious truth #2. - Fukushima could not have happened as stated in the MSM, and was in fact a virus attack timed to the weak man made earthquake and vastly over scale nuclear tsunami

Stuxnet, which was written by the CIA and handed to Israel on a silver platter, caused the disasters at reactors 1 and 2, and mayhem at reactor 3 before the nuclear weapon, peddled off as a security camera by Israel, finished the job at 3. Reactors 3 and 4 had enhanced safety systems which would have prevented any virus from destroying them, so those two got the nukes.

But that is beside the point with regard to Stuxnet. Here's the kicker -

The Washington Times, Drudge Report, Infowars, WRH, Icke, Natural News, and any other site worth it's salt reported that Stuxnet destroyed Fukushima by causing mayem in the safety shut down systems. Any site that avoided this topic and instead did nothing at all but trumpet ENE news and other nuclear scammers should be avoided, because if it is hidden from the public - the real reason why Fuku went haywire, it will lead to a culture of ignorance where Israeli attackers can destroy any facility they can manage to get a virus into.

Magna BSP provided this opportunity at Fukushima. And Israel destroyed Fukushima to prove to Japan that there were no limits to what they would do to anyone who helped Iran with it's nuclear program, and to anyone who did not give the bankers a "bailout", which in Japan's case was never owed in any way at all. As a side kicker, the Japanese were strongly opposing Jewish cultural influence and financial domination, yet another reason for the psychopaths in Tel Aviv to front a scam as big and nasty as a nuclear tsunami.

Japan's resolve changed after the Fuku disaster which maimed the country badly. After the disaster, the Japanese trashed their economy with a 170 trillion yen payout to the World Bank to "end world poverty". This got expunged from the web after this web site made note of it. And anyone who avoids the topic of Stuxnet, Fukushima, and nuclear blackmail is aiding and abetting the zionists in their next attack, because such an attack can only be accomplished successfully against an unaware public. Fake alternative media will bury this, so exactly that can happen again and again and again. Now Sweden is under a similar threat.

Reactor 4, which was defueled and had the core removed entirely for a scheduled replacement of the internal stainless steel shroud proved Fukushima sabotage when it "exploded". Tepco has the receipts for the shroud, has proven the reactor was not only offline but completely disassembled as well, and has announced this publicly. Reputable news sites reported this fact, and even a few spurious ones did as well. These include the previously mentioned web sites, which despite misgivings by a few people out there actually stuck to the truth with regard to Fukushima. They may not have gone the whole hog with Fukushima truth, but at least they did not sit there spewing outright lies and fabrications.

But if you are on the bandwagon with Arnie Gundersen and Rense, the cold hard truth - there is no way reactor 4 could have exploded while sitting wide open and without a core absent planted extreme high magnitude explosives will be a mystery to you. And since ANY prompt criticality requires an absolute minimum of 70 percent enriched fuel and would have vaporized all the rods if it happened in the fuel pool, Arnie with his "prompt criticality" is a jack booted thug of Fukushima disinfo with obvious fallacious statements about "prompt criticalities" in the fuel pool, when the fuel pool is still there with all fuel intact, and all of reactor 4 is blown to smithereens

When all walls are added, reactor 4 had over 20 feet of concrete between the reactor and the outside of the containment in all directions but straight up, where it was five feet thick yet had all walls blown to smithereens to the North, South and West, and badly damaged to the East. Such a blast is beyond the reach of conventional explosives and can only be accomplished in a single blast with a low yield nuclear weapon. The hydrogen theory is laughable when the facility was fully purged with nitrogen, and the liberation of hydrogen takes place between pressurized steam and zircon at no less than 2000 degrees celsius.

Later study revealed that the vent pipe that was blamed for feedbacking hydrogen gas into reactor 4's containment was completely blown away during the big blast at #3, so that story is impossible. With no core in the reactor, the fuel pool would have boiled off 1,900 degrees before any hydrogen liberation could have taken place, so between the nitrogen purge and no hydrogen present anyway, the hydrogen story at reactor 4 is laughable. Whether or not you agree with what it would take to blow away 20 feet of concrete, take a look at this classified photo which was uploaded to PinkTentacle by a whistleblowing nuclear engineer who worked at Fukushima and look at the disassembled reactor. This is Fukushima's building 7 NO IFS OR BUTS:

Here is the picture of the nuke that blew reactor 3. The one at 4 was similar.

If you want more details on this topic, read the Fukushima report. WRH, NaturalNews, Icke, and even Infowars had enough honesty and balls to link this report, and Henry Makow took a severe hit over it. And I beg to question why he had to.

HARD FACT #3 NO DISINFO SITE WILL EVER TOUCH: America's nuclear facilities have been intentionally turned into ticking time bombs.

America's nuclear facilities were never designed to handle all the "spent" fuel they are currently holding. And the fact that they are holding so much is an outright act of war by the Federal Government against America, and it cannot be any other way than that.

When doing the investigation into Fukushima, I had the opportunity to interview the lead engineer on the team that designed Fukushima #3. And he was not nearly as interested in Fukushima as he was in the banning of the closed loop nuclear fuel cycle. Initially, when all the nuclear facilities were designed and installed, they were done so with the calculation that the nuclear fuel cycle would be successfully closed (as the Fuku 3 engineer put it, "closing the nuclear loop"), where when fuel could not be run in a boiling water reactor anymore because it's characteristics changed too much, it could, without reprocessing and in the same rods, be loaded directly into a different type of reactor and used as fresh fuel. When the complimentary reactor was done with the fuel it could be loaded straight back into the boiling water reactor and run as new.

After designing Fukushima, this engineer became the lead engineer in this project, and they succeeded in closing the nuclear fuel cycle in 1976. They were going to go operational with this technology in ALL the nuclear facilities as was originally planned when they were built, to prevent an enormous buildup of "spent" fuel that really was not spent at all. The fuel in American power facilities is good for approximately 20 cycles using this technology, and with the technology banned it is good for only ONE. This forced the nuclear industry to keep storing fuel in facilities that were only designed to handle a delay of this technology of 15 years. The technology was delivered in three years, and for no good reason at all Carter banned it via executive order.

I questioned this engineer over the safety of the system, and he said there was never any problem at all, and it was all political mind games to get it banned. He lamented the waste of fuel, but I saw things differently. Unlike this engineer, I knew the Zionist controlled Federal Government has long been the enemy of the American people, and I saw the banning of the technology as an act of war. Now we have facilities with 40X the spent fuel they were supposed to have sitting all over America just waiting for the right sequence of problems to cause a huge disaster. If ANYTHING goes wrong and one of those fuel caches catches fire, ANYTHING, like a smart bomb, a Stuxnet attack, or a nuclear war, it's bye bye and every affected nuclear facility is going to become a nation destroying pit of hell. AND IT WAS DONE ON PURPOSE.


People think I got shilled really hard over the Fukushima report, but in reality there is no topic I have taken more heat over than this one - the intentional setup of America for a nuclear armageddon when there never was any excuse for it. When these nuclear facilities melt down and burn put the blame in ONE PLACE - the zionist controlled Federal Government and those in the media who buried this topic, the zionists always hated America for it's freedom and when they forced this enormous nuclear disaster in waiting on this country it was no doubt an end game plan to destroy us. This future cannot be avoided now absent immediate action to prevent it and you will NEVER see that action taken. We really are just one pump failure, irreparable pipe break, virus attack or smart bomb away from absolute catastrophe JUST LIKE FUKUSHIMA and since none of the fuel pools caught fire at Fuku, America's future will no doubt be worse, then X100.

Any site that calls this site a psy op black op should be severely questioned, ESPECIALLY when that site avoids this topic and the other two like the plague, to such an extent they will destroy others for even discussing them. Rense did this to Henry Makow over the Fukushima report. My hat goes off to Henry Makow, a very good Jew who bit it big time in the name of the truth, and his faithful readers who stuck with him and the many others who did not give a damn about the threats issued by a single zealot. Henry Makow is living proof that there really are good Jews who will totally take it up the rear in the name of the truth, which is one huge reason why I have always said this web site is not anti Jewish, it is anti evil. What camp is Rense in?


Japan earthquake both man made AND faked to a higher magnitude to justify nuclear tsunami

Permalink This is the first portion of the Fukushima report, which speaks about the physical aspects of the disaster, which was in fact an act of war. There is a lot more to it than that, including the fact that the zionists want all cultures destroyed and smashed into a global monoculture and Japan was having none of it, as well as Japan refusing to do an enormous banker bailout they never owed, and therefore from a globalist perspective Japan had to be destroyed. Read the full report HERE


Permalink What if the entire nuclear waste problem was intentionally created? What if our own government got infiltrated and wanted over 100 nation destroying weapons placed in key locations around the country, all disguised as infrastructure? America's nuclear policy has done exactly that, and this report covers how it happened.This is a must read on this site

Mails from Japan, the real perspective

Permalink There was a brief gap in the censorship on my mail box, and for a week I got e-mails from Japan. They flooded in. You would be surprised by what the people said in these mails. Now, after over 150,000 more visits to the site from Japan, not a single new e-mail from Japan has come in. Why would the elite want these e-mails censored? Read this, and you will know why

The WSA passport has been proven legitimate

PERMALINK When the U.S. government detained me without a reason shortly after I published the Fukushima report, I knew my days in America were numbered. After being refused a passport from the FED, I chose an alternate - the WSA passport, with doubts. Those doubts are gone. The WSA passport is indeed 100 percent legitimate, and I believe it saved my life. Read more HERE

Joe did not "Stack" up.

Permalink Many of you may remember the story of Joe Stack, who flew his plane into the IRS building. This report proves even THAT to have been a false flag PERMALINK This groundbreaking whistleblower testimony proves that vaccines are the cause of SIDS and the "shaken baby syndrome". This officer provides testimony that parents are prosecuted for damage proven to be from vaccines. Read more here

Digital stepping in the Aurora Borealis

Permalink This report is a technical stab at how haarp works to modify weather, and has supporting evidence in an article published by Nasa.

Many people do not realize the fact that Nasa published a report which spoke about Hurricane Katrina, and two other hurricanes that did not have normal electrical readings. In fact, the readings were so far out of character for hurricanes that they broke world records for all previous storms of any type in history, including tornado spawning super cells which are normally very electrically charged. Nasa does not specifically state that Haarp did it, to do so would be suicide for them. This report is linked to in my Haarp report, which can be read HERE


USGS and MSM Busted over phony quake!

Permalink I was in Mexico city, and there was an earthquake drill. Because they triggered a real quake in Chiapas during a drill there, which I did feel, I recorded a video of this drill just in case they triggered an earthquake for it as well. They did not, but the next day I found out they called the drill a real quake. See the video and read about it HERE


7.9 in Chiapas Mexico on March 20 2012 proven man made

Permalink I was at a Starbucks in the Santa Fe district of Mexico city when an earthquake happened. It swayed the buildings, disoriented drivers and caused everyone to evacuate. I reported it within minutes on my site, and then found out the next day that there was an earthquake drill in Chiapas Mexico, the epicenter, covering the exact same magnitude of quake at the exact same time on the exact same day. Since defense secretary William Cohen has verified the earthquake machine to be a reality in a press briefing in 1997, it's pretty obvious how such a coincidence could have happened.

Read the full report HERE

Prescribed deletion

Permalink I got my hands on 230 megs of classified documents related to antidepressants from GSK. It was a tedious read, but after diving fairly deep into the tens of thousands of pages of studies, results, etc, it was obvious that antidepressants were horrible, the manufacturers knew it, and they false advertised and put knowingly damaging products on the market. A This report will have six segments when complete, "Testimonies of the destroyed" is the first. If you have been ruined or damaged by antidepressants, you are not alone, read what others have been through Here

A tale of two protests


I was in Washington DC, so I figured I would go pay a visit to an anti war protest against war with Iran. After that protest ended another started, begging Obama to go to war with Syria. It was obviously phony and I documented that as well. If you want to see what a psy op looks like, just take a look at this report Here

The Evils of Compartmentalization

Permalink In this somewhat open letter to my former peers in the NSA, and also, by default, other top secret agencies, I speak about how they really are unaware of what their work is being used for, and how their compartmentalized security clearances prevent them from really knowing how their efforts will manifest themselves in the real world. Read it Here

Shedding a little light on the darkest of dark

Permalink This report about Luciferianism is only about a third of the way finished, but it is massive nonetheless. Take the time to look at what's here, several of the linked items are banned on the web and can only be found internally on this site (as far as I know) and of the greatest interest is the child slave trade. The article which quotes the prices state agencies are awarded for snatching children may have a bit of a sappy start, but it's a simple fact it's probably the most banned report on the web. Definitely worth a look. You can read the Luciferian report Here

My experience with the Jewish Community

Permalink This report sparked a lot of interest, and it outlines the basics of what happened when I was with the Jewish community, without going into too much detail. It covers their attempts on my life in some detail. I must say, they treat each other well, and treated me VERY well, until I decided to leave. The full report is Here

I would much rather live in a civilized society

Permalink This report, which I pulled off an old Geocities site I once had, was good enough to re-post here. If you want a look at who I am, you will find a pretty good insight Here

Deep Water Horizon likely destroyed by space based laser

Permalink Many people were suspicious about the real reason for the disaster in the gulf, and I myself found it to be a highly implausible scenario. So I looked into it, and discovered that the main electrical center, which was well away from anything that burned, had an extremely neat hole burned right through the helipad above it. Was the helipad used for targeting setup of a space based laser? Read the report and decide for yourself HERE

The Post Office has automated mail intercept

Permalink Many people think snail mail is more secure than e-mail. Think again! Read why you should be VERY careful with the mail, HERE

Power Grid Tampering to end an Era

Permalink The power grid has now been dismantled. The national grid is now running in isolated segments. Though it is true that DC power lines have mitigated the need for full national synchronization in the grid, they did not eliminate it. As a result, clocks such as the one in your microwave or stove, which use the power grid as a time keeping reference now run at different speeds at different places in the nation and they prove that the system is disconnected and America's power is now far more vulnerable to attack during a war. Read the report HERE

Surprisingly reputable Gordon Duff posts ridiculous article on Micro Nukes

Permalink A reader sent me a link in an e-mail that went to "an amazing article about micro nukes". Since I know a thing or two about nuclear topics, I gave it a look, gasped, and then shredded it. It's a great rip, and recycle bin treasure. Read it HERE

Warning, 2012!

Permalink I think I will put this in the 2012 scam section as well, but it's so bad it really belongs in the recycle bin. If you want to see something SILLY, click HERE

U.S. Senator visits Fukushima and says it's worse than stated, DUH??

Permalink Senator Wyden ought to be applauded for having the guts to actually go out to Fukushima, and the Duh really does not apply to him, it applies to the media which has done nothing but scam and lie about this. Even still, for lack of a better place, this report goes in the recycle bin. Read it HERE

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