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Environmental Terror

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Web resources

I am going to post the most valuable web resources here.

This is the best video sniping site, you don't have to buy the app, just use it and let it use Java.

Internet explorer hates this, but Google chrome works fine.


This is the best absolute stealth mode Linux out there, (Kills ubuntu dead) but you need an older PC for it (4 or more years)

Knoppix 5.1

When it downloads, double click it with a burnable CD in your drive, NOT a dvd, and it will take care of the rest. Re-boot via CD and enjoy. You don't have to install it, and it leaves your computer untouched.

Since Vialls work was so similar to mine, it will be archived here.

Like Fukushima, Indonesia was swamped by a nuclear tsunami.

I suspected Vialls would not live to post the second part of this report. He did not


There is a very good chance that "they" are going to try to "WAG THE DOG" a 2012 scare scenario based on stuff that did not happen, and this "quake" proves it.

CBS reported THIS QUAKE In Mexico city, only problem is, it was a drill, no quake happened. I got video of the drill in anticipation of them triggering a phony quake after what happened in Chiapas, and nothing at all happened

I had just sat down with my laptop to go online when the staff in the coffee shop said there was an earthquake drill and told everyone to leave. I pulled out my pocket camera and took a video of the event. That video is below. No buildings swayed and nothing was felt at all. The ENTIRE CBS report is phony! One important thing to note is that the article does not state a time the quake happened. Whatever happened to the "when"? It states a time the article was published, but within the article there is no time for the actual quake stated

What's worse is that the USGS reported it as real

Ed Garay at sent me this additional link, also "documenting" the "quake" which did not happen.

I think they are testing the water to see what level of lie they can get away with, in preparation for a false flag event blamed on another "earthquake." Absolutely NOTHING happened in Mexico City, and any report that buildings swayed is an outright lie.

The video below shows what really happened.

Due to the similarities here, I am going to front page the March 20 Chiapas quake report again

I may or may not agree with the ad
To the people serving these, thanks!

March 20 Mexico quake verified MAN MADE

A reader sent me a mail with a link to a report by Dutchsince, which claimed that the march 20 quake in Mexico was man made. I was skeptical, but then took a look at his report which documented that a very well planned and advertised earthquake drill matching the exact same scenario at the exact same magnitude at the exact same time had taken place. If you look at what I said in my initial report - it felt like accelerating back and forth, not a violent movement, and in mails I also added that it had no vibration of any sort. This matches the descriptions of the Fukushima quake that came out of Japan. Furthermore, if you read my mails from Japan, in there my writers said that all the quakes were happening at a depth of 10 KM and because of that, and the way the quakes felt un natural, they believed the spate of recent quakes in Japan were from an earthquake machine, the existence of which is documented in the Fukushima report. Well, the USGS said this quake happened at a depth of 10 km, which matches Japan exactly. Usually quakes are much deeper, and this similarity with Japan is suspicious ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING


To Lavoz Del Norte and others who will bury the facts when they are inconvenient, Now you know what will happen on this site; (explanation to readers on the next line . . . . .

Note - The newspaper La Voz Del Norte, which posted this article has banned all access to it and all others on their site related to it. SO,

It's a good thing I made a back up!

. . . . . . After a while in this business of busting lies and cover ups, you learn to do that!)

This text article is dated March 13, and verifies that indeed, this quake HAD TO BE man made.

It is verified truth the quake in mexico was indeed man made, the depth, which matches the suspicious quakes in Japan, and the fact it coincided with an earthquake drill matching the exact same scenario puts it over the top into the false flag terror category. Many of my readers are well read enough to know that on 9/11 there was a terror drill covering the EXACT SAME SCENARIO happening nationwide, including at NORAD, which caused them to fail to address and react to a very real situation, and the London train bombings, where the same thing happened. Now that terror in the name of Arabs has failed, they are attempting a new approach - terror in the name of the environment. You would think they would come up with a different bag of tricks, the whole "drill coincidence" theme is getting a little obvious. I made good and sure I got the real info from the real source before posting this, and now, I applaud Dutchsince for the WONDERFUL work!

And now, since this is proven, I am going to make a real good guess. I would be willing to bet that a gravity wave, or gravity machine has been invented. This would be prime for triggering earthquakes, because if you could put a gravity pull on the crust of the earth, in a direction other than down or up, it would indeed move the earth back and forth the way I felt it. I think that is what we are witnessing here and I would bet 500 pesos the Mexican government was not in on this particular joke.


This was my initial report of the March 20 Chiapas quake

I felt the earthquake in Mexico city, it happened at high noon.

I was in a Starbucks next to the Sams Club in the Santa Fe district of Mexico City. The quake lasted about 20 seconds, and whatever the magnitude, people gawked at the swaying buildings. SO, tie whatever magnitude this was into the Tokyo footage on 3/11. This swayed buildings and flickered the power. How much does it take to sway buildings and cause power glitches? At any rate, I was unimpressed with the 3/11 Tokyo footage.

Ok, I got the details, it was a 7.6 in Oaxaca Mexico, on the coast about 500 km away. My guestimate of the magnitude in Mexico City is that it was about a 4.5 - 5.0 at this distance. It felt like accelerating back and forth, and from the feel of it I would say the earth had to have moved 10 feet back and forth but it was not a violent movement. It disoriented drivers, after evacuation I saw a guy on a motorcycle talking to a cop, and the cop was sort of laughing, re-assuring the rider he was not delerious.

Hmm, a 7.6 500KM away swaying buildings and flickering power. Remind me, how big is Japan? No seismograph on 3/11 registered anything higher than a 6.67, consider that. What happened in Mexico today was much bigger. And the construction here is not that good, so I think there may have been a disaster at the epicenter, though everything is business as usual in Mexico City.


Alien invasion?!

The US military is in Australia right now presenting a war game scenario in which the world has to fight off an alien invasion. This is not the first time this has been discussed, and I have this to say:

False flag terror in the name of Arabs failed. False flag terror in the name of the environment has been dealt a severe setback by this site and others who linked, and is destined to fail. False flag terror in the name of aliens could be easily faked with large mylar ballons in space, with such a setup it would only take a small amount of air to firmly inflate a ten mile across "UFO" made of mylar and for that reason, I will believe an alien invasion story when one fights with me over a bowl of FRUIT LOOPS!!!!!

Here is a link to the original story on Federal

Aliens might exist, but what would they want from us, and why now?

April 10, 2012: Occupy LA video partially finished, New HD version is better for linking

In some nations, the direct link to view on youtube does not show up. Here it is

The Post Office has automated mail intercept

I am VERY busy with the video of Occupy LA and other things, so I want to throw this out there because I can do it quickly, and it is important -

Many of you heard me say how the NSA told all of us that the phones have been bugged since the beginning of time, ect. BUT there is something I forgot to mention -

I had a friend in a high security position at the regional mail sort center in Minneapolis Minnesota. Since I had a decent clearance, I got to see the guts of the place with him, he took me through. AND what I saw was SHOCKING

Remember 20 years ago, when those bar codes started appearing on the bottom of the mail envelopes, even when the address was hand written? WELL, I have a story about that which really needs to be told.

I got shown the mail sort machine, and it had a camera on it that could read ALMOST ALL the mail going through, EVEN BAD HAND WRITING, and put that barcode on the bottom. Cool, right? Well, wait a minute, maybe not!

The machine could be programmed to look for an address going to a political dissenter. IF there was someone out there who was disenfranchised with the government, that machine, when it read even a poorly handwritten address either to or from a dissenter, could be programmed to kick that mail out and send it up a chute, where there were people opening the mails and reading them. All types of envelopes were available, so the mail could be re-packaged without a trace, with a printer printing the exact same writing back on the new envelope.

The machine could not always read the address, it read most but not all. When it could not read the address it hit another chute where there were people downstairs who manually typed it in, and it got sent along as usual, unless, of course, the address came up as belonging to an undesirable.


Forget snail mail as a way of getting a message across, it's as rigged as e-mail;

Just thought I'd let you know.

. . . . . now back to work.

Deep Water Horizon likely destroyed by space based laser

I noticed this before, but did not post it because I did not realize the lights on the rig failed FIRST and then it exploded. I had this info all along, and since it's so easy to prove this I will post it while I am busy with other things.

I need to stress a point here,

When I studied this disaster before, I discovered that the main electrical system is indeed, BEYOND A DOUBT, below the Helipad, I just did not realize the lights failed first, which puts this story over the top into post-able credibility. I have little doubt now that a laser weapon did indeed destroy this platform, but of course it can't be proven absolutely.

However, as an experienced photographer, I am calling the blue beam in the Youtube vids camera lens flare until I see a video where it is visibly obvious it is not;

Reader comment:

"As far as the oil platform damage and fire, and the damage to the helipad, there are lasers that emit energy that is invisible to the naked eye night or day. These are the Co2 lasers and can burn thru steel. I don't know if any of these are orbiting the earth, but they could be mounted in an airplane and easily do the sort of thing depicted in your photos of the oil platform". - And that is precisely why I am calling the "laser beam" in the videos camera lens flare. Thank you for that, I suspected an invisible laser, but did not know one existed. However, even as that invisible laser made it's way around the platform, the glowing metal where it hit would have been visible to employees, so a precise hit was needed right from the get-go.

Here is the Luciferian Report

The following report is so damning that I must first state that I am not anti-semitic.

As proof that I have profound respect for GOOD JEWS, just look at what's at the top of my site. is owned by a VERY GOOD JEW. Not really a practicing one, but then again, when did most of us last go to church?


Here is my favorite Jew, talking about the evils of the bad ones. BELIEVE ME, if you think ALL jews are bad, you need an education!

And what about Henry Makow? He's Jewish and top linked. So now that that's out of the way, I will continue . . . . .

This is a pre-release of this report. It WILL be updated, even after getting bumped from the front page.

Shedding a little light on the darkest of dark

Though virtually all Ashkenazi Jews practice a form of luciferianism, involving child sacrifice, denial of the day of judgement, and the Kol Nidre prayer, in which they vow that nothing they say or promise is to be followed through on, and an enormous percentage of the Sephardic Jews are similar, luciferianism is not distinctly a Jewish problem.

What I will say in this report may surprise many people, but I have a hunch that a few readers will have a knowledge of certain aspects of this report already. This has been a major study of mine throughout the years, and I believe that once I am finished publishing all the segments of the Jewish report there will not likely be a better cache of info regarding this subject anywhere on the web.

My first experience with someone involved in luciferianism was with a Mormon girl (believe me, Mormons are NOT normally into this) who's parents forced her to take part in sacrificial rituals where people were killed. With this particular group, they would find a homeless individual, and murder that individual on Halloween. She was deeply scarred by having to take part in this, was very withdrawn, and even in her 30's had a very difficult time coping. She eventually got over it enough to get married, and I have not seen her for years. What I noticed most about her was that she seemed to be a very soft spirited woman, who despite being very attractive would always avoid conversations with people, and you could tell that she was deeply scarred.

My next brush with luciferianism was with an employee who worked on the bench beside me in a computer repair center I owned in the early 90's. He told me a LOT of things, but the two things that really got to me was the stories about the ouija board he and a few of his friends made, which even after being burned and visibly consumed in a fire, was in perfect shape on the front steps of the individual it wanted most when they returned to their homes. He told me about doing a dance around a fire, where fire demons would jump out and dance with the people. There was a certain thing about this - I knew he was not lying. And it all makes sense - If god is real, and good is real, then demons are real and evil is real, there is no reason for any of this to be false.

So this stands as emperical proof that luciferianism is NOT a distinctly Jewish issue. But that's where I am going next.

It seems as if Judaism is the only religion which has institutionalized the key aspects of luciferianism. I learned a LOT when I was with the Jews, a LOT they never knew I realized. For example;

There was a constant pervasive attitude of the NOW. Time after time I was told and saw the attitued that if it feels good, DO IT. I would ask, well, what about forgiveness, and REPEATEDLY I was told that there is no such thing, and that there will be no day of judgement. I was told that whatever you die with, whatever wealth you had, whatever you accomplished in this life was yours in the hereafter and it mattered not how you got it. This was, of course, after I got their trust.

The Jews equate wealth with holiness. They idolize Bill Gates, and the Rothchilds are virtually Gods. If you happen to be poor, they perceive this as God looking down on you as someone who is not good enough to have wealth and use it correctly, the poorer you are the less you are as an individual. When I brought up the subjects of Bill Gates and his anti-fertility vaccines, they said that if Bill Gates was doing it, it was holy, because God gave him the money to do it and therefore he is righteous enough to spend the money as God intended.

I then changed the subject to how Bill Gates (a jew) stole EVERYTHING, he stole Dos from IBM (and was later forced to settle that by writing OS2 for IBM,) He infiltrated and stole everything from WordPerfect, he directly stole the Lotus Spreadsheet and released it as Access, He stole Stacker from Stac electronics outright; - get a load of this! Back in the day, hard disk space was valuable, and anything that could be done to optimize it was priceless. Stack electronics had a product called Stacker, that compressed data on the hard disk so at least twice as much would fit. Naturally, Stacker was not a cheap program, but it really paid to buy it because hard disks cost so much.

Well, I had that computer center. And on the day Dos 6.0 came out, a customer dragged his PC in, I put it on the bench, and he wanted EVERYTHING wiped off the disk and Dos 6.0 put on it, because Dos 6.0 "encorporated disk compression into the operating system". I watched the install screens go by, and they bragged about how this new feature could be implemented, just type dblspace at the command prompt immediately after install. Well I did that, and you know what happened? The screen said STACKER, BY STAK ELECTRONICS for about a second, went to a Microsoft screen and the hard disk compression started.

That distro of Dos was recalled IMMEDIATELY and within a week Microsoft released dos 6.1, and the only difference was that screen did not come up. I told these things to the Jews I was with, and they said, God let Bill Gates get away with all that and become a great man because he was more holy than the people he took the code from and we admire him for it. So, the Jews admire theft, when it is profitable. That's pure evil, and a definite aspect of luciferianism. Evil is so often entrenched in Jewish culture and practice that it goes totally un noticed as anything out of the ordinary.

I saw them implement the most perfect form of brain numbing lie. For example, it is a known fact that three Jewish women started the National Organization of Women, which is the deepest root of the Feminist movement, yet when you talk about feminism with the Jews, from within their own ranks, they deny it exists. This is called closing the loop.

The loop is - to implement a change in a group you wish to destroy, FIRST you start a movement. Then you re-enforce the movement. Then you write laws that make the change official policy. Once the desired destruction has taken place, you deny that it ever happened, and the new condition, the destroyed condition, is enforced as the new norm. The term that started the loop is cut off, and never allowed to be discussed, for by re-opening the loop you stand the chance of weakening the change you wished for to begin with. That is the epitome of evil, the deepest lie.

On to child sacrifice

This has many aspects to it. Though it is true that the Jews own the social system lock stock and barrel, by this I mean the Foster Care system, they don't always use children they steal through child protective services in their sacrificial rituals. That's a loaded statement, but I HAVE PROOF. First the emperical evidence, because that's more interesting to work with.

Ever wonder why when a mother gives up her baby she has to sign that she will never ask for or make contact with that child ever again? Any attempt to locate the child she gave up can land her in prison as a stalker or predator. To sensible people this is a flawed logic, after all she gave birth to the baby, she should be allowed to check up on it, RIGHT?

Well, not from the luciferian Jewish perspective, you see; Young children and babies are FREQUENTLY used in religious sacrificial rituals, and many more get sold into the sex slave business, all at the behest of the luciferian Jew. You cannot have a mother checking up on a dead baby or a child that has been sold into slavery, so any effort by the mother to do it must be severely punished.

Child protective services is the largest slave grabbing entity in the world, and America, through ignorance, lets them get away with it because we ignore EVERYTHING with blind trust that the government is basically good. Think again.

Big statements like this need more than emperical proof, and here it is. Ever heard of Dyncorp? That is one Jewish owned entity that got busted trafficking children and selling them in the international slave trade, which was fed children entirely by "child protective services". This report, by a very concerned woman who sat down and gathered the stats, puts the exact prices child protective services receives for children they snatch in various states and jurisdictions. Big prices, and an enormous incentive to steal as many children as possible. Dyncorp got a wrist slap, and remains happily in business. Par for the course in a nation full of Luciferian Jewish judges.

I will add however, that it is the fringe luciferian groups that use the majority of stolen children in their sacrificial rituals. The Luciferian Jews are far more likely to use their own for sacrifices, and sell the most desirable non jewish children they snatch as sex slaves - This linked report covers another aspect, of this - and the less desirable ones go to other purposes. There is an aspect of sacrificing precious things, dearest to you, to please Satan, that works a LOT better than just killing a child from someone else. In this video, a Jewish woman appears on the Oprah show in the early 80's (fat chance this would get aired today) and spills her guts about what the Jewish community does.

To hide a pregnancy, a Jewish woman will re-locate to another area while pregnant. This prevents non-jewish co-workers and acquaintances from asking her where the baby went. She has the baby, and returns with it in secret. The Jewish family will then bond with the baby in secret, and love it. Once they have the love, they murder it in a sacrifical ritual to please satan, to prove to Satan that he is more precious to them than even their most beloved and there is one main motive - so Satan will support them, and give them power over the rest of us

Of course, disposal of the body can be an issue, and sometimes they screw up.

Michael Merritt, who was born a Rothchild and turned his back on the evil when confronted to murder a child in a ritual, is another well known witness to this Jewish practice.

The Askenazi HATE IT when you say the word Satan, Devil, and other variants. They deny such an entity exists, and that there is only their God, Hashem. They consider the word Satan to be an insult, a form of dis-respect. I encountered this numerous times with them, where they would flatly deny there was such a thing as "SATAN". I have concluded then, that their god is indeed what we refer to as the devil. If that was not so, they would not get offended by the words devil and satan, which are derogratory, even to us. And I have to express with clarity the fact that this was not just the case in one synagogue. I visited several, and it was true of all of them.


Luciferian power mongers have a rather distinct blood lust, and war is an outward sign of it. The most preferable wars are ones in which two groups who previously had nothing against each other, are whipped up into a fury by a storm of lies produced in the luciferian press, and if necessary kicked into high gear with a false flag attack. 911 was a prime example, in which a nation (Israel) produced a horrible disaster, and then pointed the finger for it at a bunch of goat herders who said NO to an oil pipeline which was to originate in the Caspian region and cross their territory.

In the perfect form of evil, any war, which kills millions and is based on a lie, is a good war. What could satisfy Satan more than having millions of people kill each other for absolutely no reason, other than a lie?

Alas, that was not enough to satisfy the blood lust, so another war against Iraq was whipped up on false pretenses, and left that nation in ruin as well. Of course, the press (well known as a lie machine) played Saddam up as a tyrant, but I distinctly remember talking to Iraquis who had no idea Saddam was bad at all, and were "thankful" the American "free press" alerted to them of Saddam's evil upon arriving in the U.S. Prior to arriving in America, they never knew Saddam did anything wrong.

Well, Saddam did not. He was EXCELLENT with the oil money and aid money, and distributed it to the people. His prison populations were 1/20th the size of America's per capita, and his nation executed fewer than 20 people per year. Contrast that with the state of Texas, which has a much smaller population than Iraq. Alas, the truth never got out about how the UN begged America NOT to wipe out Saddam, because Saddam managed to get a welfare distribution system in place that was more efficient than any other in the world, and the U.N. wanted the records and methods Saddam put in place to streamline the UN's own relief efforts.

America ended up being HORRIBLE in Iraq. The soldiers went on killing sprees for no reason at all and uploaded the fun to the web, where many witnessed it. (you may have to open this video after it comes in, not all computers auto start it) Unfortunately almost ALL the nasty ones got pulled off youtube post haste but I did manage to get my hands on a couple of the well known ones a couple years ago and as it is, I have to locally host some videos because they are quickly pulled from youtube.

SO two devastating wars took place in the last 10 years alone, both based on deception and lies. And that's not even mentioning Israel's behavior in Palestine.

In Iraq especially, the horrors will continue on for millenia, because America used depleted uranium from it's nuclear program as the main projectile in Iraq, for both light and heavy arms. Though depleted uranium is not a gamma emitter, it is a beta and alpha emitter and once ingested those types of radiation are far more damaging to DNA than gamma. All the better for the luciferian clan that started it all, because generation after generation of innocents will now be cursed with genetic defects over nothing they did and THAT is the type of thing evil thrives on.

The next layer of evil in war - demoralization of the people Within 1 day of baghdad being taken by American forces, pornography and sex toy shops which never existed in Iraq to begin with, sprang up overnight. How could this happen? How on earth could a war torn nation with all imports and exports heavily scrutinized get hustler and sex toys overnighted in en masse? And for what reason would any people, at a time when they were suffering the loss of loved ones and material assets be so interested in that anyway, when they never had it and likely were not thinking about it because there were too many other distractions and devastations?

Yet the shops did indeed spring up in a single day, and it could not have happened unless those shops were part of the war effort as well.

Demoralization of the people, breaking of the spirit and culture, and re-directing them from their normal way of life is one of the primary objectives of any unrigteous war, so these shops, which were widely reported in the press were put in place to accomplish exactly that purpose. No doubt the trucks were loaded, prime locations sought out, the owners killed, and Israeli or CIA agents moved in the goods and set up shop the moment the bombing stopped. It's the only concievable way this could have happened, and the fact that it was so heavily pushed that it was the Iraqi people that opened them stands as clear evidence that it was simply another lie and luciferian agenda. You cannot get acceptance of a major change in culture like that unless the people believe it originated with them, and the motto of the Israeli Mossad is "by way of deception thou shalt do war". What could possibly be more evil than killing millions and demoralizing many of the rest, based purely on deception? Satan, the King of Lies, is no doubt pleased by the Mossad and the CIA,- which is in lock step.

The code of honor This is something I never heard of or witnessed when I was with the Jews, but emperical evidence shows it does, to a degree, exist. It seems as if all actions either get reported once, or shown to us outright before the event actually takes place. I strongly urge you to watch this video, which aired on Fox television in the month of March 2001, and preceeded the 9/11 attacks by six months. It seems to me that they always provide a way for a thinking population to figure out what is coming next. And one thing I know for certain is that they always announce what they are going to do, albeit on page 43 of the Sunday paper, in the lower left hand corner of the page. That way they can say we went along with it after being told what would happen.

This report is not finished.

March 28 show with Kerry Cassidy

To listen to the radio program I appeared on with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot on Wed, March 28, click here and, for the links referred to in the program Click here

The evil of compartmentalization.

So, they checked your background, and you got that job at an intelligence agency. No doubt you are smart, and with that fancy compartmentalized clearance you have, you can truly claim to be the BIG SHOT. But perhaps there is something you failed to consider . . . . . .

There is something that I am sure most people do not realize when they talk about the NSA, CIA, FBI, ect. And that is that these agencies are staffed by highly moralistic and very good people (Unless they are Mossad). A tyrannical government will always seek out the best in a society, the most intelligent, most honest, hardest working people, because it is these people who will report back 100 percent, do the job they are told to do without question, and never lie. The use of honest people to do the works of evil is accomplished by only letting them see one small part of the total mission, and the reason given to them is so that one individual cannot spill the whole can of beans. This restriction of information is called compartmentalization.

But there is a problem with compartmentalization, and it is that it can serve a dual purpose. Because one individual is never allowed to see the entire mission, the mission can be evil and no one will be the wiser. Let's say that the corrupted elite on the top of the chain are after a whistleblower. There will be a mission born at the FBI or another agency, where they will be told they are pursuing a terrorist who plans to blow something up. They will never be told they are really after someone who caught a Rothchild molesting a four year old, they will be told it is a terrorist, and national security is severely threatened.

Good moralistic people will want to defend their country, so they will work hard to keep tabs on this terrorist. Down in the lower levels, there will be a few well selected people who know the truth, no doubt paid very well to manipulate and steer the honest away from any discoveries, and if discoveries are made which are counter to the cover story, those who made those discoveries will be congratulated and assigned a new mission. You can't have morals getting in the way of a composite work of evil.

I had a little fun with this. When I did the Fukushima report, I was stalked and watched continuously. It was so bad that the neighbors noticed and asked me why there were always people watching my house. I had two cell modems destroyed by people who re-flashed their bios to meaningless gobbledygook. The agents also woodpeckered my hard drive, which I stopped on time. Right after posting the report, for a month straight, right at midnight someone would empty seven rounds from a shotgun in a field adjacent the house. If that's not a death threat, what is?

Anyway, I got rid of them with a unique solution. These people were ignorant to why they were assigned to watch me, and I knew that. I am sure they fragged the cell modems and thrashed the hard drive of a "terrorist". But I did away with that, I began printing out the Fukushima report, going up to them, and handing it to them while telling them that THIS is why they were really watching me, and to show it to their boss. I knew by doing so I breached about 30 compartments. I destroyed good agents, several, because I knew they had morals and would NOT agree to be used the way they were being used. To prevent losses, and I am sure the losses went up the chain of command a ways, they HAD TO call off the hounds. Smart thinking on my part, and a direct result of knowing exactly how the compartmentalized clearance system works.

If you ever get yourself in a situation like I was in at that time, where they are not shooting at you, or arresting you yet after you expose some major truth, print it up and hand it to your stalkers. You'd be surprised by how fast they vanish.

To the people at the intelligence agencies, CONSIDER THIS: You were told after 9/11 that there were terrorists all over this country. You were told that there were sleeper cells, bio labs brewing up diseases, explosives experts, and all sorts of evil al-quaida rag tags running around this country, just waiting to blow up a bridge, a day care center, a stadium, and we have not seen JACK other than patsies your own agencies set up.

Consider this the next time you are told to track a terrorist, or a threat to "national security". Consider the fact that you are not allowed to see the entire mission from start to finish, and you may very well IN FACT be spelling the doom for someone who is seeking to save YOUR child from vaccine damage, your wife from getting her brain blown out by psyche meds, or your home from being washed away by a nuclear tsunami; - no doubt blamed on mother nature. Consider whether or not a compartmentalized clearance should even exist, for truly, the worst of evils can be accomplished through the ignorance of good hearted people totally oblivious to the reality of what their work really represents.

In response to the report by "Farewinds"

Arnie Gundersen is a fraud, with a one man company. He has recently fraudulently titled "Maggie Gundersen" as the founder of the company, this is an outright lie. It's awful easy to be the president of a company where you are the only employee, (seems Arnie has picked up a girlfriend since Fukushima) and also the "chief" engineer or whatever other title. As part of the Fukushima report, I conducted a background investigation of Arnie Gundersen, and put it in the Fukushima report. It follows, this is in response to a bogus report about an organic farm that is no longer producing out West.

The excerpt from the Fukushima report follows:

About "prompt criticality" - As it turns out, Arnie Gundersen, mister "prompt criticality" with regard to the massive explosion at #3 is very poorly credentialed. His crowning achievement was playing with a 100 watt open water tank reactor in a classroom for a short period of time.

Fuel rods are only 20 percent fissionable, sometimes even less, and until you reach over 90 percent purity in U238 and about 70 percent purity in Plutonium NO "prompt criticality" is possible in ANY case no matter how much of it you have laying around. Furthermore, even with 100 percent pure material you need a precision trigger slamming or crushing material together to get a detonation. Even if 100 percent pure material is slammed together at high speed, if it is not done right you will get only a nuclear "sputter" that pushes the pieces apart, and no detonation. Nukes are hard to do! Why have so many of us seemed to have forgotten that nuclear detonations are hard to accomplish? Far from being something a real nuclear engineer would say, The "prompt criticality" in spent fuel story is something I would have expected to hear from an Ewok praying to a gold robot. I can't believe even a scammer would have the guts to suggest it, let alone allow it to be spread around in his name. For an explanation for the explosions, just look at the cameras the Dimona Dozen brought in. If someone is waving a degree as an anchor for this "prompt criticality" bull hockey, remember that there is such a thing as a paper trained idiot and if you look into Gundersen's background you will discover he is barely that, with his ONLY hands on experience outside a classroom being an intern at a nuclear facility two years before he got his degree!

If the mainstream media wanted the facts, why did they pick this guy? Because he said what they wanted, truth be damned.

"We at Vermont Yankee are well acquainted with Arnie and his exaggerations. He plays to a public and a legislature that has zero knowledge of nuclear power or engineering and is willing to accept any negative claim as truth." And since he gave an impossible "prompt criticality" explanation which diverted attention away from the only real explanation for the magnitude of the explosion at #3 - a nuclear weapon, the zionist media gave him a ton of air. Enough said.

Arnie Gundersen's consulting firm, which has only him (no employees yet or ever, and therefore it's easy to be "senior engineer") was curiously founded within months of the release of the spider man villain Critical Mass, who, as Spider man's fourth grade classmate went by the name of ARNIE GUNDERSEN. Critical Mass had the ability to project explosions from his fingertips. Hmm, perhaps THAT gave birth to the "prompt criticality" in a 20% fuel pool when 90+ percent is needed for an explosion of any sort no matter what the circumstance? If you need 90 or more percent and you have only 20 percent, THE LAWS OF PHYSICS WILL BE OBEYED. Folks, In perfect form, the scamming media hunted out a fraud and rammed him down your throats. Arnie Gundersen has a phony company and was inspired in his fraud by a Spider Man comic. NO ONE at the college Arnie supposedly attended even heard of him, I went down that rabbit hole and the man is a mystery.



Things you DON'T see in America!


24 hour coffin shop!

$24 discount per floor al mes!

Slug bug taxi!

Tailgate store front!

$25 PESO doctor visit, that's $1.85 USD

Fluoridated SALT!!??!! at Wal mart no less!

Overpass playground, not for lack of room, AND with the good playground equipment we used to have. All the playgrounds in Mex have the good stuff we once had

This mechanic tore apart this slug bug right in front of his shop when he had room INSIDE to do it!

Open river of raw sewage. This really stinks but is relatively isolated

Automatic inflating bus tires, on the higher class buses

I am going to put the Occupy LA stuff back up, with comments after the March 3rd show with Kerry Cassidy. It is long overdue for someone to say what really happened out there, and I am going to say it like it was.

I am at present producing a video of Occupy LA

I got enough footage of Occupy LA to prove beyond all doubt the mainstream media lied, and the alternative media totally missed it as well. The truth about Occupy LA never got out, and you will see in the video irrefutable proof that it really was one big middle class rebellion, with absolutely NONE of the attributes claimed by the mainstream press. Occupy LA mainly consisted of the 20-50 year old college graduate yuppy crowd.

Occupy LA was ORGANIZED and HAD a message. How this got missed by the entire media, including the "truth" movement escapes me, I can't figure out how such a reporting injustice was done.

I spent two weeks out there, and though there were many messages, the prevailing ones were,







And if you think that can't be true, just wait!

I have a sense that there is already backlash from this post. I want to make something very clear: Though there were a fair number of communists, socialists and anarchists out there, as well as a fairly large number of people who deny God, the super majority, over 70 percent, were conservative in their politics and wanted America restored to its original roots. They wanted the constitution restored, and were very clear about the fact that the constitution put God in ownership of us, and not Man. I was shocked by the attitude of a Fox News reporter who interviewed me, because the Occupy movement was mostly a reflection of what Fox pretends to be, minus the war aspect of course.

Though there were about 30 percent who differed from this, 70 percent is a CLEAR majority. How this got missed by all forms of press is a simply mind numbing to even try to solve. And it will ALL be proven in the video, which may take some time to produce.

The destruction of the encampment was a disaster

Occupy LA was squeaky clean. There was not a spot of dirt anywhere, no trash, no garbage ANYWHERE. People were extremely responsible and used the wastebaskets, swept and sometimes even scrubbed the walkways, and where the grass had been destroyed by so much traffic one group was even speaking about (and had the funding for) installing astro turf. Unlike a few of the other Occupy camps, this one had numerous porta potties which were emptied twice daily. That took a lot of money, but the camp was very well funded. There was absolutely NO SMELL AT ALL, and the people were NOT drugging up. Sure, you had a few rebels but the majority of the crowd out there was very straight laced yuppy in composition. There were numerous generators, countless laptops, a wifi uplink so you could use the web, and the main center had a 20,000 watt solar panel setup and a 15,000 watt generator. Even those got overloaded by all the electronics that were out at Occupy LA. People brought in their own generators as well.

In the main plaza area, there was an LCD video projector that was VERY powerful and it played political videos every night that many watched. On top of that, a couple people brought HD televisions out and had their own areas set up with their own videos playing. I must stress that it was clearly NOT a filthy homeless encampment. The police told the very large LA indigent population to go to Occupy LA for food and everything else, but it did not work. They would enter the camp, find out they were totally out of place and leave. This is something that the video will clearly show. The only one who appeared to be indigent who actually stayed out there was someone I busted as a paid agent, and after I left a note in his begging bucket telling him he had been identified, he casually left and was not seen again. This was Ratman, in the pictures (which will soon be posted) below. I actually did a real investigation and nailed him outright, this was accomplished by talking to many people who were protesters at other events, where without fail, no matter where the event was in the city this man would show up and create havoc, acting as a spoiler.

High class talent came in, and the front of City Hall is where the shows took place. It was booked from dawn until dusk, and it's not an exaggeration, the talent really was high caliber. There was a very good sound system available, and I mean, major event quality with a large multi channel mixer and discrete amplifiers, and often the performers would bring in their own stuff as well. That got HEARD.

There were two medical tents, a library, a large kitchen where meals were prepared, and a "safe house" which ended up not getting used. There was an Occupy run media tent complete with powerful computers (lots of Macs) and about 17 laptops in that media tent alone.

When the police went through they smashed everything. I was not out there, but it was obvious. I looked through the pictures others took, and saw one of those HDTV's mixed in with the wreckage of the camp that was later called a pile of trash. Well, a tornado will turn a city into a pile of trash, just as sure as a thousand or so police officers can smash, tear and throw a well established encampment into a dumpster and call it trash. To do so was an egregious injustice, an affront to the American people, and a clear message from the elite that WE THE PEOPLE will indeed not be heard.

And even more damning - I went out to DC and the occupy camp out there really was just a homeless camp. SO why did that stay put, and the awesome one get destroyed? I can make a guess.

The pictures say it all folks, this was a solid good hearted American protest to the fullest, and there was an enormous amount of middle class money at play, making it all work. Occupy LA was almost magical in nature, it was obvious that if it was allowed to continue unabated that it really may have forced change, and in a nation full of proven rigged elections, a government which brags about taxing without representation on it's license plates, and a mainstream media as filthy as the whores of Hell, the light Occupy LA had for that brief moment of time HAD TO be snuffed. Free we are, yes, yes indeed.

If you want to see the truth I have become known to deliver, just wait for this video. It will no doubt anger the elite in a way similar to what the Fukushima report did and will erase the line between truth and fiction. It's gonna be a SERIOUS black eye on the establishment. Even I did not know how well I captured it until I went through the videos after people asked about Occupy LA on the live stream with Kerry Cassidy on April 3rd.




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