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March 26, 2014

Flight 370 stopped by the Dutch before crashing the nuclear summit

There is a reason why all the Israeli diplomats "went on strike" two days before it.

Many of my readers may remember how all the diplomatic workers for Israel conveniently went on strike two days before the nuclear summit so they would not be there. And the following explains why.

Flight 370, all dolled up as a cargo plane, flew out of Florida undetected by the U.S. air force, and undetected by European radars, and was busted by the Dutch and turned away before crashing the nuclear conference it was headed directy toward without any transponder or identification of any sort. Thankfully, radar really does work and the Dutch air force has not fallen into total corruption. This plane was diverted after going well into the no-fly zone put in place for the nuclear summit and forced to land. No reporting followed as would be expected of a psy op and I am surprised the mention of the Dutch intercepting this plane made news anywhere at all.

Flight 370, a bedtime story.

It's hard to believe it went this way, and we can claim at least a partial victory.


Flight 370 took off on a Friday and vanished into nowhere in the early hours of the morning on March 8, 2014. From the beginning, there was damage control, with people claiming it got shot down. But the Malaysian military quickly blew that by saying they tracked it on military radars long after it "vanished" from civilian radars and a subsequent "pilot switched off the transponder because it was hijacked by Iranians" lie was quickly hatched.

One problem - the Iranians had the same legs. So that lie failed.

It could not be admitted by the war mongering crowd that the only way a plane can vanish from radar is via phase cancellation of signals, which could only happen via an Awacs type escort plane, so a lie was hatched about a transponder which when shut off automatically cloaks the plane from being tracked by anyone. God they prayed people were stupid with that one. But outcome based education is a new thing, and old people could not be fooled. And there was a BIG problem - a radar jamming platform has to emit a very weak phase cancelling signal and can only phase cancel against a limited number of radars, so they prayed the Malaysian military would be asleep and not notice that the plane turned around. They were not asleep.

The plane took a straight path towards Diego Garcia with numerous Chinese military electronics experts from five different companies (this has been expunged but it was not only Freescale employees on that plane). Diego Garcia is a top secret military base that has everything needed to get people talking. That is why Diego Garcia never appeared on ANY maps from CNN or anyone else. And the plane crashed in the ocean, because "nothing was there for it to land on."

But there was a problem for that story, because the engines logged into Boeing 7 hours after the plane vanished from radar, and told Boeing all about how well the flight went. The engines do that because they care about their health, and celebrate with a satellite phone call after every safe landing. And there were other problems for the theoretical lack of a place called Diego Garcia, because there were 1,600 civilian people there, working top secret jobs, and they have cell phones. That provided a civilian cell tower for all the civilian cell phones on flight 370 to connect with and let everyone know they were alive. And one even picked up, proving it was not just a dead ring.

Many people were not stupid. And smart people know there are many liars out there. And smart people know the liars are in very high positions of power, and will say absolutely anything they can to get a war going. Smart people know that liars have plans, and that liars use EVERYTHING they can to their advantage, ESPECIALLY when they steal something as big as a jumbo jet.

So all the smart people looked into the future and said, THERE IS A NUCLEAR SUMMIT COMING IN TWO WEEKS, AND ALL THE IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WILL BE THERE. That would make a good target for this plane, all to be blamed on Iran by the evil liars because "Iran is nuclear and evil and wants to destroy all the world leaders and, and, and," they don't have a Rothchild owned central bank . . . . . . . . .

Then all the diplomatic people from Rothchild sponsored Israel conveniently went on strike two days before the nuclear summit so they would not be there, just like on 911 and Fukushima. And all the smart people knew SOMETHING BIG WAS COMING.

Then flight 370, all dolled up as a cargo plane, flew out of Florida undetected by the U.S. air force, and undetected by European radars, only to be apprehended by some really smart flying dutchmen and turned away before crashing the nuclear conference it was headed directy toward without any transponder or identification of any sort. Thankfully, radar really does work and the Dutch air force has not fallen into total corruption. Now the liars have a problem, and will go back to work in all their political positions quickly, because world war 3 has once again been delayed.

The world can live happily for now because the good guys won, but not forever after because the evil people are still in power and free to threaten the world again.

Valdis wrote:

Hi Jim,

Just curious about the Dutch intercepting that Boeing 777. I just wanted to know if that plane was being piloted or if they were remotely flying it. The reason I ask is if it was remote, how could the Dutch pilots make the plane change course if it was on a destruction mission ( one way). Wouldn't whoever was controlling it just ignore the Dutch pilots and continue on. The only option the Dutch would have had was to shoot it down, but I'm sure they would not do that over populated areas (unless they were over water). The PTB wouldn't have cared if it was shot down over populated areas because they don't care about collateral damage. Just curious.

My response: The story did not go to that detail. However, radio contact is made during any such encounters, and whoever was in control of flight 370 would have had that taken care of with any remote setup. With it heading towards the conference, the Dutch would have shot it down very quickly if they could not make contact and THAT would be something no remote controller would want to have happen, because the Dutch would subsequently do the investigation and could easily discover there were no pilots unless the crash scenario was ideal.

If it got crashed on purpose, the crash would have been ideal. A shoot down is unpredictable, the plane could end up falling tail first and have the nose be intact, only to reveal no pilots. So the radio situation would have been taken care of. They would have at least via satellite had communications on that plane and the fighter pilots would not have been the wiser about how communication happened.

And they absolutely would shoot it down, even over a populated area if the target was the conference. Even populated areas have a low density of people and chances are only a few people on the ground would get hurt even if pieces of it fell in a city, a majority of the surface area is roads, parks, yards and not houses. A controlled suicide crash would have a much higher chance of producing a worse outcome.

Thanks for writing,


Uncensored magazine is a great source of truth you won't find anywhere else, and I endorse them fully.

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