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Tainted Nightmare

Upcoming article: Is Intel's Sandy Bridge on a road to nowhere?

Intel's new remote kill switch could be used to end computing under the cover of a fake EMP disaster

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist, June 4 2011

Within any power structure that has fallen into darkness like America's has, there is a need to control the information recieved by the governed. Widespread knowledge of even one key truth can bring such power structures to an end; they do, after all, need the will and support of their governed to survive.

The internet was an ambush to them. Initially the "elite" intended computers to be a way to gain access to the most intricate information about people's lives. They used popular bulletin boards such as America Online and Prodigy as spy machines, which worked well because they kept an identity of everyone who posted anything on them. The internet changed that. Because the internet was decentralized and allowed anonymity, it became a potent weapon in the hands of the people, and the elite are desperately seeking ways to shut it down and end computing as we know it.

With entire economic communities, vast numbers of casual users, and widespread communication taking place on the web, shutting it down has become politically impossible without the very real chance of sparking an armed rebellion.

But what if such a shutdown could happen, with the blame directed away from those who caused it? Intel's Sandy bridge technology, which allows remote shutdown of a CPU via the cellular phone network could be used to end computing as we know it if such technologies become widespread and a fake EMP disaster is created as an explanation for why all the computers died. Keep that old PC in the closet!

The article, which will include a detailed presentation on suicide circuits, instructions for how to set up a storage scope to pick up EMP events and properly record them as well as how much energy to expect in a device based upon it's cross section, the truthful robustness of modern digital circuits, what the real threats from EMP are and how to avoid them entirely, will post on Saturday/Sunday, June 11/12 at midnight PST. If you think you have been told the truth about EMP, wait until you see this!

UPDATE, March 12, 2012

I don't have time to work on this subject right now, but I have made a few discoveries to quickly go over - First of all, the AMD A series of processors offer stiff competition to Intel I series processors, including Sandy Bridge, at a better value. The AMD processors also contain the cell link, but when attacked, don't go down as easy. This is because the AMD A series uses a CPU die with 4 totally separate CPU cores, and the Sandy Bridge is a single core that emulates 4 cores. SO when attacked, the 4 discrete core setup from AMD remains more stable, and since it is very power efficient, it's hard to damage. The AMD Cpu's do not have the hardware kill, they use a bios rooted soft kill that pegs the CPU. If you are smart enough to realize the CPU is flaming hot and shut it down before death, it is then just a matter of purging the bios. I learned this first hand! Fourtunately I bought an A6. It's awesome. I have a lot more to say but no time to say it.

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Is Intel's Sandy Bridge on a road to nowhere?

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