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Because they are a secretive scam organization, probably run by the Israeli government or some other scam center in the U.S., when you click the link today, after I said I was going to nark on them, it just says "nothing to see here". But they don't own the WAYBACK MACHINE so I was able to tear them out of a new pair of undies. And if they want to scam their way out of pulling that little trick, I photographed the entire computer at this cyber cafe, with that reality on the screen. Yesterday there were links to their companion servers, which censor web sites and hunt the web for topic related subjects to make them vanish as desired. I got those documented but forgot to bring that to this cyber cafe, so I will post that tomorrow.

And surprisingly, on the updated page I saw yesterday, they are blocking upwards of 500 million web sites and e-mail addresses under the guise of them being spoof e-mails and web sites, so the list is growing QUICKLY - up by over 100 million in only a month. Anyone should realize that my web site is no spoof, and therefore this organization exists FOR ONE REASON ONLY - TO SILENCE THE REAL TRUTH MOVEMENT WHILE HACKS SPIKE IT INTO THE GROUND LIKE A TOUCHDOWN FOOTBALL.

Many of you have noticed that the truth movement has been going downhill in the last little while, and HERE IS WHY. This organization has not been around long, as evidenced by the December 6th 2012 page in the wayback machine, which reads:

See our historical results/progress here. Oldest IP: 1185 days listed. Over the last 30 days: V4BL/DDNSBL blocklist has been updated by one IP every 0.049 seconds. Over the past year the list has grown by 309,536,835 IPs. At any given moment, there are more than 25M new IPs queued awaiting basic compliancy checks."

Basic "Compliancy checks"? You mean, if you do not COMPLY WITH THE ZIONIST AGENDA YOU GO IN THE TRASH????? There you have it. No wonder why I have been blown away and unable to communicate. I wonder how much has really been blocked? What should the truth movement REALLY look like? No wonder why much of the great insightful stuff appears to be vanishing, while being replaced with kooky bullshit.

I have had several people offer me over $50,000 to keep this web site running and not have me living poorly. From different people. NOT SPAM, and they all just magically vanished. I wonder why.

I am certain that the only reason why this site is visible is because I told everyone to mirror it. AND DO THAT, PLEASE, INCLUDING THE NEWS RELATED PICTURES, DONT JUST LINK TO THEM, GET THEM OUT OF HERE.

V4BL, a hostile .ORG has GOT TO run on (at least) a 40,000 core super computer or cloud computer, because it funnels the entire web through it, a fact made reality by what it is - a total internet filter. It gets All e-mails, all communications, and they decide what lives and dies. This was outlined clearly on their web site yesterday, and now it just says "nothing to see here" because most likely they watch this web site, and knew this would be today's report which I announced would be coming yesterday. Needless to say the only front end they REALLY need is "nothing to see here" because they are a hostile organization that until now, until they screwed with me, flew under the radar.


I got direct proof of mail tampering. This was made possible because they monitor everything, and knew I knew what server on the web was tasked to destroy me, so they stopped using that server to prevent me from documenting it on video or whatever else I might come up with, and instead were allowing the mails to hit my server as normal, where people are now logged in and waiting on MY SERVER for whatever comes in as it comes in, and having people decide what I get on a mail by mail basis.

GOOD NEWS: They fell asleep at the switch, and I bagged hardcore proof about what is going on.

Below is an image of the two mail clients opening the same mail box approximately 45 seconds apart (the first one hung for at least four minutes, so I opened the second one. The second one caught the last thee mails they decided to delete, which never showed up in the first mail client opened - they stalled it until they finished their job.

These particular mails were not important to me - the $1500 is a repeated spam and I can't read Hebrew anyway. But whoever was censoring the mail would not be able to assess that if they had an entire pile to go through quickly, they were doing rapid deletes and not being careful. The mails they allowed were just regular newsletters. I guess that is better than total darkness in the box.

Here is the background scenario -

Yesterday I discovered that Jimstonefreelance had been blacklisted by a highly secretive blacklisting organization, which is an .ORG that has massive computers, computers massive enough to funnel the entire internet through them. When an e-mail to an address to someone they are trying to destroy comes up, the server will ditch the mail. That is what today's report was going to be about. But I came up with something even better -

Because I had worked a way to prove that e-mails will not make it through that computer, which no doubt has to be a super computer, "they" stopped having my mails get blocked by it, and instead had someone do manual deletes. Well THEY FELL ASLEEP AT THE SWITCH and had a whole pile of them they had to censor while letting the spam and newsletters through, to provide plausiblility that I am just crazy and not censored. And they screwed up. And I got it on video, absolute proof I am being messed with.

When I opened my mailbox, it was taking forever, and I MEAN FOREVER. And I guessed that they had an enormous pile of them to dig through, so they had my computer on hold while they destroyed all meaningful messages. These would be whistle blowers, donation offers, antidepressant stories, and really good news tips.


I figured they would not be on the ball, and just guess it was another one of their pals logging in with a different mail client to speed things up. So that is what I did. I opened a different mail client and went into the same box. And I caught the last few mails they decided to censor. You could see them in the second mail client, and the other, which finally opened a little later, did not have them. So I started a video rolling, with the mails showing that got censored, and hit refresh with the second mail client with the video rolling, and they vanished from the screen.

This is the only way you can prove censorship, once deleted they are off the list, and the only way you could possibly see them vanish from the screen just by refreshing (they were unread mails, to cover that base) is if they vanished from the mail server without ever being deleted or opened by the mail client.

This is hardcore proof that "THEY" are trying to destroy me. But I always knew it. My Neomailbox, which is what the secure contact form sends the mail to, was obviously left on the full censorship list because it is the primary contact for this site, and has had NOTHING in it for several days. (most days at least 10 or 15 people will use the contact form, and some days over 30 will).


As far as I go, they now want me isolated, cut off from all help, and silenced. AND THESE ARE THE TOPICS THAT TRIGGERED IT:

ANTIDEPRESSANTS, and INDUSTRIAL VIRUS ATTACKS. I am quite sure the "fluoxytil" fluoride mouth rinse piece did not help my mail censorship status much either. -HOWEVER-

I am certain that the agenda is to:

Destroy america with antidepressants and industrial viruses

Destroy america with antidepressants and industrial viruses

Destroy america with antidepressants and industrial viruses


Stuxnet attack on multiple nuclear facilities in the U.S. may be imminent

Want Gun confiscation to work without a fight? How about putting FEMA into overdrive with a huge nuclear disaster?

There is a reason why I produced this, it DID NOT come from Mad Magazine.

Click the cartoon for a larger version


Want gun confiscation to work? Want a reason to go door to door and expel EVERYONE from their homes? Want final tyranny lock down? How about blowing up a few nuclear facilities, as I was talking about shortly after Fukushima, and using THAT as an excuse to send Fema door to door? Blown up nuclear reactor trumps hurricane any day. That is why I published that cartoon, which was a lot of work to create. And with EXPLOSIVES ALREADY PLANTED IN A SWEDISH NUCLEAR FACILITY and a probable countless number of nuclear weapons spread across the world via one nation's nuclear deterrent method, allowing them to nail any government via nuclear blackmail I have no doubt that the "elite" would have no compunctions about blowing up a few nuclear reactors in the U.S. to convince the American public to go along with their disaster plan, which would no doubt include total relocation of the population, and confiscations of all firearms.

They may be able to sway governments with planted nukes, but with regard to gun confiscation in America they are going to have to find a way to sway the people and a nuclear disaster may be the ticket.

Things are starting to heat up now, and THAT is why I published that cartoon. Spreading it could very well change the future. Do not let it sit here on this web site, GET IT OFF THIS SITE, RENAME IT, AND POST IT ELSEWHERE.

Use the larger version for resizing, 800 pixels is as small as you can go and have the print on the gauges be readable.

Only ignorance of the population will let them get away with what I believe is now a short term plan.


This brilliant article shows you the kind of threat we are really up against. When I was in the NSA, this was a major topic, and a man would go around the facility with a spectrum analyzer, tuning the entire radio spectrum across a display screen looking for "leaks" in the system which could be exploited exactly the way this article talks about. These scans took place every few feet, and it took days to go around the facility making sure there were no leaks. This is a reality, and there is no doubt the world's nuclear facilities have indeed been scanned the same way via satellite, looking for leaks in their hard wired totally off the web secure LAN and PLC systems they operate with, and MANY have been penetrated and had crap put on them straight out of what would appear to be "the ether." I am NOT joking about the Stuxnet threat, it is EXACTLY like that cartoon.

This was MORE than a major topic at the NSA, it was a way of life. There is NO SUCH THING AS "SECURE" when it comes to dealing with what I have now come to name as "that group of invasive bastards".

The only error in that report is that they are calling it a "new era". That crap was happening DECADES ago.


Japan earthquake both man made AND faked to a higher magnitude to justify nuclear tsunami

Permalink This is the first portion of the Fukushima report, which speaks about the physical aspects of the disaster, which was in fact an act of war. There is a lot more to it than that, including the fact that the zionists want all cultures destroyed and smashed into a global monoculture and Japan was having none of it, as well as Japan refusing to do an enormous banker bailout they never owed, and therefore from a globalist perspective Japan had to be destroyed. Read the full report HERE


Permalink What if the entire nuclear waste problem was intentionally created? What if our own government got infiltrated and wanted over 100 nation destroying weapons placed in key locations around the country, all disguised as infrastructure? America's nuclear policy has done exactly that, and this report covers how it happened.This is a must read on this site

Mails from Japan, the real perspective

Permalink There was a brief gap in the censorship on my mail box, and for a week I got e-mails from Japan. They flooded in. You would be surprised by what the people said in these mails. Now, after over 150,000 more visits to the site from Japan, not a single new e-mail from Japan has come in. Why would the elite want these e-mails censored? Read this, and you will know why

The WSA passport has been proven legitimate

PERMALINK When the U.S. government detained me without a reason shortly after I published the Fukushima report, I knew my days in America were numbered. After being refused a passport from the FED, I chose an alternate - the WSA passport, with doubts. Those doubts are gone. The WSA passport is indeed 100 percent legitimate, and I believe it saved my life. Read more HERE

Joe did not "Stack" up.

Permalink Many of you may remember the story of Joe Stack, who flew his plane into the IRS building. This report proves even THAT to have been a false flag PERMALINK This groundbreaking whistleblower testimony proves that vaccines are the cause of SIDS and the "shaken baby syndrome". This officer provides testimony that parents are prosecuted for damage proven to be from vaccines. Read more here

Digital stepping in the Aurora Borealis

Permalink This report is a technical stab at how haarp works to modify weather, and has supporting evidence in an article published by Nasa.

Many people do not realize the fact that Nasa published a report which spoke about Hurricane Katrina, and two other hurricanes that did not have normal electrical readings. In fact, the readings were so far out of character for hurricanes that they broke world records for all previous storms of any type in history, including tornado spawning super cells which are normally very electrically charged. Nasa does not specifically state that Haarp did it, to do so would be suicide for them. This report is linked to in my Haarp report, which can be read HERE


USGS and MSM Busted over phony quake!

Permalink I was in Mexico city, and there was an earthquake drill. Because they triggered a real quake in Chiapas during a drill there, which I did feel, I recorded a video of this drill just in case they triggered an earthquake for it as well. They did not, but the next day I found out they called the drill a real quake. See the video and read about it HERE


7.9 in Chiapas Mexico on March 20 2012 proven man made

Permalink I was at a Starbucks in the Santa Fe district of Mexico city when an earthquake happened. It swayed the buildings, disoriented drivers and caused everyone to evacuate. I reported it within minutes on my site, and then found out the next day that there was an earthquake drill in Chiapas Mexico, the epicenter, covering the exact same magnitude of quake at the exact same time on the exact same day. Since defense secretary William Cohen has verified the earthquake machine to be a reality in a press briefing in 1997, it's pretty obvious how such a coincidence could have happened.

Read the full report HERE

Prescribed deletion

Permalink I got my hands on 230 megs of classified documents related to antidepressants from GSK. It was a tedious read, but after diving fairly deep into the tens of thousands of pages of studies, results, etc, it was obvious that antidepressants were horrible, the manufacturers knew it, and they false advertised and put knowingly damaging products on the market. A This report will have six segments when complete, "Testimonies of the destroyed" is the first. If you have been ruined or damaged by antidepressants, you are not alone, read what others have been through Here

A tale of two protests


I was in Washington DC, so I figured I would go pay a visit to an anti war protest against war with Iran. After that protest ended another started, begging Obama to go to war with Syria. It was obviously phony and I documented that as well. If you want to see what a psy op looks like, just take a look at this report Here

The Evils of Compartmentalization

Permalink In this somewhat open letter to my former peers in the NSA, and also, by default, other top secret agencies, I speak about how they really are unaware of what their work is being used for, and how their compartmentalized security clearances prevent them from really knowing how their efforts will manifest themselves in the real world. Read it Here

Shedding a little light on the darkest of dark

Permalink This report about Luciferianism is only about a third of the way finished, but it is massive nonetheless. Take the time to look at what's here, several of the linked items are banned on the web and can only be found internally on this site (as far as I know) and of the greatest interest is the child slave trade. The article which quotes the prices state agencies are awarded for snatching children may have a bit of a sappy start, but it's a simple fact it's probably the most banned report on the web. Definitely worth a look. You can read the Luciferian report Here

My experience with the Jewish Community

Permalink This report sparked a lot of interest, and it outlines the basics of what happened when I was with the Jewish community, without going into too much detail. It covers their attempts on my life in some detail. I must say, they treat each other well, and treated me VERY well, until I decided to leave. The full report is Here

I would much rather live in a civilized society

Permalink This report, which I pulled off an old Geocities site I once had, was good enough to re-post here. If you want a look at who I am, you will find a pretty good insight Here

Deep Water Horizon likely destroyed by space based laser

Permalink Many people were suspicious about the real reason for the disaster in the gulf, and I myself found it to be a highly implausible scenario. So I looked into it, and discovered that the main electrical center, which was well away from anything that burned, had an extremely neat hole burned right through the helipad above it. Was the helipad used for targeting setup of a space based laser? Read the report and decide for yourself HERE

The Post Office has automated mail intercept

Permalink Many people think snail mail is more secure than e-mail. Think again! Read why you should be VERY careful with the mail, HERE

Power Grid Tampering to end an Era

Permalink The power grid has now been dismantled. The national grid is now running in isolated segments. Though it is true that DC power lines have mitigated the need for full national synchronization in the grid, they did not eliminate it. As a result, clocks such as the one in your microwave or stove, which use the power grid as a time keeping reference now run at different speeds at different places in the nation and they prove that the system is disconnected and America's power is now far more vulnerable to attack during a war. Read the report HERE

Surprisingly reputable Gordon Duff posts ridiculous article on Micro Nukes

Permalink A reader sent me a link in an e-mail that went to "an amazing article about micro nukes". Since I know a thing or two about nuclear topics, I gave it a look, gasped, and then shredded it. It's a great rip, and recycle bin treasure. Read it HERE

Warning, 2012!

Permalink I think I will put this in the 2012 scam section as well, but it's so bad it really belongs in the recycle bin. If you want to see something SILLY, click HERE

U.S. Senator visits Fukushima and says it's worse than stated, DUH??

Permalink Senator Wyden ought to be applauded for having the guts to actually go out to Fukushima, and the Duh really does not apply to him, it applies to the media which has done nothing but scam and lie about this. Even still, for lack of a better place, this report goes in the recycle bin. Read it HERE

____________________________ What it looks like when my site gets attacked

Mexico quake proven man made

I would much rather live in a civilized society

The WSA Passport has been proven legitimate

PRESCRIBED DELETION - the truth about antidepressants

My experience with the Jewish community

A tale of two protests

"Joe" did not Stack up.


Nasa noticed Haarp anomalies in Hurricane Katrina

Face it, the Election was STOLEN

Jim Stone visits Occupy Los Angeles

Power Grid Tampering to End an Era

An open letter to the Israeli Mossad


Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Mails from Japan, the true perspective

Special update for Japanese readers

Tainted Nightmare

Truth Project

The 30 Storm Troopers

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