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Jim Stone,  Friday  May 3, 2002

Destruction of records key element in Israeli action

The Israeli action in Palestine was carried out on several levels, that have not been sufficiently reported.

1. Records removal.  When the Israelis conducted this incursion, militants and property were a secondary priority.  The main focus of this military exercise was the removal of public records.  Public records, such as vehicle registration, education records (diploma registry), medical records, utility records, schematics of electrical and municipal systems, business registration, and all other forms of public data infrastructure  were destroyed in Palestine.

Public records are critical for any society to function, they form the backbone upon which all modern societies are based.  Only through public records can you levy taxes, repair roads, telephone, water, and electrical systems, or verify that someone you plan to hire is actually qualified.  In addition to this, you cannot verify whether or not someone lived or died without public records.  This is why the Palestinian authority was forced to accept Israel's death count in Jenin, with their records destroyed they could not claim anything else.

Methods of records removal included, but was not limited to the following: Destruction of computer databases, which involved component level destruction of the computers themselves, (disassembly and breaking of the computers' internal parts) and complete removal of hard drives, so that the hard drives were no longer present, even in destroyed condition.  Complete physical removal of all  magnetic tape, CD recordable, and floptical type data backup systems and materials; removal of all printed records, not simply burning them, but removing them entirely, and destruction of all records related equipment, such as printers, copiers, office supplies and telephones which could be used to re establish a records database.  Numerous people have reported that Israeli forces made little discrimination between private and government computers and records, if they were found, they were destroyed.

2. Removal of police force, and destruction of judicial property (courthouses). With the law enforcement arm of the government gone, Israel has created a state of anarchy in Palestine.  No organized society can exist without the means to enforce civil law.

3.  Destruction of communication facilities.  Palestine no longer has a way to establish electronic communication via mediums such as television and radio, which has left them dependent upon outside signals.  This will have the effect of damaging any sense of sovereignty in the people.

All of this will be a severe setback to the establishment of a Palestinian state, because without records, without law, and without effective communications, Palestine no longer has the foundation upon which a state must be built.  This was the true purpose for the Israeli offensive.  They needed a horrific situation, they needed Jenin to distract the world's attention from their true motive, which was erasure of Palestinian identity.  And in the end, with nothing but a few photos to show what really happened, Jenin too will fade into obscurity.

Jim Stone 

For Pictures of the destruction of Israel's assault on information which are difficult to get because people are so shocked by the devastation of buildings that that is all they photograph, Click Here

For some of the documents I used for the article, by no means everything, Click here

I have decided to discontinue the Jenin portion of the site,
and instead have posted these links.  The information I posted about Jenin is available
elsewhere if you look for it, and my posting of it was a severe setback for my music because
it caused me to be rejected from a major opportunity.  However, If more propaganda is released
I may be tempted to speak up again, because the truth simply must be known.

Here is a map of destroyed Jenin

Green = reduced to sand, red = severly destroyed but
maybe a wall or two or three is still standing, and ones with
only bomb damage (holes in walls, windows missing) are black.
This IS a Hiroshima level disaster.  Map provided by
Human Rights Watch Please note that this IS a major city, with
buildings ranging between three and six stories.

To give you an Idea of the irresponsibility of the Israeli forces,
consider this:  The US forces, in Iraq, fought against a very large
military, consisting of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi soldiers,
and afterward, Baghdad, the location of a MAJOR air offensive,
looked like this:

After Israel went after fewer than 50 militants in Jenin, it looked
like this:

Official UN photo

There is simply NO excuse,  this should give you an
indication of why Palestine is NOT content with Israel, and why
Europe, Russia, and the Arab world, as well as the UN support
Palestine in this issue.  Please note that this is FACTUAL
the propaganda Israel claims it is.  I predict that if Israel
does anything like this to another city in Palestine, it will be
World War 3

I have the official aerial photos that the Israeli  military released,
which due to a blunder on Israel's part amount  to DOCUMENTED
PROOF that shows them to be lying.  It would have been better
for them to keep their mouths shut rather than risk being caught
in a lie.
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