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Every report on this web site is public domain and can be re-posted in full. Just mention this web site by linking back to the original here

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Dec 18 2014

I did not comment on the NSA being granted full rights to collect all communications of all Americans all the time and to keep them permanently because they are doing that already anyway. Nothing changed.

- - - - - - - - - -

If you refuse to shoot because "you will lose the moral high ground," evil will trample you and when you are dead there will be no morals left at all - Jim Stone

Something to seriously consider regarding Sydney

This is part of an Illuminati plan going back to the 1800's, and we do not have to lose.

Jim Stone Dec 19 2014 Permalink

Question: Did Illuminati writer Albert Pike actually use the word NAZISM back in 1871? Answer: Most likely as the word dates back to 1753. It is a derogratory word Hitler never used to describe his party, Hitler hated the word. It was foisted on him by the "Illuminati" during and after the war. The Illuminati had it ready and waiting to pin on their "super villain" long before he was born.

- - - - - - - -

Predictions and plans can fail no matter how powerful and influential the group who has those plans is when technology such as electronic communications, which could never have been predicted when the plans were drawn can spoil them. We do not need to let the following plan happen.

With the Pope now saying Communism is the correct system I would say the illuminati are probably very close to seeing their final plan come to fruition. But we do not have to lose to it, because they need a third world war to happen as they want it to happen for their plan to actually work. And that is what ISIS (and Sydney) was for, (Australia must not have been riding the ISIS wagon well enough).

One only has to look at how weak and fake the Sydney psy op was to know that the Illuminati is not very talented and depends on the trust of a gullible public to make their plans happen. They own the media no doubt but if I can post what I am writing now, they do not have total control over information. We still have a chance.

Albert Pike published the Illuminati plan for global communism in 1871. I suggest everyone read these few brief words from Albert Pike that lay it all out in a few short paragraphs. We do not have to allow the third world war to happen according to an illuminati script, a little public awareness could instead cause the third world war to backfire badly. Let's make that awareness happen.

Albert Pike:

"The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the "agentur" (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions.

The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm."

The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economic exhaustion. We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."

The above does not need to happen. A little awareness can go a long way when people have the web to spread info. And an additional caveat - once again all anyone needs to do is look at who owns the media to absolutely PEG the Illuminati. The veil is really thin. This would be easy to win if people just went out and did the right thing.

And if you doubt this, what about the Denver Airport, which with it's original design laid all of this out in pictures (until public outrage forced a change?) This writing is not without merit, history and the present supports this in full.

Discuss this on the Forum (Nazi word origin link is also in this thread.)

Hostage videos despicably fake

The entire Sydney scene was an obvious drill with the main actor not matching the guy he was supposed to, Store surveillance videos showing producers with cue cards and incredibly despicably fake videos released via Twitter, wiped by Youtube (the only conceivable reason is because they were such obvious hoaxes) only to survive on Live Leak as "Wikileaks releases". However, Wikileaks failed to call B.S. on them and released them as real. I watched all of them on liveleak and #3 is the only one clear enough to show what is going on.

In video 3, you can hear a girl off to the side telling the girl in the video what to say. Behind all 3 girls (one in each video) an Islamic banner is held up by hand in a way which completely conceals whoever is holding it. In surveillance video you can see a clean cut Jewish guy with cue cards telling the "hostage taker" what to do in the next scene. Sydney was a tapestry of lies like no other, easily proven and only taped together by the trust of a gullible public.

Here is a salient capture from the last liveleak video (the only one clear enough to see what is going on)

You can see these videos HERE and I have one thing to say - Youtube may claim they are only censoring these videos to not be accomplices with "terrorists" but after watching these it should be obvious that Youtube is in fact censoring these videos because they are so obviously staged and they do not want it widely known. Ditto for the msm.

You will need good speakers or headphones to listen to what is going on in the background, where you can hear cues being given. AND, what did people use to shoot these videos with anyway? Cell phones surpassed this years ago! Why are they garbage? Perhaps to hide the details, and yes,

anything from a Muslim just has to look like discolored UFO footage because even in Australia they can't manage to get an Iphone.

I enhanced the top frame so people could see what was going on in it,the bottom frame shows just how awful the video quality really is. WHY would it be like this, other than for psychological impact or to hide something? Discuss this (latest Sydney updates) on the Forum




Dec 18 updates:

Dec 18 2014

Why the sexodus is really happening

Many readers have probably already heard other perspectives on this topic, here is mine.

Why are American men opting out of relationships with American women? The answer is both long and easy to state if one is willing to be honest and possibly take a ratings hit for the truth. This is it entirely (as I see it) and after I state the problem, I will state the reason and who did it.

A majority of American women grow up spoiled, with everything handed to them on a silver platter. In the schools, which are now rigged to destroy men, girls are given better grades for no reason at all other than to put them above the boys and make them more able to get into college. Boys have to work much harder and be far more talented to match the grades girls get in school, and often when any topic is technical or scientific a boy can be a genius and still get very poor grades on works such as science fair projects or anything else that requires a good technical understanding of a technical subject and actually making it work. There will be no appreciation for genius from any boy in American public schools nowadays. That went out with the 80's.

Once these girls, who were pumped all the way through grade school hit college, they get professors who teach them that they have been abused, victimized and subverted their entire lives (all the while they in fact had it easy, far easier than the boys.) Since the professors talk from a position of "authority," even the boys go along with it and a cycle of behavior gets entrenched that is very destructive and leads to a situation where no matter what is done, the girls can never be satisfied with anything. They are always "the victim" no matter how good they have it.

A majority of the women are then incapable of having a two way relationship. They enter a perfectly selfish mode where if their every whim is not answered without compromise, they are "abused" and "crushed" and whatever other things they dream up and can convince people of. If a man enters a relationship with such a woman (which is now the norm in the below 30 group and even a huge percentage of those in the 30-45 group) he risks having his life explode in divorce courts which are subsequently rigged to bring out the worst possible monsters the women can possibly muster, courts which can destroy a man for his entire useful life. And most do get destroyed.

This was a secret for a while, but word has gotten around and men are no longer stupid about this. For what reason should they open themselves up to being a 100 percent servant, who if he does not serve the woman to her perfect satisfaction faces complete destruction in court? I know a lot of women are spitting over this, but it is the cold hard truth, a truth most will never see.

Rather than see the truth, most women will fall into a depression caused by a malfunctioning system which targeted them directly, and used them to destroy their country. If there is no such thing as a stable home simply because the women demand far too much and destroy on a whim when they do not get what they want, America will fail and is already failing.

Then, as a final sucker punch, these women who were tricked into a destructive lifestyle that caused them enormous depression are deemed to have a chemical imbalance, prescribed antidepressants and from that point on they are unrecoverable. The antidepressants target the emotional centers and blow them away permanently, especially those which are needed for empathy, compassion, and caring about others. They become consuming machines that eat everything in their path (for a period of time) and then burn out completely and recede from society only to live alone with three cats, occasionally visited by other female friends who were similarly destroyed, to chat about how bad they have it and that is why life somehow passed them by. The real reason "life passed them by" is never known by any of them. Here it is:

When I first approached the Jewish community, I had full access to all the books in the Bnai Jacob Montreal synagogue and it was shocking what they had in that synagogue about the true nature of women. They study this, and use it to plot to destroy societies. One of the key things is that money is paramount for a majority of women, it is THE THING they go for and if societal laws or norms are not in place to discourage or prevent it, they will even sell their children to get it. This is not what I am saying, it is what they know and they use this nature of women to get them to shut off their conscience enough to have them feel perfectly justified in lying to destroy men in court, especially when there is a financial payout involved.

The Jews ran cold war Russia, and SSRI antidepressants, America's family policy, and many of the police state laws as well as the destructive educational programs were first test run in Russia. I doubt the same people who developed these things in Russia are still there after the fall, they are in America, in the courts, colleges, and social service sector brain raping the women and ripping the guts out of America.

If you want the real reason for the sexodus in America, as far as I see it, it is the end result of a communist plot to destroy America that has run its course almost to completion. And I doubt the nation will recover, if there is a way to recover this nation it will be had via direct threat to the Jewish districts of New York, San Francisco, and other major Jewish centers. They taught us that violence is wrong, but they use violence on a whim everywhere (and if you do not think there is even one example of this just look at Gaza.) Lack of an ability to get nasty is in fact a psychiatric malfunction that has been entrenched and enforced in America by those who are destroying the nation. Peaceful protest does not cut it, cry all you want and tyranny will only laugh in return. Have you seen anything other than them laughing at our protests lately? Protests are a joke when a complete revolution is needed.

Until this happens, enjoy living alone in a stupid "sexodus" which in reality, on the face of things absent any changes, is the only rational option for the American male. Until the social policy is responded to as the act of war it is and subsequently blown away, one would be stupid to go into the belly of the monster.

Police pulling over ALL MOTORCYCLES in my town, sight unseen

This has never happened before in Mexico and Mexicans are concerned and asking WHY.

After I played a huge role in busting the Ebola scam, first by widely publishing a way to survive it, and then by proving it was all just poisonings and hoaxing, police started pulling over motorcycles for "safety checks". I avoided this by having my lights on at all times and obviously showing the motorcycle was in great shape. HOWEVER

Last night my throttle broke. I got back by turning the idle all the way up and idled home at 20 mph. This morning new orders were given to the police, probably because of what was on this site regarding the Sydney scam, and I avoided getting pulled over and possibly taken in simply because I did not want to fix that cable this morning. That has me wondering why the throttle broke at exactly the right time. The orders?:


So I have a little message for the Jewish community:

Stick it. I can take the bus! I can ride a bike! I can walk! You can just STUFF IT, you are not going to nail me with any motorcycle check, and all the police do is take the bike away if anything is wrong and someone else can go get it back. You can just give up on all of it because I know what you are doing and therefore you already FAILED.

Stop screwing with Mexico for a second shot at keeping your lies! The only thing you will do is get poor pedro who has a brake cable made of baling wire!


Dec 16 2014


This article has been pulled (with regard to the different faces in clear public photos) because a reader pointed out the same mole in all photos however different they looked. HOWEVER, there might still be something wrong with the guy in the window, so that comparison is here:


Someone put up signs during the event that said DECEPTION, FRAUDULENT! That's a good one! And also that terror drill a week earlier . . . . .

Quotes from Australia regarding Sydney

These are quotes from readers of this web site that show what aware Australians noticed about the "ISIS" event in Sydney:

Media coverage so excessive it made unaware people question what was going on: "I live in Australia and the media coverage was off the charts. Talk about psychic driving a message. All day and all night on every channel, images shown of a cafe with reflections in the glass of a Muslim flag and people with their arms up. Even my relatives who are not awake to the evils of the NWO were questioning the rationality of the constant coverage. All of the politicians stood up and did their speeches. The next morning the news casters were wearing black and white and were speaking in a caring tone as if they were at a funeral. I wonder what the psychological impact will be on the city of Sydney's massive coffee culture?"

- -

"Maybe the standard war propaganda psychology for the 7.125 billion earthlings not reading this forum should work by generating hatred by seeing an Islamic sign above the word Christmas."

- - "I'm in Melbourne and I have no doubt this operation was controlled from ASIS/Australian Secret Intelligence Service through and through. This nonsense was definitely no where near as good as port Arthur where our country was disarmed through a national buy back program and the sheeple gave up their guns. 410,000 guns were bought back and destroyed and an intellectually challenged patsy who was subjected to MK ultra brainwashing took the fall. As for this one I hope next time the donkey kicking ISIS scumbags set up a psyop maybe they will spend more than a dollar fifty on it and get it right next time."

Got more Sydney discoveries? Put them on the Forum

Comments about Sydney

It has to be a hoax, but they did have their cover story. First for the hoax part -

I received lots of input from readers on this one, and one glaring problem with the entire scene was the fact that the police threw stun grenades (a large number of them) after they entered the chocolate shop. That makes no sense at all, stun grenades are always thrown before entering. Why were no cops knocked out by their own grenades? To the best of my knowledge there were no cops knocked out by this. That says hoax, there are two types of stun grenades, one makes a loud pop and is for practice, the other is an actual weapon. Both would look good for the cameras. What gives with that?

Another big glaring issue is how the cameras got better shooting angles than the police. That was very odd.

They had the cover story - that this guy was a sexual predator with tons of stuff on his record and he was out on probation/parole, WHATEVER. BIG PROBLEM - this does not fit the image of "radical Muslim Cleric" that they tried to present, such types have squeaky clean behavior no matter what lies the ziopress spins and that is a gaping hole in this entire charade. I guess when liars lie they go for the intellectual bottom feeders who think things like "Islamic cleric" and sexual predator go hand and hand, but it is a cold hard fact that they do not. That is a massive gaping wound in this story.

Probable reality? If this was real, it was a brainless patsy with a long record that was set up to do this. In prison or wherever he was prior, it would be a prime time to brainwash the living * out of him with drugs, flashing lights, the whole 9 yards and then release him with him thinking he was a cleric on a mission. If anything fits, THAT is what fits. If anything happened at all, that is where the chips lay as far as I see it, HOW ELSE could "Isis" show up and then need a flag? None of it makes sense, it all matches the profile of a mentally handicapped man on a brain wash mission.

Dec 14-15 2014

Probable Islamic terror hoax in Australia

Isis(tm) nabs a chocolate shop in Sydney, right across from Channel 7!

There will be continuous updates and discussion on the Forum

This report is updating frequently, scroll down the page for the latest.

The thread about this on the forum is getting censored. There is no way that at the middle point suddenly all posts cut to a line or two and lacked all substance with the only posts more than a line or two in length politely shilling the front page here. That is not the type of forum this site has. Look at the contrast between the front of this thread and the back of it, why is there no substance at all in the second half with the only posts more than a line or two long justifying and supporting the official story? the difference between the beginning ofthis thread and the end is enough to make me go HMMMMM

As of 7 PM Central time on the 14th (which is the 15th in Australia) an "Islamic terrorist" has taken over a Lindt chocolate shop in Sydney Australia and held 50 people hostage. But there are serious problems with this story.

The first problem? A sign the hostages reportedly were forced to hold up against the windows which read "We sacrifice ourselves for you, O Mohamed" was shown via a blurry photograph and had incomplete text. This would be expected of a hack doing this, no Muslim would get the text wrong.

The second serious problem is that this is purportedly an ISIS action. But it appears to be a lone gunman doing it all, which reeks to high heaven of a pre programmed CIA drone doing this according to what ever script was washed into his head especially with the sign being apparently half baked in appearance.

The third serious problem? As of 10 PM CST, absolutely nothing about this has been released on anything other than twitter. Nada on Drudge, CNN or anywhere else. Only Australian papers have anything up and all they are doing is following tweets because tweets are all there is at this point. So they could be doing toe dips with a load of bunk and seeing where it goes. HOWEVER, Lindt Chocolate company has shut all other stores, that is for certain so even if it is all tweets at this point, something of substance has happened as a result.

This story may well be so fresh that no one has caught on yet in the MSM? Let's see what posts on the 15th in the U.S., certainly if this is "their" next pet project they will do all they can to make hay with it.


The Jewish Press has come right out and said it is ISIS doing this. Perhaps a setup or wishful thinking? Awful quick to the draw with this when all they are doing is following tweets as well, but interesting perspective here.

Update: All Jewish synagogues and organizations are on lockdown in Australia already. That does it for me! That was TOO FAST to get that done, it happened WAY TOO FAST, THEY DID THIS, the extremely rapid lockdown response proves foreknowledge. They just got the word GO. All a show!

There will be continuous updates and discussion on the Forum


The location and timing appears to be too perfect to be real. Take a look at this photo - The location was obviously selected for huge media coverage with a perfect view of the hostage taking scene. The fact this was launched early morning on Monday gives them a full day of media coverage (just like 911) and a whole week to make hay. The ISIS sign was placed perfectly between "Lindt" and Merry Christmas" on the windows, perhaps a back stab because the Swiss asked for their gold back?

Update: Drudge still does not have anything up about this along with CNN and all others, why the delay in the American press? 5 hours into this now . . . . .

Update: Snipers on scene, perfectly clear shots of police pointing guns at news cameras, 3 hostages "escaped" or released, depending upon which report, AND, you do not get perfectly clear shots of police pointing guns directly at news cameras unless it is all set up to be that way for propaganda psy op purposes, this one is tough to believe. What on earth could that cop possibly be pointing his gun at other than a news camera to make a big show? What is between the cameraman and that cop that needs a gun pointed at it? So called "hostage" or escapee looking right at the news camera just like the cop is, WHY? Because it makes a great photo!

UPDATE:Confirmed: Over five hours into this, there is a complete blackout in the American media as confirmed by readers on the Forum, and I would like to know why. This was well underway a full hour before the nightly news on the East coast, yet hours later it was still not on the nightly news on the West coast. ABC news Australia is doing a livestream of this from Australia, why did the news not have it on the nightly news in America then? ABC Australia is not the same as what is in America but it is simply too huge an MSM outlet for there to be no connection at all. I have problems with embeds on this site, but the livestream is on the Forum. This livestream proves the American press is not in the dark about this, why nothing on the nightly news? ANSWER:

Because they know that the ISIS ruse is a risky fraud to uphold, and they are afraid of putting it up in front of Americans en masse before they know if it is going to actually fly in Australia. That is the only possible answer for this blackout in the American press. They have a few more hours for the toe dip in the truther piranha tank to prove itself out in Australia while people sleep in America before deciding whether or not to dip America in that tank as well. Obviously if it flops before evening in Australia, they will retire it where it sits.

UPDATE: They are testing the waters with various stories. For example, the unintelligible message about all of this being done for Mohammed has been replaced with "it was the Shadaha" which is too big of a leap for any real story. They are simply testing new things until they find a load of crap most intellectual carp will suck on and enjoy.

HA! Here's a good one! Among their demands was that they be brought an Isis flag! If that is not a laugh I don't know what is, YOU MEAN ISIS SHOWED UP WITHOUT A FLAG? NOT EVEN A LASER PRINTED ONE? Come on now, 11X17 laser print available at Kinkos would work JUST FINE! No flag??!!?? what a joke! That demand was apparently made at the request of a few intellectual carp who will believe said demand "proves" it has to be ISIS!

Update: Now there are four bombs in this story.

Update: Now the guy is a Muslim cleric! Here is a nice little tidbit regarding that subject - anyone can call themselves a "cleric" in Islam. However, ALL the real ones have at least a master's degree in Islamic studies and if they do not, they are just nutters claiming to be clerics! What does this guy have? A mop? If you forgot to bring your flag to an ISIS event you would have to be restricted to pushing a mop in real life, "cleric" my *ss!

UPDATE: The four bombs are real, but Bnai Brit synagogue is having a hard time planting them with all the bomb sniffing dogs around . . . .

Obviously they are working out the bugs in their presentation before manure forking it over to the American side of the Pacific! GET WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD, THE FRESH B.S. IS PRICELESS.

Dec 12 2014

They do not represent us.

Congress has voted nearly unanimously to go to war against the "Islamic state" and to give Ukraine American weapons to use against Russia. Both bad moves. Supporting aggression against Russia is an act of war against Russia. Bad move. And how do you go to war with many countries at the same time? By having the CIA/Mossad create a fake "Islamic state" that exists within whatever countries you want to destroy, and then bombing those countries into oblivion without ever declaring war on them.

A new form of fraud

Who would have thought? fight a war on sovereign territory against a fictitious enemy that never attacked you directly, and do the people you really want to destroy a favor by doing so! But in the process, you will get Isis, right? Might take years, RIGHT? Enough to reduce the nation you really want destroyed to rubble, RIGHT? After all, it can last as long as you want when you are fighting fiction to begin with. Just keep telling the story . . . . . .

At any rate, both Ukraine/Russia and the Arab world are officially on the table now as war targets. We all knew for years the Arab world was toast because we have all seen it happen repeatedly, but Russia? what is Congress thinking?

I may have spoken out about Russia not being too innocent in the past, but remember that I also said that Russia may have changed, with those who scammed Russia with Bolshevik Communism leaving Russia after the "fall". And there is at least one ancedotal bit of info to support the possibility that Russia may not be playing a game about it all -

People may not know this broadly, but right after Russia fell, all the gold antiquities from the former Czars which were held intact by the communists came into the U.S. via San Francisco, where they sat for a year or two and then got melted down into bars. It was an astonishing rape of Russia. It was not just one or two crowns, it was tons and tons of gold in the form of royal antiquities from past centuries. MELTED DOWN IN AMERICA. How did that happen if Russia really had the same people in charge that were there during the cold war? Obviously the Bolshevik scammers came to America and did to Russia in America what they could not get away with doing while in Russia.

Considering what became of America since Russia fell, it all goes to show that it is highly probable that the filthy cold war era Russian cronies found a new home in America. America is now acting exactly the same way in both foreign and domestic affairs that Russia did with them in charge.

Is Russia now a new frontier that has been freed of parasites? Do not bet on it, but I would at least hope.

About the following Sellafield nuclear dump report:

Outpost wrote:

Yes Jim, that is a picture of a real, LIVING seagull on the fuel pool. While I would recommend they put their fuel high, dry and in air like firewood, where it has no criticality (water is a neutron reflector)...the point the picture makes is if it doesn't hurt that stupid bird, what are you afraid of? If I could afford a swimming pool, I'd drop a bundle in the bottom for a heated swimming pool, and in North Dakota winters - what a treat!

My response:

Part of what you state here is true, however, it takes over a day to die from lethal radiation exposure, the fact the bird is alive is meaningless and -

That is still substandard fuel storage. Yes, you can swim in a fuel pool when the fuel is in good condition, but that place is so bad there is algae and tons of weeds growing everywhere outside the water which proves negligence. Additionally, the fuel has broken down and dispersed in the water. It is not a fantasy "pool heater" in this case. If the water was not substantially radioactive there would be algae growing in it and it is clean as a whistle. That proves the radiation is sterilizing the water. Additionally, there is very little growing within line of sight of that water. That proves it is radiating out as well. I would not want to be that seagull, notice there is only ONE? If that was a healthy place for them, it would have many. Why only one?.

I am sure that seagull flew out of there with a lethal dose and will never return. One visit birds.

Dec 10 2014

Shocking negligence at Sellafield Nuclear Waste site

If you want to see what nuclear negligence looks like, it can be found at Sellafield nuclear waste dump in Britain. The site was built in the 1940s, filled with nuclear waste from the 1950's and 60's and subsequently abandoned in the early 70's. And I mean it was abandoned. While fully loaded.

Sellafield is a huge waste storage site that could create a disaster that would make Fukushima blush. Sellafield contains the combined waste from many different nuclear reactors, nuclear bomb programs, and the waste was stored at theoretical minimum (for temporary storage) safety standards and was subsequently completely abandoned and allowed to fall to rot.

Containment areas are open to the sky to such an extent that seagulls enter and swim on the fuel pools. Most if not all of the water control gates are rusted in place and only luck has prevented a disaster, since most if not all water control is completely inoperable.

Many of the storage pools have cracked concrete, and from the looks of things have been kept full only because rainwater got in to fill them. The fuel, which was only supposed to be at Sellafield for at most five years (and subsequently sat for 45 years) has, as a result of sitting for far too long degraded badly and lined the bottoms of the fuel pools with radioactive dust that will burn if it is exposed to air.

There are currently problems with restoration because the fuel storage areas are too radioactive for workers to enter. These photographs are not credited, no one knows how they got taken or who did it.

If you want to see what nuclear negligence looks like, just take a look at these pictures:





Discuss this on the Forum

Dec 9 2014

The real reason for Ferguson riots: Mom and Pop refused to sell.

What triggered Ferguson to become the center of a national propaganda campaign that could very well be used to take away more rights and freedoms? Why was that exact spot chosen for this? Because some high level super rich corporate types decided they wanted to take the main avenue of Ferguson and turn it into a large strip mall, and mom and pop stores refused to sell.

Take a look at this initiative which failed because mom and pop stores said NO:

Now take a look at a map of the fires in Ferguson. They match the exact location of this initiative, which failed. The riots badly devalued all properties in the same area after the local businesses refused to sell out to allow the initiative to happen. And because the scamming zio press and others use any opportunity they can to destroy rights and freedoms in today's America, obviously Fema testing and martial law type scenarios became part of this picture.

I discovered this new info from a post to the forum by John Carter. He has a TON of additional info that cinches this up in a body bag in his post to the Forum, it is a great read!

This initiative was supposed to be approved by June 30 2014 but failed because local businesses refused to allow it to happen. This puts the imported rioters which even the Mayor commented about into an entirely new perspective, obviously they were brought in by big money somewhere to cheapen the area and give the local business owners second thoughts about being there.

This initiative, which was fronted as "a plan to re-invent the unproductive Ferguson" is a great explanation for the riots. With mom and pop having their property values reduced to pennies on the dollar from all the rioters who (at least at first) were well proven and publicly announced by the Mayor himself to be paid imports who arrived on buses from Chicago, a rich corporateer can now buy up Ferguson CHEAP and make it into a whole new place and to hell with mom and pop!

If you want to know who is behind the riots in Ferguson, the entire charade, just wait and see who buys up all the devalued businesses and THROW HIM STRAIGHT IN JAIL.

I discovered the above Ferguson info from a post to the forum by John Carter. He has a TON of additional info that cinches this up in a body bag in his post to the Forum, it is a great read!

UPDATE: In what appears to be a response to this web site and forum BUSTING Ferguson, the front page of the web site for the buying up and re-development of the riot zone has been taken offline. HOWEVER, SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS ARE STILL ONLINE ON THE SAME WEB SITE, GET WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD, ALL ARE LINKED THROUGH THE FORUM.

Dec 8 2014

Latest "Hunger Games" a Conspiracy illiterate Fantasy

Jim Stone Dec 8 2014. Permalink

Writers of the plot were so conspiracy illiterate they portrayed a scenario many times better than what we currently live in as "the worst there could possibly be".

There are many reasons for why I would much rather live in District 13 than America.

1. The rebels were actually able to mount a viable resistance. They were able to coordinate thousands of people to gang rush a dam in the capitol city, overwhelm the bullets with mass casualties, get bombs into the dam and blow it up. This could never happen in America because if you had any group with even 100 people the CIA would know about it, or even ONE person who wanted to organize this the NSA would know about it and the people attempting to stage that plot would be mowed down by police or military before they ever got close to that dam. The dam scene could never happen under our current tyranny.

2. After the dam got blown up (which knocked out power to the supreme leader,) the supreme leader ordered everyone in the rogue district killed. So he staged a bombing run on their refugee shelter, which in the American scenario he would have had complete control over the construction of and it would have been annihilated because such a robust structure that could provide that kind of protection to the American people would never be allowed to be built by private people in America. If that attack happened in America everyone would have been dead if the order had been given to kill everyone. Yet in the hunger games practically everyone was able to survive the attack by going down to the lowest levels of the shelter.

Here is a really laughable example of how America is far worse -

The resistance leadership had very advanced computers complete with a spectacular green screen room, had backup power that survived the order to annihilate them, and got through the bombing just fine. In America, The NSA would have had a hack on their computers and known they survived, and the bombing would have continued until the computers no longer showed at the NSA. DITTO FOR THE COMMUNICATORS THE REBELS WALKED AROUND WITH, God the producers were STUPID about our current situation and failed to present something worse.

Here is another laughable scenario - The rebels had military grade aircraft which they were able to fly into the capitol to rescue one of the good guys. How the **** did that happen if the Hunger Games really had a true tyranny in place? If the Hunger Games tyranny had even 1/4th the accountability structure in place in America, the rebels would never have gotten ahold of any sort of aircraft. What would happen in America if the militia of Withee Iowa got their hands on an F-16? What a dream world the producers live in! If they are going to do a "tyranny movie" at least consider the world we already live in. Not to mention the fact that there is such a thing as back up power, no rebel force would have a snowball's chance of wiping that out in the American capitol by blowing up a dam. How would the resistance avoid radar well enough to get anywhere near the capitol with a large metal aircraft in an American style military state unless that state did it to itself to justify more tyranny like ours did on 911?

Here's the kicker!

The destroyed district which was supposed to have suffered total annihilation looked better than Gaza when Israel was done with it. Were the producers of the "hunger games" really that stupid about what "destroyed" really is? Factories were still standing with perfectly intact structures for people to run through (but that worked great for falling smokestack scenes during a secondary attack that was launched because the supreme leader saw the rebels walking around the "destroyed district" through a spy camera.) Try to find anything like a factory intact in Gaza! The rebels and their shelter at least had water and power.

Bottom line? The scenario put up in the latest Hunger Games was a fantasy we could not possibly live now. The super tyrant was so much better than Sir Rothschild that I would take his world any day. And if you think I am crazy for this, DISTRICT 12 IS GAZA. OTHER DESTROYED DISTRICTS ARE IRAQ, LYBIA, AFGHANISTAN, AND EVERY OTHER PLACE SIR ROTHSCHILD AND THE BANKERS HAVE HAD LEVELED. What about Japan? COME ON NOW, WE HAVE IT WORSE THAN THE HUNGER GAMES BAR NONE, the fact we live in the "capitol" does not make our world situation any better. At least in the "Hunger Games" there was hope.

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The following article is an ad. I highly recommend Uncensored magazine as a way to preserve the best of the web in print.

- When they pull the plug on the web I cannot think of anything better to have laying around than 500 back issues of Uncensored, it is a great publication and practically everything of significance is recorded there in un-deletable PRINT.

UPDATE: Click the ad more than once (back arrow and re-click) because it is NOT COMING THROUGH ON THE FIRST TRY. Because Uncensored is what it is, TPTB are appearing to be making good and sure you really want it by stalling the URL.


Dec 5 2014

America's family court policy was drafted in cold war Russia

The following report is not a spoof or parody. This is information I have held onto for years because I did not think people would ever believe it. But after once again getting attacked while sending an E-mail with this topic (this time the CPU was the target, the screen turned into a bunch of static dots and the laptop made a burning smell) I figured I would post it if it angered "them" that much. Fortunately I turned the laptop off and removed the battery before permanent damage happened, and the CPU cooled off enough for a boot up after about 10 minutes.

The key information is documented here with hard proof, but what is not stated in the referenced proof is the fact that America's family court policy was drafted and tested specifically as a weapon that Russia never used on their own soil for any official policy. America's family court policy was tested in Russia during a time frame spanning from 1975-1985 and was specifically designed to be a social weapon that would rip America's guts out. Russia only "fell" after they got this weapon installed in America in a form which became known as the "Wisconsin Model". Evidently they figured that if they had that much control over American politics, there was no reason to continue the cold war


That's right. Prior to 1985 or so, family courts simply were not spectacularly horrific against men. They were bad, but not the abominations they are now. And few people know this, but ALL the family court policy was test run in Russia prior to being implemented in the U.S. - Russia subsequently discontinued the policies in the test regions, which were tweaked with precision to be considered the perfect balance between social acceptance and societal destruction - the perfect way to hit the maximum tolerance threshold for the most possible damage to society in the fastest way possible. The "Wisconsin model", which was subsequently adapted by most states, was developed in Russia as a social weapon to get women to destroy their societies.

The fact that these policies are still in place in America strongly implies that the people who controlled Russia (and may very well still be controlling Russia) are still in full power in America as well, with a goal of wiping out the U.S.

Sweden was duped into the "Wisconsin model" but discontinued it within three years because it caused such a wave of homeless men that they knew it had to be a weapon that on the surface appeared good, but wrought nothing but destruction on society. And Sweden is a highly socialistic state that would be easier to avoid becoming homeless in than America would be. Obviously Sweden discontinued the "Wisconsin model" policy because they are not too infiltrated to act in the best interests of their people.

So, do I think Russia is dead? Here is what I think - Russia is not the same Russia it used to be but it is not dead. I think that once the filthy rotten Bolshevik Jewish community was certain it had mind raped America enough to accept the "Wisconsin model" which did nothing but trash families via the gullibility and dishonesty of many of the women, who were supported by lawyers saying "it is the law, and therefore it is fair and good", that the Bolshevik "illuminati" Jewish community was finally fully certain America was their new mecca that they could slave rape for all eternity. Russia just did not work out well enough for them, and America's streets are flooded with homeless AS COLD HARD PROOF.

There are significant parallels between both American and Russian societies now. The most prominent of these parallels are the prison population, with America in the #1 spot followed by Russia. This is a key indicator which proves both countries are now the same with the police and in the courts. Regardless of what any details are, the outcome is the same - Both societies imprison people for long periods of time for offenses that do not pose any threat to society.

But now back to the main topic - America's family policy, which is easily proven to have been developed in cold war Russia. Just google EXACTLY: "Wisconsin model" "family policy" Russia

Click here for a large article that goes into a lot of detail and a relevant quote from that article follows:

It was during this period that Irwin Garfinkel, head of the Wisconsin Institute for Research on Poverty, imported a suite of Soviet Russian policy that has become known to us as "The Wisconsin Model". (The Child Support Guideline Problem (1998) The Wisconsin Model became a center-piece for the national child support and welfare reform movement. A slightly reformed version of the Wisconsin and Georgia child support guideline still survives as Article 81 of The Russian Family Code. The reforms certainly did suggest an end to welfare as we knew it, replacing it with a grand scheme for intense and arbitrary government management of the details of personal economics and family life; not just of families dependent on welfare. The reforms forced family law generally, affecting all families with divorced and never married parents and their children into federal jurisdiction. Accompanying this radical transition was a complete breakdown in the separation of power between branches of government as well; for the sake of conforming to laws and bureaucratic procedures designed to fit the political structure of a foreign country.


The book referenced was written in 1998, however these policies go back to test runs in Russia as early as 1975, and were brought to America before the "collapse" of the Soviet Union.

The fact that American family courts are "Russian" towards men is not just an illusion! And every lawyer and judge that enforces a Russian drafted social weapon in America when it is so obviously pure evil is guilty of treason against America. No one can tell me someone as high as a Judge does not know exactly what it is. And a huge number of judges are Jewish, Bolshevik Jews. No wonder why the family court outcomes are so often the same!

Now my hope is this: That Russia, absent such an overwhelming presence of Boshevik Jews (because they all sought greener pastures in America) has learned the lessons of history and Putin will block them out. Is Putin really Christian now? I hope so, because if he is, he will be very wise to Bolshevik methods and invasion, and Russia just might be a new hope. But these things are hard to know, true, the "Wisconsin model" may have been abandoned by Russia after being tested as a weapon, but it is really hard to tell what is going on there, and the prison population certainly does not indicate any real change in Russia.

Dec 4 2014

Henry Makow nailed America's problem with perfect accuracy

Here are a few salient points he posted. This is important, because it actually to a degree comes from an insider perspective combined with a lot of insight.

Even though I linked this entire report farther down the page, there are a few salient quotes that are so damning they are really worth posting here.

"Sandy Hook Exposes a Deeply Subverted Nation. Thousands were involved in perpetrating this hoax. They represent the secret Masonic Jewish ruling class who wish to consolidate their power in a veiled police state. Virtually everybody with influence in society was involved.

The cross-section includes the mass media, politicians and police from federal, state and local level, crisis actors, people with connections to large corporations and the Council on Foreign Relations, coroners, psychiatrists and finally hundreds of ordinary citizens who served as "extras."

"This is what happens as society devolves into a satanic cult. People become demons in droves"

If you have not seen This report from Henry Makow I strongly recommend you see it, it is an eye opening shocker.

Toby posted the following to the forum

I believe that the medias' job should be to alert us to the things that are going on around us, including clear and present dangers to our way of life as we know it.

--> that is supposed to be the role of the press.

But because the press failed so miserably in this respect, moreover the press assumed the role not to inform us, but to disinform us so that we are so distracted from all the stuff that we are bombarded with that we cannot even figure out what is happening on our own anymore, there emerged a branch of the press, calling itself "alternative news", claiming to take over the role of the press for those interested in knowing what is really going on in the world.

Unfortunately this "alternative press" also got hijacked very quickly, or for every REAL source, the conspirators inserted 30 disinfo agents into the "alternative media camp" in order to re-establish that status quo: there simply being too much information for an average person to dig himself through, not to mention sorting out all the B.S.

I mean look at it: we are bombarded with a lot of stuff that is not really so extremely relevant when put next to the REAL NEWS.

REAL NEWS among other things, I consider:

--> the communist long range strategy as published by Golitsyn and Sejna, and how far we have progressed within the final phase (perestroika, "breakdown" of Warshaw Pact and USSR in order for Europe to disarm and send US troops home to then land a full scale attack at Europe and the US after an economic collapse will have strengthened the communist parties in all the target countries)

But unfortunately you hear nothing about this on the alternative media outlets.

In my opinion, especially during these times now, the following should be published and republished on a daily basis so that people get it:

-Russia faked the breakdown of communism

Golitsyn foretold in his book New lies for Old (1984) that is the soon to begin offensive "final phase" of communism:

- that the USSR would collapse,
- the Berlin wall would fall
- Germany reunified
- Warsaw Pact dissolved (hoping that NATO would dissolve)
- Balkan states split up (Sejna said this in hios 1982 book "we will bury u"
- US troops will withdraw from Europe
- economic collapse
- re-emerging Russia as a strong nation asserting itself on the world stage

Further anticipated:

- complete isolation of the USA so that it will withdraw into its fortress America unwilling to defend Europe when attacked by Russia

--> aha - here is probably the reason why why the US is so vilified 24/7.

I mean what they are doing on the world stage is not good. I am not saying that. But we need to keep in mind that they are "steered" by the same puppet masters that steer Russia: the high finance.

I invite everyone to check it out:

Read the second last chapter (called "the final phase") of Golitsyns book "New Lies for Old" (1984). You can find it on the internet here:

a href=""> New Lies for Old (Golitsyn, 1984 Then take a look at his second book The Perestroika deception (1995) here:

The Perestroika Deception

THAT is in my opinion at least - the kind of stuff that is presently of uttermost importance.[/b] All the other stuff that we read about Russia, the US, etc is in my opinion right now rather secondary - with the exception of civil war issues in the US, maybe - and probably published with the purpose to still blur the role of Russia and the USSR up the the last moment.

ok - I just wanted to put this as a bit food for thought. Everyone will have to agree with me that considering the importance of this communist long range strategy, that there really is relatively little (as compared to its importance) on the net about it and its consequences to our way of life

(btw. I am saying this from an European Perspective. Naturally all that is taking place in the US currently is of outermost importance for all those living there. But even the emerging civil war in the US can be seen very nicely in perspective through the communist long range plan.

After all: The USA is the mortal enemy of the communist system.

I strongly recommend the lecture by (genuine) KGB defector Yuri Bezmenow on the subversion of the USA. It is on youtube, here:

Yuri Bezmenow lecture on the subversion of the USA

What is so nice there is also the way he explains how communist intelligence is not James Bond stuff mostly, but mostly deals with disinformation. That is: most KGB agents are sitting at newspapers, run media outlets, including "alternative media outlets" for sure, to try and control what information we receive.

--> with that in mind we can look at folks like Fulford from a totally different and new perspective. I wish u all a good day,


My comment: I had a college professor who stated "Communism is the right idea, but it was tried on the wrong people. America has the right people." They may have given up on Russia.

The KGB could very well now be seated in the City of London financial district and colleges of America. It was, after all, a Jewish outfit. Factor that into all of this.

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Dec 3 2014

Holy smoke! Take a look at this report by Henry Makow,

and remember he is Jewish when you read this. There are definitely good Jews out there, Henry solidly has the enemy pegged.

Blue Coat Systems removed the block on this web site

Ted wrote:

The trigger that caused the blockage is gone now. Both sites now come through (as I type while sitting in my office); it must have been a delayed response to whatever they put into your website yesterday during the hack. I hope you saved some of the code they attached, it could be useful for research. It would be interesting to see what comes up when you search the machine language code. Surely the same code has been used many times to compromise perceived enemies.

My response: I believe I did capture that code but things were so hectic yesterday that I never dug through the suspect file. Hopefully I did grab it. It should be on an SD card for a cheap Polaroid camera I have. I will take a look and if that code is there I will post it.

Gas prices may drop significantly

Saudi Arabia is not playing ball, and has announced it will start selling oil for as little as $40 per barrel. Absent profiteering, that would put gas at below $2 per gallon everywhere, even after taxes are applied. Absent taxes, gas could fall below a dollar a gallon.

What will become of this if the Saudis do it? war?

One thing to note however is the fact that oil is already below $70 per barrel, which means that with an average cost of $2.70 per gallon, the markup on gas is still much much higher than it ever was, even when oil was $140 per barrel. So I do not think we will ever see really cheap gas from this, the profiteers and tax thieves will not let it happen. In Mexico it is still pegged at about $4.50 per gallon so I would not be expecting any miracles any time soon.

U.N. voted to force Israeli accountability for nukes

The U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approved an Arab-backed resolution Tuesday calling on Israel to renounce possession of nuclear weapons and put its nuclear facilities under international oversight.

That will happen only if the U.N. manages to get into every Israeli embassy that is glowing with radiation, (most notably the one in New York), every Israeli submarine and everywhere else Israel has nukes planted.


Though the resolution is remarkable in its audacity, if anyone thinks Israel is going to comply, especially when America has veto power they are sorely mistaken, Israel has not even officially stated they have nukes.

Linux Mint/Ubuntu are PERFECTLY HACKED

You may not want to believe this, but it is absolutely true.

Yesterday, when I was doing the report about how to shut Ferguson down, they used remote desktop access on Linux Mint Maya LIVE to perform the web site hacks.

I have not looked into what Linux Mint is supposed to have or allow, but I can flatly state with absolute certainty that they had remote desktop access IN FULL, and always do when I log on, they proved it yesterday.

The myth: Running linux live keeps you safe.

Reality: Linux was rewritten by funding from Microsoft in 2007 as a "charity" from Bill Gates. Prior to this, the program size was small. After this, it was over 700 megs which is an awful lot of code to audit, even if it is open source.

FACT: I have paid attention to people who have claimed they were going to audit all 700 plus megs in current Linux distros and watched their web sites. The audits never get completed and the web sites just go stale. I beg to question WHY.

FACT: Yesterday, when running Mint Maya 14 live, it was obvious someone had remote desktop access. This is because the first iteration of yesterday's Ferguson report was complete, ready to be posted and it highlighted itself and deleted itself right in front of me. I watched it happen. It highlighted green and vanished. None of the other front page text vanished along with it, only that report vanished. This could only happen if someone highlighted it via remote desktop access and wiped it while I was running live from CD, which is supposed to be totally immune to hacks. This proves beyond all doubt that NSA hackware is built into Linux Mint Maya and resident on the live CD.

That was not the only hack that happened over that report. I had the current version completely rewritten and already posted on the web site, was making small changes, and on my desktop the entire front page of the web site highlighted and deleted itself in the editor and if I had hit save, even the current report would have vanished. Another hack (which caused me to wipe the entire front page myself) put about 80 K of machine code into the web page below where I could see it in the editor, and when I hit save the front page of the web site began behaving strangely so rather than pick through it all to fix it, I deleted the entire front page and posted the re-typed Ferguson report from back up. That is why the page looked the way it did yesterday, I wiped it to protect people who hit the site and had to do it quick because thousands of people hit this site in a very short time (I knew the page was whacked and could not waste time fixing it while people got nailed by whatever that code was.)

What does this say? Well, they hate the topic of Israeli trained police being put in place to prevent righteous backlash from the American people over all the damage the Jews have done to this country, and the fact that Ferguson is the new staging ground for police state tyranny. They hate that topic so much that they were willing to blow a huge linux secret - that Linux live, running from a burned disk has built in remote desktop access an intelligence agency can use to rape your machine at will. THAT would be a huge secret to throw away, would it not?

I am sure a well trusted debunker is going to call B.S. on this and say, LINUX IS OPEN SOURCE, ANYONE CAN AUDIT IT, THIS CANNOT BE TRUE, JIM STONE IS FULL OF BEANS. My response? Why have all the people who have claimed they were going to audit the whole thing from start to finish mysteriously gone silent?

Here is the problem with Linux now - lots of distros exceed a gig. And back in 1993, I had the entire New Testament on a searchable 1.44 meg floppy that also had on that same floppy the application that tied it all together. How many New Testaments are in a gig then? How could anyone audit that when it is all program code and not just simple reading? Linux will NOT be audited. Anyone who tries will take years on a single distro and die in the process, the NSA will never allow it to happen.

Yesterday I had it proven to me that Linux Live, (at least all Ubuntu derivatives) are NSA hackware that is as barn door open as anything from Microsoft. A computer will not highlight and delete its own screen by itself, and in this case it was not me. WHO DID IT THEN?

Accident at Ukraine nuclear facility

I am only posting this because people are curious. I caught this early and ignored it, but the story seems to have grabbed a lot of attention, so here is what actually happened

At a substation that was the first link between the nuclear facility and outside distribution, a power factor correcting capacitor exploded and forced a shut down of one of the reactors. It made a good show, was very loud, and was probably the best bang for the buck that could have happened as far as causing an interesting event.

If the nuclear facility was improperly managed, it could have caused serious issues with the reactor and generators because it would suddenly remove all power demand, which would then cause the generators to over speed, and that would unload the reactor and cause it to over heat. And you know from Chernobyl what happens to Russian reactors very quickly when they over heat (you have seconds to respond before they explode, not hours or days like American designs). Anyway, someone was really at the switch drinking Jolt Cola or whatever because it was all shut down with precision, exactly the correct way in seconds and nothing happened to the reactor or anything else.

Power factor correcting capacitors are for wave shaping and efficiency improvement. If you send AC to many transformers or motors, the shape of the AC wave becomes distorted (it leans to the right on an oscilloscope) and becomes less able to run motors. This causes motors and transformers to run hot and waste power. Capacitors are used to correct the distortion because their electrical behavior is opposite that of transformers and motors. And they are the cheapest thing you could ever have explode and are very easy to replace. SO, the reactor will be back online within 3 days of this event. The capacitor is probably already replaced, (it takes a while to put a reactor online and they are probably already restarting it now).

Ukraine was probably cheap about it and bought it off Alibaba.

It was a capacitor explosion, and absolutely nothing can cause that other than a breakdown of the capacitor itself, or water somehow getting inside the capacitor. Routine substation issue . . . . not worth reporting unless people are really interested.

December 2nd, 2014.

The article "How to shut Ferguson down" triggered a major attack on this web site. This is exactly how it appeared (in context) when the attack happened.

They have handled this by putting this web site and the forum into filters that prevent access. The first filter it went into was Blue Coat Systems, what Iraq, Syria and other nations use to censor the web (and the #1 nemesis of Reporters Without borders.) Blue Coat is also hugely used in America. This web site is therefore likely to now be banned in schools, libraries, and public wifi.

The following drove a 9 inch nail with a sledge hammer, it is BANG ON. You do not get hard action against you for reporting B.S., the bans that went into place after posting the following pretty much say it all.

How to shut Ferguson down

Boycott the media and those who advertise during riot coverage

really pissed off posted the following to the forum:

An Idea whose time has come

If it weren't for the news media crap and glamorizing anything that will cause riots, there would not be any. If the rioters did not have all of the advertising, there probably would not be any riots.

The Idea: Boycott any company that advertises during the news on any network that aims to incite riots like they did in Missouri. Pretty much everything that is going on is due to their slanted reporting.

I am sick and tired of one sided reporting of the news. An unarmed white boy was killed in Kansas by 2 black cops. This also happened in Utah. Where is the reporting. Did you hear of anything about this. Probably not. It's time to show them our power. The power of the purse. More than one side can boycott and change things without rioting.

Hope you all look at this in the spirit in which it was written.

Reallty pissed off.

My response:

There is no doubt the Jews have caused these riots with slanted reporting and paid provocateurs. They own the media lock stock and barrel, as well as practically any company that is "good enough" to get advertising on TV and these riots clearly would never have happened without them causing it by practically giving marching orders on TV. Boycotting can easily destroy a business and is probably the most powerful weapon we have to shut these protests down.

Our police are trained in Israel now and more and more are now treating everyone, (not just blacks) like the enemy the same way Isreal treats Palestinians. AND THERE IS A REASON - BECAUSE THEY SCREWED US AND THEY KNOW IT, AND THEY FEAR BACKLASH.

Justifying the installation of an Israeli trained police state is the real reason for the Ferguson riots, which would have never happened absent the Jewish owned media pumping it all up.

After robbing America blind via the Federal Reserve and other venues, they fear a well deserved backlash and want that backlash rendered impotent. This can be accomplished via a Palestinian style military state in America which the riots are supposed to justify.

Ridiculous you say? Consider this:

In Palestine, they stole land, bulldozed homes, and murdered lots of people. In America, they looted the national wealth via the Federal Reserve, sold out practically everything else to foreign interests, bought up all remaining previously Christian owned companies of any significance with money stolen via a totally unlawful "income tax" and private "Federal Reserve", trashed much of the rest of the world with a military paid for by that same totally unlawful tax and money system, destroyed the culture of America and all the major churches, destroyed many of the children with tainted vaccines, wrecked the schools, YOU NAME IT, THEY DID IT, AND THEY ARE DEEPLY AFRAID OF BACKLASH.

When they are confident they have extracted all value from America and trashed the nation beyond all hope, they want the people crushed under a police force they trained themselves so any backlash will be as impotent as a Palestinian throwing rocks.

And if you think I am wrong about this, then please explain:

Why, after 911, when the FBI themselves said the phone calls from the planes never happened, the Jews proceeded with the police state via increased NSA surveillance, much of which is stationed in Israel? What about building 7? How did the military fail to stop 3 jumbo jets? 911 is the smoking gun that got it all going hardcore, and we know who really did it. WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT? For a police state, because THEY FEAR BACKLASH FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO AMERICA.

Why, after Sandy Hook, was there a huge push for gun control that still continues to this day, even after it has been proven phony 90 different ways, even from an official level? Because: They want a police state in force that is so powerful any rightful response for what they have done to America will be as impotent as a Palestinian throwing rocks at an F-16 a mile up. Surely guns do not fit into that picture.

APC's in all the police forces? Drone strikes authorized against American citizens, with police forces getting them en masse? Billions of rounds purchased by agencies that do nothing but patrol the American people? WAKE UP PEOPLE, WE KNOW WHO IS DOING IT. ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT IS TO WATCH THE JEWISH OWNED MEDIA PAID FOR BY JEWISH OWNED COMPANIES AND PLUG IT INTO A FIRST GRADE MATH EQUATION, if you can add 1 plus 1, reality should not evade you.

Ferguson is happening because people figured out 911, figured out Sandy Hook, and figured out the false flag terror meme. Riots are just another tool, and this time they need the media to make it happen. Shut that media down by doing economic damage via boycott. It is far more effective than one might think, and the Jews use boycott all the time because IT WORKS.

A victory in Ferguson will not undo all the previous damage, but it will at least be a step in the right direction.

NEVER FORGET: They only want this huge police state with Israeli trained police officers because they fear backlash from the American people after what they have done to us. FOR WHAT OTHER REASON COULD THEY POSSIBLY WANT ISRAELI TRAINED POLICE FORCES IN AMERICA ARMED WITH APC's, BILLIONS OF HOLLOW POINT ROUNDS AND DRONES? Who is the enemy? LOOK AT WHO IS TRAINING THE POLICE AND WAKE UP.

Dec 1 2014

Ferguson: Black and Hispanic Teens beat a Bosnian man to death with hammers

At 1:15 AM Sunday Night a Bosnian man named Zemer Bejic was stopped by four teenagers who began beating his car with hammers and smashed the windows out. The man then got out of the car to defend his wife (married six months earlier) and the teens then beat him to death with the hammers. Two were arrested and two are still at large. The officers refused to state the race of the two captured teens but said the two still missing were black and Hispanic.

So political correctness is in play I guess, since they do not want to state the race of the two held. And I guess Bosnian qualifies as white. And I guess that is good enough reason to kill someone in this new race pumped "America" - the new plot to get a police state in force after people called out the official story on 911, trashed Sandy Hook with documented proof it was all fake and nailed the fraud of the Boston bombing. Since false flag attacks are not working, how about a false flag race war?

All the "Elite" need to do is broadcast that blacks are killing whites to "get even" and you will get a few blacks that were not too wiped out by fluoride and antidepressants to actually act it all out and justify the police state.

And what about the police and/or military torching cars to get the mayhem going? There is a fair amount of evidence for this posted on the forum, status quo in the new America I guess, since they can no longer get the fluoridated prozac gmo food toxin vaccinated and emotionally zombified America to riot in their favor en masse without a little push. Having a banana republic police force or FBI do it might hopefully get the ball rolling? If this particular false flag fails it will be largely because fluoride, Prozac and Nintendo are causing the people the "Elite" need for mayhem to sit on the couch and do nothing while being called on to make history happen. That would be a cute backfire.

Though this hammer attack was no doubt a sad event, it definitely fell short of what the zio clan was hoping for. Lets hope Ferguson flops like the rest of their B.S.

Sports Cheating via Electromagnetic Weapons

How your team lost when it should have won

Jim Stone Nov 28 2014


Drut posted something obvious to the forum that I have overlooked entirely - how EM weapons can knock players off their game and cause them to lose it. A lot of money could be made by doing this, and this could explain many of the mysterious losses and could explain how the NFL now seems to be totally rigged. All it would take is for one corrupted individual to sit up in a private stadium booth with a decent targeted EM weapon to make a quarterback fail or a receiver get blurred vision or a kicker to blow a punt to totally turn the game in favor of the attacker, who could then win millions in sports betting.

For those of you who are new to this topic, EM weapons use amplitude modulated microwave frequencies to interfere with brain waves. This is not a myth, it is very easy to explain in non technical terms. Here is the best way I can say it, with a real world example - your car radio. The only way your car radio can play FM music is if it somehow gets the music from somewhere, in electrical form which it then amplifies and plays as music. The antenna is what turns the radio waves into electricity, which then gets amplified and plays through the speakers as music.

Just like your car radio, your brain is an electrical device. All it takes to make your brain play something other than it is supposed to is to transmit the correct frequency into it and your neurons will act as antennas. Your brain will then receive interference which coule take you off your game, or if the signal is strong enough it will knock you out entirely. This tech was used in the Iraq war. This has been well developed for military operations. To have this tech which was developed by the military hit the sports field for evil purposes is not a reality stretch AT ALL.

Here is Drut's original post:

Aussies targeted during Olympics with microwave weapons

Here's Barrie Trower talking about athletes being targeted during the olympics:

I saw an radio interview on youtube with an inventor who claimed he was hired as a consultant to prevent athletes being targeted (sorry, I don't have a link, I saw it in an internet cafe in 2013, does anyone know the interview? it was an American female interviewer, and the inventor claimed he was working on inventions like using microwaves to kill bacteria in food. ) He mentioned the Danish team sending its own security team was for protection against microwaves, if you read between the lines.

Australian swimming team lost medals. I saw an interview with an athlete, and I thought she looked unusually stressed, even for someone in such a situation. Another swimmer, whose discussion of how he went loco and somehow "put it together" reminded me of my own experience being suicided, ie. they tried killing me with microwave weapons, by inducing lots of stress (could not sleep) but then when I went into the garden where there is lots of trees blocking radar etc. suddenly it evaporated.

So I think the Aussies were targeted to up the British tally, maybe something to do with a nuclear false flag which was prevented by people like Michael Shrimpton (who is facing jail over this, and yes, I know he's Israel lobby)

Another example of using microwaves to cheat potentially is by transmitted chess moves:

My response:

You have really nailed something here that I overlooked entirely, and it is obvious this has got to be going on. There has been a paradigm shift in sports lately, with unbelievable losses and wins undermining the credibility of sports competitions entirely.

The most common microwave weapon I know of is a cell phone, which is capable of transmitting a lot more than just communications and few people suspect them. But they are low power and would not work for sports. For clandestine use on a sports field something far more powerful and immediately effective against people in peak health would be used and could be easily set up in a stadium booth. It is easy to make a high frequency travel in one direction like a laser beam for precise targeting against single individuals, and if high frequencies are AM modulated with brain frequencies (which are much lower) it would have the same effect as transmitting the lower brain frequencies. This is well established tech now, what is new is the topic of using it for sports cheating.

Cell phones are also great for transmitting stress frequencies and can totally trash you if you do not know they can be used that way. Every one of us has one or several weapons readily available for the "Elite" to use against us, right in our own homes. But due to their only having a max of three watts, they take a while to work unless you carry them in a shirt pocket.

When you went out to the garden, I bet you did not have your cell with you.

Additionally, you can get beamed with a satellite, van or other vehicle.

When it comes to a sports field, anywhere there is money to be made via a win or loss would obviously be prime for their use, and when you consider only the evil or their innocent dufuses have these weapons, and can profit from using them against athletes, it is obvious they will be used for profit that way. And what about the radio headsets a lot of the athletes use now (inside football helmets?) How about that for a close proximity weapon?

If it can be done, it will be done when there is something to be gained. Discuss this on the Forum

Nov 27 2014

The Macy's Thanksgiving Gay Parade

This will not have my attention other than to get a look at the aemoral underbelly of America, no doubt put in place and encouraged by those who have worked so hard to destroy the nation. All I can say is hang on for the ride through this mess, just because it is being pushed in our faces by the global elite tribe does not mean anyone has to be a part of it. Rather than sit there in awe of what they are promoting, just shut the TV off.

The Macy's parade at one time was an absolutely amazing family event, but like practically all of what was once was great in America it has been usurped and used to push filth. And you can choose to not be a part of that filth by simply switching it off and letting economics follow their course. And then let Macy's fail at the mall by not going there either.

If they can make it by pandering to the 1 percent of the population that is gay and a few weeping liberals, that new business model can happily survive without me being part of their equation. Discuss this on the Forum

Nov 26 2014

Anonymous posted an astonishing list of dead bankers

If you had any doubts about the dead banker meme, take a look at this list and how these people died. Simply stunning . . . . .

Though this list is not sourced to anything other than Anonymous, (and therefore could be a spoof) it looks convincing and could be easily cross checked. I have not done that because in this case "easy" would take several hours to cross confirm out with a list this big and there is something big going on today that is eating my time. There is a thread about this on the Forum and perhaps someone there has the time to dig this list.

1. Nov - Shawn Miller, 42, banker found dead in bathtub with throat slashed.
2. Oct - Edmund Reilly, 47, a trader at Midtown's Vertical Group, threw himself in front of a speeding Long Island Rail Road commuter train.
3. July - Julian Knott, 45, JPMorgan Executive Director,Global Tier 3 Network Operations, SELF-INFLICTED GUNSHOT WOUND
4. June - Richard Gravino, 49, Application Team Lead, JP Morgan, SUDDEN DEATH cause unknown/pending
5. June - James McDonald - President & CEO of Rockefeller & Co - apparently self-inflicted, GUNSHOT WOUND
6. May - Thomas Schenkman, 42, Managing Director of Global Infrastructure, JP Morgan, SUDDEN DEATH, cause unknown/pending
7. May - Naseem Mubeen - Assistant Vice President ZBTL Bank, Islamabad, SUICIDE jumped
8. May - Daniel Leaf - senior manager at the Bank of Scotland/Saracen Fund Managers, FELL OFF A CLIFF
9. May - Nigel Sharvin - Senior Relationship Manager Ulster Bank manage portfolio of distressed businesses, ACCIDENTAL DROWNING
10. April - Lydia (no surname given) 52, France's Bred-Banque-Populaire, SUICIDE jumped
11. April - Li Jianhua, 49, Non-bank Financial Institutions Supervision Department of the regulator, HEART ATTACK
12. April - Benedict Philippens, Director/Manager Bank Ans-Saint-Nicolas, SHOT
13. April - Tanji Dewberry - Assistant Vice President, Credit Suisse, HOUSE FIRE
14. April - Amir Kess, co-founder and managing director Markstone Capital Group private equity fund, CYCLIST HIT BY CAR
15. April - Juergen Frick, Bank Frick & Co. AG, SHOT
16. April - Jan Peter Schmittmann - former CEO of Dutch Bank ABN Amro, (Possibly suicide, SHOT)
17. April - Andrew Jarzyk - Assistant Vice President, Commercial Banking at PNC Financial Services Group, MISSING/DEAD
18. March - Mohamed Hamwi - System Analyst at Trepp, a financial data and analytics firm, SHOT
19. March - Joseph Giampapa - JP Morgan lawyer, CYCLIST HIT BY MINIVAN
20. March - Kenneth Bellandro, former JP Morgan, SUICIDE jumped
21. Feb = John Ruiz – Morgan Stanley Municipal Debt Analyst, died suddenly, NO CAUSE GIVEN
22. Feb - Jason Alan Salais, 34, Information Technology specialist at JPMorgan, FOUND DEAD outside a Walgreens pharmacy
23. Feb - Autumn Radtke, CEO of First Meta, a cyber-currency exchange firm, SUICIDE
24. Feb - James Stuart Jr, Former National Bank of Commerce CEO, FOUND DEAD
25. Feb - Edmund (Eddie) Reilly, trader at Midtown’s Vertical Group, SUICIDE
26. Feb - Li Junjie, JP Morgan, SUICIDE
27. Feb - Ryan Henry Crane, SUDDEN DEATH cause unknown
28. Feb - Richard Talley, UNKNOWN CAUSE
29. Jan - Gabriel Magee, SUICIDE
30. Jan - William 'Bill' Broeksmit, HUNG/POSSIBLE SUICIDE
31. Jan - Mike Dueker, SUDDEN DEATH cause unknown
32. Jan - Carl Slym, SUICIDE
33. Jan - Tim Dickenson, SUDDEN DEATH cause unknown
34. Dec 2013 - Robert Wilson, a retired hedge fund founder, apparent SUICIDE leaped to his death from his 16th floor residence
35. Dec 2013 - Joseph . Ambrosio, age 34, Financial Analyst for J.P. Morgan, died suddenly from Acute Respiratory Syndrome
36. Dec 2013 - Benjamin Idim, CAR ACCIDENT
37. Dec 2013 - Susan Hewitt - Deutsche Bank, DROWNING
38. Nov 2013 - Patrick Sheehan, CAR ACCIDENT
39. Nov 2013 - Michael Anthony Turner, Career Banker, CAUSE UNKOWN
40. Nov 2013 - Venera Minakhmetova Former Financial Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, CYCLIST HIT
41. Oct 2013 - Michael Burdin, SUICIDE
42. Oct 2013 - Ezdehar Husainat - former JP Morgan banker, killed in FREAK ACCIDENT when her SUV crushed her to death
43. Sept 2013 - Guy Ratovondrahona -Madagascar central bank, Sudden death – cause not confirmed
44. Aug 2013 - Pierre Wauthier, SUICIDE
45. Aug 2013 - Moritz Erhardt, SUICIDE
46. July 2013 Hussain Najadi CEO of merchant bank AIAK Group, SHOT
47. July 2013 Carsten Schloter, SUICIDE
48. July 2013 Sascha Schornstein - RBS in its commodity finance, MISSING
49. April 2013 David William Waygood, SUICIDE
50. Mar 2013 - David Rossi - communications director of troubled Italian bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS), SUICIDE
51. Fang Fang - JP Morgan, China, DISGRACED
52. Nick Bagnall - Director at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, son accidentally killed himself while trying to re-enact a Tudor hanging
53. Robin Clark - RP Martin -Wolf of Shenfield City banker shot, SURVIVED
54. Kevin Bespolka - Citi Capital Advisors, Dresdner Bank, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, Seriously injured and son dead
55. Robert Wheeler, 49, a Deutsche Bank financial advisor, DISGRACED
56. Chris Latham - Bank of America, ON TRIAL, Murder for Hire
57. Igor Artamonov - West Siberian Bank of Sberbank, Daughter found dead (POSSIBLE SUICIDE)
58. Hector Sants, Barclays - resigned due to stress and exhaustion, after being told he risked more serious consequences to his health if he continued to work - a remarkable turnaround as the Church reportedly approached him two months later and was told he had made a full recovery,
59. April 21st Bruce A. Schaal, 63, died suddenly Banker in Twin Lakes for 35 years
60. April 20th Keith Barnish 58, Died Suddenly (Still working as Senior Managing Director at Doral Financial Corporation. Previously Bear Stearns, Bank of America Senior Vice President
61. March 12th Jeffrey Corzine, 31, son of MF Global CEO and Chairman Jon Corzine involved in major banking crime was found dead in an apparent suicide.
62. Keiran Toman, 39, former banker who believed he was being stalked by a reality TV crew starved to death in a hotel room, an inquest heard today.
63. An inquest was opened after his death in July 2010 but his family asked for a second hearing as they were not informed. Police found all of Mr Toman’s possessions in the room, but despite documents mentioning his family, failed to tell them he had died.
64. Nicholas Austin, 49, A former bank manager from Hersden died after drinking antifreeze in an effort to "get high". was found in a coma by his wife Lynn at their home in Blackthorne Road on October 5. He died the same day.

I took special note of the last one - he died drinking antifreeze in an attempt to "get high"! Funny one that is, as if a banker would be stupid enough to try that. The list is shocking, I never saw so many suicides and car accidents. No gall bladder stones, cancer deaths, strokes, or simply falling ill, it is just a littany of action. That pretty much says it all.

Discuss this on the Forum

There is a really good Fergusen thread on the forum, I have a lot going on today and in case I am not able to post more, take a look at this - it is an amazing stache of info on Fergusen: COINTELPRO government pigs are BEHIND the rioting & burning & looting

Here is another interesting tidbit: $3,000 Incentive to Hire Illegals :

Ted Nugent posted a beauty about Fergusen on his facebook

Many liberals hate his guts now:

Nov 25 2014

Sony pictures hacked


The hack was extreme and locked up every single computer owned by Sony pictures. The hackers got all the financial info, trading partners, EVERYTHING for Sony Pictures and the picture to the left was put up on all screens of all computers in all departments and all locations. Thank you CoreVpro! That is the only way this could have happened.

CoreVpro? Why that? Well, because it would go into a Mac, a PC, a Linux station, a file server running something unique, it is the ONLY achilles heel available for a hacker to exploit across all platforms regardless of OS. And even if some machines did not have CorVpro processors, they would probably be compromised by others that did. Bottom line? If they siezed a mac, at the same time they siezed a PC at the same time they siezed a file server at the same time they nailed anyone with Linux, there is only one common link between all of them - CoreVpro.

Why Sony Pictures? Who knows.

The NSA and police state surveillance is really what is to blame here

This type of hack could not happen in any system that was not intentionally compromised. But since the NSA insists on getting a full data rape on anyone, then any team of hackers that figures out what the NSA mandated to make it all possible can simply use the back doors the NSA put in place to pull stunts like this against Sony and others. The bottom line? Our computers have been specifically forced to be hackable and as open as a cow crapped barn door and all you need to know is what to type to get in.

And anyone who is ever privileged with that info can let it loose in the wild, and obviously somebody did. This hits an entirely different topic then - WHAT IS A BANANA REPUBLIC /THIRD WORLD TYPE GOVERNMENT? I will answer that and give a modified definition

A banana republic type government is now one which has so little respect for the people it governs that it intentionally compromises EVERYONE's security so badly that open thefts and rapes can happen on a whim. The NSA will cause America to fail, it is the ONLY POSSIBLE OUTCOME. There is no way any country can survive when everything is robbed and raped from the masses and handed to a privileged few on a silver platter.

I am happy these hackers did this to Sony Pictures because they just showed everyone just how far the NSA data rape has gone. Ripped open "security" is a reality, that is the ONLY WAY this could have happened. Thank you NSA! and also in the credits are Bill Gates, Intel, and countless other corrupt kike enterprises that will beyond any doubt destroy all, it is just a matter of time at this point.Discuss this on the Forum

Nov 24 2014

Taxation WITHOUT representation


I have a favorite cadillac, it's the 1998 Northstar, the maxed out version. I saw one in a parking lot in DC, and after noticing the plate I had to get a picture. The owner stepped out and asked why I took a picture of his car, and I said it's my favorite Cadillac, and he smiled. I asked him if his plate was normal, and he said yes, that's a normal Washington DC plate. I then started looking at all the cars and realized they all said that.

THIS is the exact reason for the revolutionary war - where England was taxing the American colonies, without representing them.

This is a telling sign - Washington DC knows it does not represent the American people, it represents a corporation that has re-named America to the United States of America, which is indeed a corporation and not a government. The proper name for the union is the United States. Once "Of America" is added, it's a corporate statement. I do not have time to go into details on this, but the best source of information with regard to the corporate takeover of America is HERE: It's not the

Wayne Barbuto (It's not the has written a brilliant book which outlines the hostile takeover of America, the courts, and the constitution. It's not free, but well worth the price. I don't pitch people on this site, but I simply do not know of a better resource than what Wayne has provided, and if he needs to charge for it, well, that is that.

It's a fact that the District of Columbia is NOT American territory and not part of any state, it is a parcel of land set aside for the implementation of the criminal enslavement of the American people, and that statement on the license plate - "taxation without representation" stands as a testimony to this fact.


Farganne posted the following to the Forum:

I've been running around a lot and haven't had much time as yet to really dig into the threads. I just now found this one. Very important that we cultivate it.

I was "diagnosed" with "bipolar disorder" at 19 years of age, and put through a litany of cocktails by a bunch of arrogant quack shrinks. In reality, I was just depressed for valid reasons. The quacks weren't interested in those. What a bunch of apes. They just regurgitated their talking points about how "your condition is no different from diabetes".

If I could time travel, I would go back with my current cumulative skills and wisdom, and I would destroy each and every one of them without a trace. I would take on that karma so that they would be unable to treat others in the same despicable manner they did me.

I remember in particular being handled by one shrivelled, miserable little bitch intern at the state mental hospital. I was in college, so it was all I could afford. She looked like a boiled owl, and she muttered her talking points without looking at me in the eye, in a way that conveyed to me that even she didn't buy them. But she was doing it anyway.

And I clearly remember sitting on her desk was a notepad and pen station obviously given to her by a Prozac rep. The slogan? Are you sitting down?

In all caps:


I guess they were more honest back then.

I had a pre-med friend who worked in the office of that hospital. When I'd finally had enough, I sent a check in the mail settling my bill, and I enclosed a note: "I do NOT have diabetes!"

My friend came to the next pizza night laughing his head off. He pulled out a photocopy of my file. The stupid intern had duly noted (as though with a cumbersome sigh): "Patient does not appreciate the nature of his illness."

What a bunch of crooks. "Shakespeare" said we should kill all the lawyers first. I disagree. Use the lawyers to get the shrinks hanged first. Then hang all lawyers who defended the shrinks.

Thread on forum: SSRI survivors thread

Drone strikes on American soil

There have been at least two easily proven drone strikes on American soil since Obama stated anyone anywhere, including America, could be targeted by a drone. The first of these was in Indianapolis Indiana. Though it was blamed on natural gas, The utilities confirmed the area had no natural gas service. After this was revealed, a lie was hatched about a leaking barbecue grill.

But a leaking barbecue grill cannot explain how Fema was on the scene en masse within three minutes, obviously there to bury any evidence. Fema responses take days, and their immediate presence on the scene proves this was pre-planned.

Below is a picture of the Indianapolis blast. You can click this picture to enlarge it:

The anomalies in the above photo which prove it was a drone strike:

Walls and windows of neighboring houses are sucked outward. What would cause this?If you have a detonation from a military grade explosive, rather than a natural gas explosion, the shock wave that goes out from the blast is supersonic and forms a wall of bunched up compressed air as it moves outward. This creates a vacuum cavity in the heart of the detonation, which can go outward for several hundred feet. Air needs to rush backwards to fill that void after the blast wave has passed, and this creates an enormous suction after the intital blast that can cause significant damage in addition to the initial blast damage. Gas explosions do not do this.The arrows are pointing at windows, garage doors, and exterior walls of houses that got sucked off by this negative pressure wave. The fact that the houses I refer to had the external sheathing ripped outward, instead of being blown inward, proves that this was no gas explosion, which is subsonic, it was a detonation of military grade ordinance.

The other easily proven drone/missile strike on American soil happened within a few days of the Springfield blast.

How big was that bomb?

Springfield nightclub obviously destroyed by something HUGE.

As I looked over the pictures from the night club blast and the damage to buildings blocks away, natural gas was the last thing on my mind. Unlike the Indianapolis neighborhood which had wooden structures that are easy to destroy, this particular blast happened in a business district with solid brick and mortar. Natural gas should have done little other than blow the windows out of the building the explosion happened in.

I have already looked at many war time photos, photos taken in the Arab world where pretty much everything is built as strongly as the night club and surrounding area was, and I never saw any type of single blast bomb damage that even approached what happened in Springfield. Go through the photos of Israel's recent attack on Gaza and look at the type of damage the bombs did there. You can at least recognized a structure existed. Not so for the night club, it was completely erased and neighboring buildings look as badly damaged as the directly hit buildings in Gaza.

This field of bricks is where the night club once stood. There is no mortar left on these bricks, which means a high intensity blast wave stripped them clean, a laughable impossibility with any gas explosion. Typically in warfare you won't get this level of devastation from a single bomb blast, this would be expected of a carpet bombing with normal bomb sizes. This was something big, 10,000 pounds perhaps?

There are different levels of ordnance and typically in warfare you will have 100, 200, 500, 1000, and 2,000 pound bombs. Most typically used sizes are below 500 pounds. Any bomb size, even the little ones, will totally out perform any natural gas blast. So how big was that bomb, and WHAT was the reason for it?

Obviously, for some political reason, "natural gas" needs an image upgrade

I would like to know the reason. They had their scenario ready to go. They got their smell of gas at the scene, witnessed by firefighters and the gas company, which found no leaks. One huge problem with the gas story is that the bomb arrived long after the gas stink was gone and they were preparing to call the area cleared of any problem. The official story still called this gas and drove it home with 9 inch nails. The media made sure people would fall for this "gas explosion", where a little gas stink (which had already vanished before the blast) was traded for military ordinance.

My question is not "was it a gas explosion," My question is WHY are they suddenly souping up the image of what natural gas is capable of? This bomb blast was easily a 2,000 pounder if not more. There are bombs up to 40,000 pounds now, and I really don't know what they thought the limit was this time. But it was something big, really big, much bigger than Indianapolis.

Perhaps they want to set a precedent for drone strikes so they can false flag dissidents to death under the guise of natural gas. Perhaps there were alternative energy innovators at both bombing scenes. Perhaps they want an excuse to go into homes and perform inspections for anything but natural gas, using gas as the excuse, because gas is really dangerous you know, and we have to go into your home and check things out several times a year to make sure you do not blow the neighborhood up. One thing is certain - there is an agenda because the circumstances do not fit the story line. Discuss this on the Forum

There is a perfect hack on my communications, and there is nothing I can do to control it

The reason? New malware inserted into Mexican ISP's by the NSA and if they cannot keep their systems clean, it will not matter if I keep mine clean.

Lately I have not been able to clear hacks on this web site and my mails. And today I discovered the reason why. It is because the NSA managed to get a perfect hack on the ISP's in Mexico with the most sophisticated malware ever written, and no matter what, as soon as I attempt a log in anywhere the NSA takes over and gets the passwords, and subsequently uses that info to wipe out my communications.

I have been cut off from communicating via E-mail, with all mails now originating from the same one or two people I believe have been deemed either useless or are handlers (with the exception of Wayne Barbuto who I was able to correspond with). For the last few days I have not been able to get through to anyone unique, and have not received any unique mails, it is just the same mono drones repeating bulk mailings or sending stuff I posted years ago as "tips" and that is ALL. With a web site this large and controversial, that is flatly impossible. Fortunately the forum is there, and has decent stuff put on it frequently. This has offset the mail damage to a degree.

This is one big reason why Paypal quit working. True, a well spoken of test donation came through, but this was after five failed attempts by this individual and others that were well documented and it was done as a test.

All other communications, including from people I have spoken to via telephone who specifically stated they would contact me via E-mail have been completely dark, with absolutely NOTHING coming through.

Take a look at the latest mail log, which SAYS IT ALL. If your mail is not here for the dates shown, it got CENSORED. Bulk mailings not shown, because they are irrelevant in this context. I believe we are currently witnessing the end of free speech on the internet, and I do not know how much longer this web site will be allowed to come up.

Nov 23 2014

Food for thought on Jerusalem synagogue axe job

I initially called it real, but there are considerable inconsistencies for this

Here they are: First of all, at first report, ONE rabbi got killed, One police officer got killed, and both attackers got killed, and there were a few injuries. Other than that, NO ONE GOT KILLED. This was the story at first, PERIOD, and that is all the story was.

Now we have multiple Rabbis killed, three American and one Brit. Dual citizens or what? Why the story drift? Good reason: So that America and Britain will have "suffered an attack" in the Holy land. OOPS, story drift strongly indicates it was pure B.S. from the start.

And why the story drift? Is a real story not just a real story, and with a real story is the truth not all that needs to be told? APPARENTLY NOT.

Inconsistency: Rabbis are very valuable, well paid, and a synagogue typically therefore has only one. A meeting of four would be an outstanding anomaly. Then have all 4 killed by an axe attack? IN A SYNAGOGUE THAT WAS BIG ENOUGH TO DRAW FOUR OF THEM? That would make it HUGE, with MANY MANY PEOPLE, too big of a crowd to attack with an axe and then kill 4 people, let alone Rabbis so I call BULLSHIT.

I guess if it was an ISIS axe attack, everyone would just sit in a line for the attackers and cooperate just like they did in that latest beheading video. And Isis just has that midas touch, where people cooperate with their killings for the ultimate propaganda gold. Outside of the magic of ISIS, I challenge even a samurai to go into a place where no one is tied up and succeed in whacking everyone of a specific type to death with a clumsy axe, while whoever the axe is after can run wherever they want.

A samurai could nail one no doubt, but while one is being nailed, what happens when the rest run? How do you hack a bunch of running people with a clumsy weapon that had a 4 inch maximum effective cross section? What was it? a medeival battle axe with a blade a foot and a half across? What did the attackers do, consult the Klingons? That would make it possible to catch them all, absent that it would border on impossible. Lone gamma ray intersects with the only stray quark in a stadium. The attackers were good at Pokemon I guess.

So now this story stinks to high heaven. The story drift off into the abyss of lunacy and improbability now fits a different puzzle quite well - that of constant deception and false flagging by the tribe.

Dear Jewish community: You had a GREAT lie going with this one. Everyone felt a little sorry for you before you got stupid with it, now it is OBVIOUS it is just yet another lie, at least to those who have more than 15 connected neurons. Is holding your B.S. lies together by vaccinating people against their own intelligence what your medical system is really for?

And now for the kill shot - lots of the bloody photos looked quite real. Good setup job. But one mistake AND:

Well, I am not a blood expert, but I have NEVER seen real blood spread out like this in a fabric. This looks like something oil based was used, where whatever was supposed to be the pigment stayed behind while the carrier spread out in the fabric. Any info on this? Leave it on the Forum.

And a little note to people trying to get the truth out about this, it is not a bloody Torah on the floor (those cost $50,000 and are a scroll,) it is a $25 Siddur on the floor. Report it as a Siddur to help the story spread with knowledgeable people. This is an important point for the false flag aspect, because the Jews would never in a million years desecrate a real Torah for a B.S. false flag.




Nov 22 2014

Spy chips in Chinese coffee makers

The Russians discovered that coffee makers, kettles and irons made in china had wifi chips installed in them that were programmed to hack the networks around them and send whatever they could grab back to a foreign server.

That would be quite the trick, and it goes hand in glove with my smart meter report. You can bet the NSA has been doing this for years with products sold in America, Oh, I have the answer for that one - the NSA does not need a coffee pot to do the dirty work when they have worked hand in hand with Microsoft to wreck security, have a camera and microphone in your smart TV and a smart meter to relay it all on your house. And what about your cell phone and X box?

ANYWAY If these coffee makers really were bugged by China, I think it is funny, that would be the least of my worries. You cannot expect them to sit there and do nothing while the NSA rapes everyone, including them. Smartphone trumps clothes iron any day.

Discuss this on the Forum

Supporting article is Here. The article is a year old. How did I miss that one?

Nov 21 2014

Think Snopes is not agenda driven?

think again!

A post by a farmer to the forum dispels all doubt that Snopes supported Monsanto by posting a bold faced lie "citing farmers" regarding the use of Roundup immediately before wheat harvests.

In a response to an article posted by web site The Healthy Home Economist, which stated the real reason for gluten intolerance was in fact poisoning from having roundup sprayed on wheat crops 3 to 5 days before harvest (to kill the wheat plants and dry them out so they go through the combines better) Snopes stated in no uncertain terms that they interviewed many farmers and none of them ever heard of this practice.

Snopes then went on to explain in detail why it would not be economical to do so, and that the wheat crops just get ready by themselves, and that there was no need for it, so it never ever ever happens (but there was a Pre harvest staging guide by Monsanto outlining this procedure which is called dessication) and based upon the "fact this document exists", they tenuously grayed the topic and then implied that anyone who thinks they are getting poisoned by round up must be half nuts.

FACT: Farmers practically always spray the wheat with roundup immediately before harvest and the web site The Healthy Home Economist, was BANG ON WITH A SLEDGE HAMMER. Snopes is an agenda tool serving huge corporate interests and that is all there is to it. How do I know this? Because a wheat farmer laid it all out in a post to the Forum

An anonymous farmer posted the following to the forum, confirming that yes, farmers really do apply roundup to wheat right before harvest:

TokaCola posted the following:

I am a farmer in Western Canada and grow wheat, canola, and barley. The practice of spraying a crop prior to harvest is called dessication.

The idea is it speeds up drying making harvest earlier as well as killing a second flush of weeds that may have since grown. I personally have never used this practice. Many many farmers I know do and people always comment 'how good can that be?' I feel we use enough herbicides. People spray at least once in- crop in the early stages of growth to kill weeds, but I have always felt pre-harvest spraying is not only uneccessary but dangerous as well. It's all a product of 'bigger is better'.

Farms are larger than they have ever been, there are more acres to go over and any shortcut people can use, they go with. The reason for bigger farms is the cost of equipment and inputs is so high, so they justify it by growing more acres, but I feel this is self-destroying. With conventional farming using tillage, you would normally cultivate to control weeds before seeding, then spray only once when the crop is about a month old, then that's it. But now with minimal and no-till farming, tillage has been replaced with chemicals. Instead of that tillage at the beginning, now people spray, then again in the first month, then again right before harvest, then sometimes again after harvest to control perennials for the next year! It is getting out of hand.

For the last 20 years tillage has been a dirty word because the theory is on drier years it robs moisture from the crop and promotes erosion, which is true. But I have always felt a balance of the two is the best. You have to spray in-crop in the early stages for that first flush of weeds otherwise you won't get anything. The weeds will take over and the result will be low quality and quantity. Another reason people dessicate is so it replaces the traditional swathing or wind-rowing of a crop, which is how the crop dries for harvest. So they spray it while it is standing then straight-cut harvest, which means a special header on the combine that cuts and it goes straight into the combine. This eliminates a pass. If a crop is swathed it is more vulnerable to rain, which delays harvest more. So its all a product of people trying to farm too many acres and then need shortcuts. I believe in keeping things modest.

I still swath the 'old fashioned way' and combine separately using the sun and wind to dry the crop. This is how it has been done for centuries, why can't it still work? I am firmly against dessication and will never use this practice. Some are even using dessication for other crops too now like canola/rapeseed and barley. I am against that too. Think of spraying a canola crop right before harvest then selling the seed and it gets crushed into cooking oil...not too good right? Or in barley then it is fed to livestock which in turn gets used for human consumption. I think this explains a lot of the health problems people are having nowadays. I think you've hit on something real significant Jim. I feel its going to have to go back to more smaller efficient farms rather than less, larger ones.

My response:

I sort of went easy on the topic, not driving it home like I should. I just posted the document from Monsanto which outlines this practice and said it has to be real if Monsanto had that type of document in circulation. But now that a farmer has confirmed my doubts about Snopes, I am going to go all out with this topic.

DEAR SNOPES AND OTHER LIARS: People are getting tested for a new syndrome called "gluten intolerance" and coming up negative. Then doctors are "morgelloning" the entire concept of getting sick from wheat and telling Monsanto victims they have to be crazy (just like they tell Morgellons victims they are nuts) because there is NO REASON AT ALL for people who are not gluten intolerant to be getting huge headaches and other illnesses from wheat. NOPE, NO REASON AT ALL, THEY ARE JUST CRAZY. Put them on an antidepressant. Perhaps that will help with their "problem".

Snopes, YOU ARE A FAILURE. You market yourself as being a protector of the public from stupid stories and scams. And then you post some half baked lie about interviewing countless farmers who never heard of it. My guess? You never interviewed anyone. You just pushed Monsanto's line so they can sell more product and avoid public scrutiny. Enjoy your damn ad revenue, your reward for lying. I sure as hell won't get any from your high paying officially approved ad servers that won't touch a web site that cuts straight to the truth. THAT is the real measure!

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