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Rare Leucistic Alligator Makes Unprecedented Debut at Florida Theme Park


Rare White Alligator Born at Florida Theme Park

An exceptionally rare white alligator made its debut at a Florida theme park this summer, and now the zoo is seeking the public's help in naming the tiny gator.

Rare Leucistic Alligator Makes Unprecedented Debut at Florida Theme Park

Gatorland in Orlando has revealed a list of potential names, including Ice, Noelle, Snow, Pearl, Ivory, and Marshmallow.

The female baby possesses a condition known as Leucism, causing its unique white coloring. Unlike albinism, Leucism does not affect the eyes. The alligator was born to a colored mother and a leucistic dad from a Louisiana swamp.

Parents Jeyan and Ashley are reported to be in good health. Workers mentioned that the baby was born alongside a normal-colored brother gator of the same size.

Leucistic alligators represent the rarest genetic variation of the American alligator, as stated in a press release by Gatorland on Thursday.

"Leucism in alligators causes white coloration, but they often have patches or splotches of normal coloration on their skin," the park explained. "Without the darker skin pigmentation, they can't have direct sunlight for long periods of time because they sunburn easily."

These alligators typically have translucent skin and blue eyes, distinguishing them from albino alligators with red or pink eyes.

The us Audubon nature Institute describes them as "ethereal, ghostly, and most frequently, beautiful."

Visitors will have the opportunity to see the leucistic alligator and her normal-colored brother early next year, according to the park.<

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