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Unusual Encounter: Escaped Kangaroo Delivers a Surprise Punch to Police Officer's Face in Canada


A kangaroo surprised Canadian authorities on Monday, delivering a punch to the face during its capture after four days on the run. The 4-year-old female kangaroo had escaped her handlers at Oshawa Zoo during a rest stop, about 45 miles northeast of Toronto, en route to a zoo in Quebec, according to Reuters.

Unusual Encounter: Escaped Kangaroo Delivers a Surprise Punch to Police Officer's Face in Canada

Over the weekend, the kangaroo roamed freely, astonishing motorists who spotted her hopping alongside vehicles on highways and roads. Officers eventually located the marsupial on a rural property near Oshawa after receiving reports from the public.

According to a statement from Durham Regional Police, officers "managed to sneak up behind her and grab her tail" around 3 a.m. on Monday when she "stopped to take a little break." The tail-grabbing technique was recommended by the kangaroo's handlers. However, one cop took an unexpected hit to the face during the detainment, as confirmed by Durham Regional Police Staff Sgt. Chris Boileau.

Boileau told reporters, "It's something that he and his platoon mates will be remembering for the rest of their careers," speaking to CBC Toronto.

The police statement noted that the kangaroo surrendered peacefully after the encounter. She received a ride in one of the K9 kennels back to the zoo for examination and will continue her journey to Quebec soon.

Kangaroos, native to Australia and Papua New Guinea, are known for their strength and potential to cause harm. The escaped kangaroo in Canada was born and raised in captivity.

"Both male and female kangaroos are large, powerful, wild animals that are capable of inflicting injury on people, and they need to be treated with an appropriate level of respect and caution," warns Australia's Queensland government on its website.

Notably, in 2020, a kangaroo was captured on camera attempting to drown a small dog in a Brisbane river, saved only by a brave bystander. Additionally, in 2022, the BBC reported two separate kangaroo attacks resulting in a woman's broken leg and serious head injuries to a 3-year-old.

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